Donald Trump Finding New And Exciting Ways To Be Ridiculous About Hurricane Sandy

  this is the greatest classiest trump post

Science factFirst things first: the lady yelling at Chuck Schumer in the Fox & Friends video below is AMAZING, and obviously did the “Jill” voiceover for the Adam Sandler masterpiece Jack and an Unfortunate Appearance by Al Pacino. Second things second: Noted philanthropist Donald Trump is always good to have around to explain that why would you put Hurricane Sandy into some kind of idiotic “global warming” context when it is COLD in New York right now? He has obviously never seen the John Cusack nature documentary The Day After Tomorrow!

Note the braintrust nodding sagely along. That is because everybody knows snow disproves human-made climate change, which is why Matt Drudge almost murdered himself with laughter when it snowed in Copenhagen, in December, during a climate change conference. Science fact!


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