Cindy McCain, Philanthropist & Humanitarian, Simply Loves This Weather!

Cindy McCain empathy winWanted-to-be-FLOTUS Cindy McCain took a break Monday evening from her important work of being a Humanitarian and Philanthropist who Cares Deeply About Refugees to let us know that she’s having the time of her life in SUNNY SAN DIEGO, YAY!!!

Let’s see what other folks were Tweeting yesterday evening…

Oh, Cindy. Seems like everything is heaven to you.

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    1. Chichikovovich

      Remember when she had to spend all that time pretending not to detest Sarah Palin? I bet that sucked.

      1. deelzebub

        She wasn't very good at it. I always got the impression that, John included, the only person she didn't loathe was Meg. Although, the botox might have thrown me for a loop in the same way British throws off my gaydar.

      2. jakegittes

        I still contend to this day that Johnny Walnuts picked Sarah because he secretly harbored a fantasy of being able to engage in a threesome with Cindy and Sarah in the Lincoln Bedroom. Well. That didn't work out.

  1. An Asexual Ungulate

    It's good to know that life goes on after being tied to a miserable political failure. I was really concerned for her. All she had to console herself after her husband's complete failure was money… and we all know, that's small comfort when faced with publicly losing to a blah man.

  2. StillGoinGreen

    She and Ann Romney are currently planning their "Laugh at Teh Poors" party, to be held at one of their more sunshiney estates.

  3. deelzebub

    Yes, Cindy, it's absolutely fucking baffling. Why wouldn't those 7 million losers without power in freezing temperatures simply go to one of their vacation properties?

    1. Isyaignert

      Srsly, just throw a case of Evian in the back of the Range Rover and go to your mountain retreat – duh!!

  4. AngryBlakGuy

    …c'mon people, it obvious that she has taken a page out of the S.Florida Hurricane survival guide:

    -Chapter 1: Get Shyt faced, ass out drunk and enjoy your last moments of life!

  5. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    Most of those east coast people were underprivileged anyway, so this is working out quite well for them.

  6. pinkocommi

    LA was 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky yesterday, but to be fair, the air was brown. And traffic and earthquakes.

    1. CindynEncinitas

      And let's not forget that this time of year when the weather gets like this, we are a little on edge because of FIRES.

    1. rickmaci

      Right. Like the NoCals give a shit about New Jersey. The NoCals were focused on working off the hangover yesterday from their festivities of the previous night of throwing wedges of brie at each other and igniting their Bette Midler albums after the Giants won the series.

      1. MissTaken

        A few of us NorCals cared about New Jersey. Our email server had to be switched from NJ to Florida yesterday which really took up precious 'emailing pics of the Giants'-time.

  7. Goonemeritus

    That Path station was my chariot away from the dreary life of an engineering student in Hoboken to the way more fun but still dreary life at CBGB’s in the 70’s.

    1. DemmeFatale

      Did you ever see my brother perform there?
      He is 6'10," called "Four-Way," (related to drugs, I'm sure), and his bands were called, "Ditch Witch," "Snatch Factory," and (most famously), "Suicide King."
      I know he was banned from CBGB(!), but I think that was in the 80"s.

          1. Goonemeritus

            I did see him but by that point I was married and way too well-scrubbed for the scene. They were a fun band.

          2. DemmeFatale

            I know, seriously grody, huh? The bathrooms alone…
            He FINALLY quit, about 4 yrs. ago.
            It was too gross even for him, what with all the little asshole skin-heads.
            He also didn't fancy being one of the old, original men of punk.
            (And I think having 4 kids, 3 of them little, slowed him down.)

          3. Goonemeritus

            Yeah the early NYC Punk scene wasn’t populated by skinheads. Groups like Patti Smith, Television, Richard Hell and Lou Reed were more literary on the whole. The fans weren’t so much nihilist they were just uncomfortable with every other group.

  8. UW8316154

    Cue massive earthquake for Southern California right about now, such that San Diego falls into the sea.

    1. Steverino247

      Fault lines go the wrong way for your wish. We're slowly moving to San Francisco, not sinking into the sea.

    2. deelzebub

      No way. female version of the dos equis most interesting man in the world lives in San Diego, along with several other of my favorite people. San Diego stays.

      1. deelzebub


        She was born in France, moved to Bolivia when her dad became Vice President, survived a death squad, fled to Chile, fled another coup, paid her way through medical school runway modelling in Paris, acts, directs, speaks four languages, and loves wine, cigars, art films, and the Chicago Bears. She's awesome.

      1. Lascauxcaveman

        We've gotten at least an inch of rain in the last three or four days out here on the Olympic Peninsula. I've had to put extra mink oil on my penny loafers. I even zipped my polar fleece all the way up last night.

        It's been hell.

          1. Lascauxcaveman

            Yeah, this time of year, pretty much.

            But now I hear on the news that parts of West Virginia are expecting up to six feet of snow in this Frankenstorm dealie. And out here we're saying, "Damn! Early ski season for them. Sweet."

    1. Isyaignert

      I'd forgotten about that. She said it was from an overly friendly fan shaking her hand – like sure it was. Sure.

  9. freakishlywrong

    Wasn't Sindy spending an inordinate amount of time in San Diego licking her chops over the enlisteds running on the beach?

  10. BaldarTFlagass

    I don't believe that picture is of a transformer exploding. I think it's Kyle Reese arriving from the future to protect Sarah Connor.

  11. smitallica

    Usually when you ask a ridiculously out-of-touch person "What's the weather like in your world," it's hypothetical. Jesus, this woman.

  12. Not_So_Much

    Meh, after some of the shit she's probably seen and had to live through from Walnuts, she gets a pass from me.

      1. Isyaignert

        I think Mittens Howell III is referring to the dis that Paul Rayn and his stepford wife gave to the nice young man at the Labor Day parade who asked where the jobs were and all they would do is offer him a piece of candy and say "have a nice day" which is the new way to say "fuk off" – http://wonkette.com/488010/watch-paul-ryans-wife-

        Have I told you lately how much I hate those fukkers? I hate those fukkers.

  13. LibertyLover

    Let's not forget the kindness that Donald Trump is extending to his fellow New Yorkers in his tweets:

    @realDonaldTrump 30 Oct 12

    Because of the hurricane, I am extending my 5 million dollar offer for President Obama's favorite charity until 12PM on Thursday.

    1. PugglesRule

      Dear Mr. Ferret Hair, just give the damn money to the Red Cross.

      No thanks,
      Barack H. STP (Still the President) Obama

    2. bikerlaureate

      Apparently it's just infuriating to have all that money and not be the lead story in every newscast.

  14. Mittens Howell, III

    Mitt Romney just announced that what he meant to say back in May was 47% of Americans are victims of Hurricane Sandy, and Thanks Obama.

  15. SorosBot

    And here I was just humbly relieved to actually have power and no major damage this morning; but no, I guess I should be gloating about it like an asshole.

      1. SorosBot

        It was supposed to be tonight and cancelled, so yes. Here's hoping the new flight tomorrow night won't be.

  16. Buzz Feedback

    WALNUTS! needs all those houses he can't remember so there's enough space to store Cindy's lack of self-awareness.

  17. hagajim

    Good to see that Cindy is just as in touch with real Merikans as Egg. Two bitches chips off the old superrich block.

  18. CindynEncinitas

    THIS Cindy in San Diego was actually worrying, from time to time, about Actor212 and I, for one, am glad to read you are still on the snark. And yeah, it has been really beautiful here and it almost makes me feel guilty.

  19. ttommyunger

    On the other hand, I've never had to see Walnuts naked or fluff his tiny goober, so I've got that going for me, which is nice….

  20. valthemus

    It's not Cindy's fault those sillies on the east coast didn't book a room in a 4-star hotel and fly their private jets to San Diego! Leave Marie Cindy alone!

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