The Romney campaign also donated a rescue vehicle from Mitt's mission daysIn a post titled “LEADERSHIP: Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Deliver Hurricane Relief,” the independent-minded Breitbart remnant Big Government notes that Mitt Romney’s campaign has “canceled campaign events, commercials, and fundraising appeals in states that will be impacted by Hurricane Sandy” and sent two whole buses to deliver relief supplies in Virginia and New Hampshire, two of the locations along the thousand-mile front of the storm. In contrast, the blog calls out the lackadaisical response of the Obama campaign:

The Obama campaign has canceled events, but has yet to announce it have pulled commercials or fundraising appeals from states in Sandy’s path. Romney was also first on the scene when Hurricane Irene struck the Gulf Coast in August, with President Obama arriving three days later after adjusting his schedule.

Compared to the Romney campaign’s bold bus-based leadership, the blog quotes a CBS report to emphasize President Obama’s utter passivity in the face of the looming superstorm, noting that “President Obama was briefed by FEMA in Washington, D.C., today and labeled it a ‘serious and big storm.'”

You want leadership? Romney will send two buses on his own initiative, while Obama will simply sit back in Washington, passing off his responsibilities to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which probably can’t match the disaster-relieving power of a campaign bus. Even worse, he has not cancelled his campaign ads, which will apparently have a devastating effect on storm-affected areas.

It is also not yet known how Obama’s continued refusal to release his college transcripts will increase the suffering of voters in storm-affected areas.

[Big Government]

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