the eic of the free beacon poses with two white children

This morning, Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki was on MSNBC (obviously, what with all the socialisms).

Remarking how busy the campaign was, she said that she’d just gotten off the campaign and been able to shower for the first time in two days.

…Wait for it…wait for it…

The Washington Free Beacon decided to go hard on this lady’s vagina-filth and make a thing out of it. (Clip below the fold.)

Future Washington Free Beacon exclusives include “Obama Girls Poo Like Men,” “Unremitting Stream Of Yellowish Liquid Waste Emits From Stephanie Cutter For Minutes A Day” and “Joe Biden’s Armpits Perspire So Much He Needs Anti-Perspirant Like An Animal.”

We kid, we kid, the Free Beacon staff knows all about bodily functions, given the incredible volume of golden shower and scat porn they download.

JOKING, GUYS, COME ON. They download perfectly vanilla porn on work time.

[Washington Free Beacon]

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