He is poopingOh dear oh dear! Supposed “cool guy” Barack Obama called fragile, defenseless centimillionaire former CEO and current Republican nominee for president of these godfearing United States of America Mittens Romney a vile swear meaning one who defecates like boy cows, and the Republic may crumble from the dastardly act. What if children who unaccountably look up to the Thug in Chief start also talking about potty words like pooping boy cows? WHAT THEN?

That is bullying indeed, lady we had never heard of before Josh Marshall retweeted your incisive and prissy and pissy tweet.

Let us wag our fingers at some other history’s greatest monsters, together!

Well those were fun! Enjoy your anal rapes! We will be over here with our canned goods (hobo beans), waiting for the Republic to fall.


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