Oh, Megyn Kelly! Don’t ever change, OK? Here is Megyn Kelly on Fox “News,” informing us that there may be an “extra set of eyes” on election day and those eyes may belong to the United Nations. Note the contempt with which she says “United Nations,” by the way, she might as well have been saying “the Muslim Brotherhood.” So anyway, yes! There MAY be an extra set of eyes! And they MAY belong to the United Nations! (They will probably belong to Jimmy Carter.) This is because “left-leaning civil rights groups,” aided by the Democrats, have called for U.N. election monitors because they SAY there are efforts to suppress the minority vote. Then she has a lady from True the Vote (which has been attempting to suppress the minority vote) offer the opinion that it’s “breathtaking,” the hypocrisy we’re seeing, just breathtaking, that they have gone to an INTERNATIONAL BODY that contains countries who have voter IDs! Can you believe that?

Of course, the U.N. will not be monitoring our elections; the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is not the U.N., will be coming to observe our elections. All members of this organization have signed an agreement called the 1990 Copenhagen Document, and are bound as a result to accept delegations to observe their elections. If the U.S. bans the OSCE from observing our elections, other countries will have grounds to ban the U.S. and other member states from observing THEIR elections. So. Yeah. Those are the “facts,” not that they probably matter to Megyn Kelly, or to True the Vote.


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