mouthbreathyWHAT THE FUCK, Daily Caller? Why are you going around explaining that you were named after the time Dick Cheney “shot that guy in the face”?

[Tucker] Carlson insisted it was vital this new media outlet be given a name that resembled a traditional news outlet. […]
But as Patel recounted, β€œit’s virtually impossible to find a domain name that includes words like the Times or the Tribune these days β€” unless you want to pay a lot of money for them.” So Patel started racking his brain for other name ideas.

And then he remembered the time Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face.

So the Daily Caller named itself after the Corpus Christie paper that was cold scooping the world constantly on how Dick Cheney “shot that guy in the face.” Remember the hilarity of how Dick Cheney refused to talk to the cops after he “shot that guy in the face”? And how the guy who he shot in the face held a press conference to apologize to Dick Cheney for getting in the way of his gun, with his face?

Oh how such fine fellows as Tucker Carlson must have been rolling in hilarity.

What else could the Daily Caller have daily called itself, if it hadn’t chosen to name itself after the paper reporting on how Dick Cheney “shot that guy in the face”?

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