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Here is Lawrence O’Donnell with his frowny disturbed face, noting that President Obama directed three jokes at Mitt Romney at last night’s Al Smith Dinner, but Mitt Romney directed eight jokes at President Obama. “WAS IT OVER THE LINE?” “Oh, yes, it was definitely over the line.” Lawrence O’Donnell, get your lace panties out of your butt and come the fuck on. And Krystal Ball, we like you. You don’t need to be an agony aunt either. And other dude who is there, you are also there. We see you. But we stopped watching this clip right where we ended it here, so maybe you were fine! But you were still involved in this ridiculous bit of waaah, so you get no points sir! Watch Mitt Romney’s “over the line” standup set and Barack Obama’s totally right one, after the jump.

Spoiler alert: Mitt Romney can be funny! It’s a good set! We LOLed!

Now here’s your boyfriend.

Even rightwing torture chamber Newsmax didn’t get all crybaby like Lawrence O’Donnell, who is a little bitch, the end.

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