Hey, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown! You are so cool and likable, everyone likes you so much! Why, professional Boston journalists what know stuff told us to our faces that without any doubt you were going to cream Elizabeth Warren this year, because people think you are a “good guy.” How have you shit on that image today? Oh, by calling the people who cut ads for Elizabeth Warren, explaining how she had helped them and their families in their asbestos-related suit, lying liars who are “paid actors”? We wonder what they thought of that?

“Let Scott Brown tell me to my face that I am nothing but a paid actor, and I’ll set him straight on what it was like to watch my father suffocate to death,” [John F.] English said.

Another victim’s family member who appeared in a Warren advertisement about the asbestos controversy spoke out about Brown’s comments as well. Steven Yapp said that Brown’s actor comments were cruel.

“To dismiss what my family went through by calling me a paid actor isn’t just disrespectful, but it’s cruel,” Yapp said. “He’s attacking people who lost loved ones to asbestos poisoning, just because we stepped forward to tell the truth about Elizabeth Warren. Sen. Brown showed his true colors today. He’s a politician who will say anything and attack anyone that gets in his way.”

In other paid actor news, Brown’s campaign has been hiring homelesses to wear “Obama Supporters for Brown” shirts at rallies. But that’s different, somehow, because … oh right. Because Warren’s paid actors weren’t.


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