the once and future DeanSuper-groovy dude and Michele Bachmann BFF Bradlee Dean has some time on his hands since high schools throughout the Midwest stopped paying him to come and make their students cry about being baby-murdering, dirty-wedding-dress-wearing prostitutes. He also still has to pay Rachel Maddow a whole bunch of his greasy cash for having filed a meritless defamation suit against her after she “defamed” him by playing tape of his own words. So what’s he up to lately? Just taking it to today’s equivalent of the Fireside Chats, Facebook, and calling Maddow so gross and ugly, har har har. Which is weird, because look at the current Bradlee Dean?

Here is Bradlee Dean’s clever Facebook posting.

My, that is a bad pic of Rachel Maddow! She looks like a skinny Michael Moore! If people put up a picture like that of us, we would probably be sad! Luckily, Rachel Maddow has the total hots from gay women, straight women, gay men, and non-asshole straight men to keep her warm at night. Bradlee Dean, on the other hand, may well have the hots from a basement full of moldering missing-prostitute bones.


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