Chick-Fil-A Grifts For More Of That Sweet, Sweet Anti-Gay Cash

  oh good this again

light in its loafers also too
What do you think, Chick-fil-A? Would only a fruitcake not love your party trays? Well we think you are aiming low! There are so many more people we can think of right off the bat who would not love your party trays!

  • Butt Pirates. Butt pirates would not love your party trays.
  • Fudge-Packers. Fudge-packers would not love your party trays too.
  • Gay Homosexuals. We are pretty sure they would not love your party trays either, because if they were having a party, they would probably want to serve actual food.

Chick-fil-A must really miss Sarah Palin and Miss Lindsey stuffing their maws with Chick-fil-A’s meat.


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