of course he's prolife he is a fetus

Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Loves Women So Much, Has A Mom And Wife And Everything

ABORT ABORT ABORTGood times on the ol’ SPAN last night, as Ohio state Treasurer/debate club fetus TOOK IT to Senator Sherrod Brown, and by “took it to” we mean yelled his talking points with awesome macho frowning and stuff. Did you know that Josh Mandel served his country in Iraq? It is true, he did, though how he managed not to take a dose of friendly fire from his fellow troops who must have LOVED him is beyond what our puny mortal brains can understand. We think the first time he mentioned his service was in response to a Muslim fellow asking why he had run anti-Muslim ads against an opponent. The answer to that was “Iraq and ladies rights, don’t we all agree HENGHHH?” Then there was his answer to ladies’ rights HERE (clip not embeddable, FUCK YOU, SPAN!), to which his answer was “I have a wife and a mom! JERBS!” Dude, so suavay.

Anyhoo, it seems Josh Mandel is actually 35 years old, and not his high school’s debate club president who’s TOTALLY GONNA GO TO REGIONALS, so that’s adorable. Also adorable? His SOARING ORATORY when he thundered that “There is a War on Coal, and Barack Obama is its general and Sherrod Brown is one of his main lieutenants!” So we guess you all are the War on Coal’s privates! Thank you for your service.


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  1. OzoneTom

    There was also a debate between Donnelly and Morlock last night. Not as much fun as this one though it did include the Libertarian candidate.

    1. ufr980

      Mandel's likeability has been below water this entire election cycle. For a war vet who has won a House seat and a state office, that's an impressive feat. There is no amount of Tower City money that will get him elected.

      1. bureaucrap

        Perhaps he went to the Catholic high school after hours to comfort the priest, but still… "Josh Mandel." Nice Jewish boy. Good family. Pity about the republican thing.

  2. Lot_49

    OT, but everyone should rush right out and buy a copy of today's WSJ and flip immediately to Section 4, where they can read a tasty expose about ear wax removal.

    What a fine, fine thing the Daily Rupert has become….

  3. Goonemeritus

    If there is a war on coal, isn’t time for coal to declared victory. Coal has been kicking our collective ass for 300 years.

    1. YouFail4eva

      Please don't make me check. After having to see Rmoney's taint, I don't think I can handle it any more!

    1. kittensdontlie

      When the Natural Gas Robber Barons start contributing to his campaign, he will fight their war too.

  4. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    The only way that guy is 35 is if his mom kept him in a jar of formaldahyde for 12 of those years. I'm 36 and I have the urge to yell at him to get off my lawn.

  5. weejee

    Lame C-Span video. Besides the no-embed douchiness, it didn't show Josh's wife who was sitting ever so proudly in her hopsack burqa, obvs.

    1. deanbooth

      Ah, memories of Mr. Joyboy dancing around his mother's bed with a turkey on a platter: "Mama's little baby loves shortnin', shortnin' Mama's little baby loves shortnin' bread!"

  6. JustPixelz

    In the clip he said his wife "has been Iraq to me". Fellas, if you want to win a woman's heart, don't liken her to a country. Especially one that Dubya Bush invaded to prove he has a bigger cock than his father. Women hate that.

    1. PsycWench

      On the other hand, if my husband compared me to a beautiful city, I might be down with that. Preferably a mythical city with no crime or slums.

    2. Chet Kincaid_

      He thought he would be welcomed with open arms, but soon found himself in a quagmire. To find an Exit Strategy, he should consult with Mark Sanford or Newt Gingrich.

  7. FakaktaSouth

    It seems to me that Sherrod Brown's gravelly grumbley voice alone could come out of his body and swallow this real-life claymation figure whole, much less the actual intellect and force behind it. I like him and his wife very much. Josh here looks just like a Mr Bill character, no? all doughy and gross? and I would very much like to squash him – yada yada splat, yada yada votes.

  8. PsycWench

    I am familiar with this category of young man, although I usually get them a little younger. They haven't listened to anyone else since they were about 15, and then they don't understand why everyone's mad at them.

    1. YouFail4eva

      Ooh, but you lost in the semis. Tough luck Feckless State, but I'm sure you'll be able ot make it next year. Thanks for playing!

  9. JustPixelz

    Repubican platform pledges to be as helpful to women as a urinal.

    Repubican governing on women's issues makes the case for the Equal Rights Amendment.

    This reminds me of the debate when Michele Bachmann said "I'd like to recognize my wife Marcus".

  10. elviouslyqueer

    IMPORTANT OT for Memphis-area Wonketteers: the Majestic Grille downtown is hosting a debate-watching party tonight from 7:30 to 9:30. Free hors-d'ouevres and cash bar, with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Get your drink on while watching Barry kick robot ass. BE THERE.

  11. kittensdontlie

    Yes sadly, Ohio is full of these people like Mandel, and wingtards and the undecideds that voted for him.

  12. Lot_49

    Coal mining has such a rich history of social awareness and giving back to the communities where it operates that it's no wonder there's grass roots resistance to ending our carbon-dependency in its purest form.

  13. T3rbo

    Oh, so intolerable. Marine Corps Intelligence officer, Tea Party candidate, and JD all at the same time, how could anyone be more obnoxious? He is probably the toughest, smartest person in the whole world, and he has come to rescue America from itself. Mr. Mandel needs an ass kicking from the universe and he probably thinks he will never get one because he is so blessed

  14. Esteev

    You know, this jerkoff's beliefs are starting to really bother me. I have quite a few friends his age and younger that have latched their wagon to the GOP supernova and I can't wait to point, laugh and say "Told ya so" when it explodes.

    Also, too, when I ask them "Why?" they always say "Because Obama hasn't done anything."

    I usually respond with a query about the upcoming football game or reality TeeVee program.

    1. actor212

      My stock response is "Tell your wife/mother/girlfriend equal pay for equal work is 'nothing,' then get back to me after your hospital discharge."

  15. Wile E. Quixote

    Holy Shit! A Republican who actually served in the military? Fuckin' A. Talk about your rara avis in extremis. Wow, between him and Allan West that's two!

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