first they came for the racists

Not-Racist Shopkeeper: Obama Is An Ooga-Booga Witch Doctor Negro

witch doctor? more, it's just a witch doctorIt is hard in America for non-racists.

The range of free expression such people have is incredibly limited by actually racist anti-racists who want to read racism in every fucking little thing, like when you say a black man is a vicious savage native stereotype. BITCH I NEED MY METAPHORS FUCK YO RACISMS.

The voodoo storefront has evoked outrage in the beachfront community of Spring Lake, N.J. But Bill Skuby, 66, owner of the local men’s store, Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing, insists that the display is not political. … “It’s personal.”
The store’s window display depicts an image of Obama’s head superimposed in the body of a witch doctor that rests atop the word “Obamacare.” The witch doctor image is placed under a tombstone epithet that reads, “I Told You I Was Sick,” accompanied by a photo of the president in a doctor’s coat and stethoscope.
On the tombstone stands an Obama bobble-head doll sporting a long-sleeved tee that reads, “Hoax,” and underneath that is a zombie mannequin rising from the dead wearing a hat that says “F.Y.B.O.,” an acronym apparently for an expletive phrase denouncing the president.

Racist or not, this is a man who knows how to fill a diorama. Slow clap for this douchebag, everyone.

Despite pushback from the community, Skuby plans on keeping the display up, and says that Romney would also receive the same treatment, based on one simple criteria.

Skuby, who admitted that his business has suffered because of his visual expression, said the community is trying to run him out of town. He said people have made him out to be a racist because of his anti-Obama display.
“If you want to call me a racist then go ahead. I can assure you I am not a racist; I just really want to see Obama go.” Skuby said. “This is a good example of where race relations are under this guy’s administration. … This has absolutely nothing to do with race.”
Skuby said that if Mitt Romney had the same plan as the president; his picture would be in the window.

Luckily, Mitt Romney did have the exact same plan as the President. He enacted it in Massachusetts! The President based his plan off of Mitt Romney’s!

We wonder what a racist image of Mitt Romney as a doctor would look like? Rex Morgan, M.D. shopping at a Lands’ End for chinos? Probably.


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    1. CommieLibunatic

      I'd prefer to call him many things that violate the commenting guidelines on both Yahoo! and Wonkette.

      Speaking of which, HOLY FUCK all the people going "YEEHAW FREEDUM OV SPEECH" on Yahoo!

  1. Living in Joy

    I'm sure he would have superimposed Romney's head on a headhunter's body with the bone through the nose. Please. He's an idiot, but does he truly believe the rest of us are?

    1. T3rbo

      Yeah, that's what he means. The picture that he would have used for Romney, to be fair, would have been of Romney eating a watermelon surrounded by klansmen. It wouldn't have been racist, either.

  2. snowpointsecret

    But Mitt Romney DID have the same plan when he was in Massachusetts. So yeah, racist stereotypes are racist.

    Figures that his business is suffering even in the Republican part of New Jersey…

  3. ufr980

    This is one of those situations where the free market will take care of it for the rest of us. Right?

    1. CommieLibunatic

      They said his business is suffering because of it. The Free Market is a bitch when you're not hiring illegals or stiffing people on benefits.

    1. JustPixelz

      They're so uppity.

      To him "American Exceptionalism" means "except you people".

      I trust "Doctor Obama" with my health* more than I do "President Romney".
      * actually, all my current MD does is prescribe drugs and tell me to lose weight which is why I call him a witch doctor (not to his face!) using magic potions and incantations for treatment.

  4. OneYieldRegular

    "Skuby, who admitted that his business has suffered because of his visual expression, said the community is trying to run him out of town."

    Citizens of Spring Lake, N,J.: you are not trying hard enough.

  5. cromiller

    He can't be racist! Some of his favorite non-biological grandchildren are biracial!

    Per an article on…

    "The middle one is my granddaughter," said Skuby, holding up a photo of his now 17-year old biracial grandchild Brett, flanked by two other grandchildren who are white. "My son married a girl that had a biracial kid. She is every bit a part of our family as the other two in this picture. I'm not racist. And as long as my grandchild doesn't think I'm a racist, I'm perfectly fine with all of this."

    1. EatsBabyDingos

      I saw that. The grandkid is probably Puerto Rican or some other furrin' territory of the US.

      1. emmelemm

        Not necessarily. He'd let his son marry someone who once had sexual relations with a person of color, though. (Mom could be the white one in the making of the bi-racial kid.)

        Still, you know…

      2. Incitefully_Joe

        Unlikely. Note the phrasing: "married a girl that had a biracial kid". In other words, in his infinite non-racist magnanimity, Skuby permitted his son to marry a white woman who had previously allowed herself to be despoiled by a Colored, and (as far as we know) did not disown him over this.

        And to think, people say racism isn't over.

    2. Dashboard Buddha

      The minute your grandchild learns how to read and understand what racism is, you're fucked. Btw – how do you think your daughter in law, the one with the biracial kid, will think about your being a racist fucktard?

      1. bobbert

        Apparently the grandkid is 17. Impossible to know her opinion (because 17), but it's really not that unusual for grandkids to just try to ignore the more obnoxious features of their grandparents. To some extent, this is politeness.

    3. Generation[redacted]

      "As long as my grandchildren don't know what a golliwog is, I'm perfectly fine with all of this."

    4. HistoriCat

      as long as my grandchild doesn't think I'm a racist, I'm perfectly fine with all of this

      "And my family knows better than to call me a racist – after all, the holidays are coming up and I really know how to ruin things for everyone."

  6. magic_titty

    It's not racist because he is a Kenyan Muslim socialist witch doctor. Can't argue with the facts.

  7. SexySmurf

    But Bill Skuby…insists that the display is not political. … “It’s personal.”

    This time it's personal! My name is Bill Skuby. Obama killed my brother. Prepare to be part of a display in my store.

      1. mille derps

        Yes, indeedy! Tomorrow night! All of us here together, communally… No fapping will be needed, although it may enhance/prolong the Big O experience.

        Four more years!

  8. Allmighty_Manos

    I feel this guys pain. Me and buddies just wanted to take a walk down the street in our SS uniforms and Swastika flags and got nothing but trouble from folks who needed to take a chill pill and lay off the PC crap. What is America coming to when good non-racist folks can't engage in racist-as-hell public activities?

  9. Crank_Tango

    If I was a racist, would i put on blackface and run around my neighborhood eating watermelon for halloween?

  10. SoBeach

    Skuby, who admitted that his business has suffered because of his visual expression…

    Now THAT you built, dickwad.

  11. Callyson

    the display is not political. … “It’s personal.”

    Where is Gloria Steinem when we need her?

  12. BlueStateLibel

    How about a Photoshop job of Willard wearing a Mormon's bishop's hat, being trailed by 12 wives, with Joseph Smith lurking in the background with a big grin, and a special Celestial Planet beckoning to Willard from the sky? I'm sure the wingnuts would have no problem with such an image, right?

  13. Callyson

    a hat that says “F.Y.B.O.,” an acronym apparently for an expletive phrase denouncing the president.

    Wait–that hat *doesn't* mean "fuck your brains out?"

    (rushing to cancel order…)

  14. SayItWithWookies

    "My window is my voice and I get one shot to have my voice be heard." he said. "I don't regret putting up the display. At some point, you have to take a stand and that is what I am doing. I want Obama out."

    Yeah, really — what the hell has President Obama ever done for you? Well, except cut your taxes. And probably made healthcare more affordable for you and your children. And since your crappy little shop probably doesn't employ more than 50 people you won't be required to provide them with insurance options, so that wouldn't apply. And we got out of Iraq, so your tax dollars aren't funding a completely unnecessary war. Oh, and you probably aren't allowed to underpay any women who work for you — I'll bet that's it — I knew something had your non-prejudiced knickers in a twist. Probably can't bash gays anymore too.

    1. CommieLibunatic

      I just don't get these guys. There's GOT to be a better place to voice your opinions or whatever than your storefront.

  15. Callyson

    "This is America, isn't it?" Skuby asked. "Aren't we able to say and do pretty much what we want to do?"

    Yes we are…so: Fuck you, Skuby!

    1. Dashboard Buddha

      Yep…and I'd like to use my freedom of speech to tell folks to stay the hell away from his tacky little shit hole.

    2. pdiddycornchips

      Free speech is great. Without it, how would everyone in New Jersey know what a racist twat waffle you are? You're free to be a dumb fuck and we're free to never shop at your stupid fucking store.

    1. SoBeach

      For a while there it was like clockwork: Each new girlfriend would buy me a Tommy Bahama shirt as a gift right at the six weeks of dating mark. It was sweet of them, really, but man, I've got some breathtakingly awful shirts in my closet.

      1. MissTaken

        I hope you ended the relationships at exactly six weeks plus one day. Those shirts are horrible!

        1. SoBeach

          I never held it against them — every guy my age in this area has a bunch of those shirts, so they make safe gifts. They probably watched me go six weeks without wearing one and figured I needed one.

          For what it's worth, the new gf passed the Tommy Bahama shirt test with flying colors.

  16. Come here a minute

    The evidence is strong, but until an "uppity president" quote is discovered, further investigation is required.

  17. gullywompr

    On the plus side, Nate SIlver's charts show Obama's fall in the polls has stopped, and is starting to go back up. On the bad side, my home swing-state (I do not think it means what you think it means) of Virginia has gone from just barely baby-blue to just barely baby-pink, and so has Colorado. Florida also too.

    1. pdiddycornchips

      Umm, I read Nate this morning and he says as of now, the race is impossible to predict with any certainty. This is hard to spin as good news for Barry. He's been in the lead since RMoney got the nomination. Mo is definitely on Mitt's side. Barry has this debate to turn shit around. If he doesn't do that. I think he's toast.

      1. finallyhappy

        Why thank you- what a typical Dem you are- please feel free to continue to be negative. You are proof of what Rebecca called a number of posters here

        1. pdiddycornchips

          I'm just saying Nate Silver is a lot less certain than you're pretending he is right now. We're getting close to the end and the debate tomorrow will likely determine if Barry stops the slide or not. I suppose I could ignore all that and delude myself into thinking all is well. Either way, it won't effect the outcome.

          1. gullywompr

            Well, read him again tomorrow, I think things will show more of a definitive change once the WaPo poll is factored in.

          2. pdiddycornchips

            Nate aside, the latest polling in PA is downright scary. Again, tonight is going to be huge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. Tequila Mockingbird

    Spear chuckers shouldn't be allowed to vote.

    Oooops, I apologize, that was poorly worded and shouldn't be construed as a racist statement. It's the liberals who are the real racists and turned my words around to make it sound racist. REVERSE RACISM!!! FREEDUMBS TRUCKNUTZ 2nd AMENDMENT!!!!

  19. vodkamuppet

    "My grandson married a coon so I can't be racist, not anymore anyway."

    Edit: I should have read the source article again because I completely fucked that joke up. cromiller has the quote I was referencing up above. I have to remember to re-read articles that I originally read during the drinky (all of 'em Katie) hours of the day.

  20. Incitefully_Joe

    But Bill Skuby…insists that the display is not political. … “It’s personal.”

    Here's the thing: it would be racist even if it were a "political" message (see the right-wing chain mail that caused the first flap over that image). The fact that he calls it "personal, not political" is the part that makes Bill Skuby a hoary old racist, personally.

  21. GeorgiaBurning

    Romney's display has Mitt in Banana Republic, with the green underwear panty line visible. He's sitting on the boat with the Cayman Islands flag, smiling and handing out Medicare vouchers. The tombstone stays.

  22. Tundra Grifter

    "Skuby plans on keeping the display up, and says that Romney would also receive the same treatment, based on one simple criteria [criterion?]."

    Sure – all (r)Money would have to do is be a Blah guy.

  23. sbj1964

    Tea-bagging,racist,women hating,life begins at erection,gun loving,evolution denying,rape mongering,economy destroying,bible thumping,gay bashing,red state republicans.And to think all these years we were worried about communist.

    1. shelwood46

      Luckily, this guy lives in a very blue state*. It is comforting to know his vote will not count for shit.

      * Except for our stupid governor, who only got in because Florio and Corzine messed up.

    1. Dashboard Buddha

      Maybe we should keep this alive until the summer then. Fuckers need to understand that the Internet is forever.

  24. TootsStansbury

    Other than the offensive photo, what does the rest of the display even supposed ro mean? Other than "I hate the blah president" of course.

  25. e_z

    "Skuby plans on keeping the display up, and says that Romney would also receive the same treatment, based on one simple criteria."

    That criteria being of course, if Mitts was a Coon.

  26. kittensdontlie

    Skuby said. "This is a good example of where race relations are under this guy's administration. … This has absolutely nothing to do with race."

    In other words, Obama made me do it.

  27. Mittaplasia

    This is good news; now if Obama doesn't show up for the next debate, he can throw some bad juju Mitt's way. Ooga-booga for the WIN!

  28. prommie

    You has got to be shitting me! You will not believe this, but your very own Prommie was in Spring Lake Saturday, enjoying the warm beautiful fall day in the quaint little downtown along with a certain outspoken and not-shy person who woulda had a fucking fit if she saw that fucking shit! We bought a bottle of viognier instead!

      1. prommie

        She just texted that it woulda made the news if we saw it, "Visiting Southerner freaks out, surprises everyone by being offended."

  29. TootsStansbury

    OT but I made a donation to bear hugging pizzaria owner in Fla. & recived a nice thank you card. I was so pleasantly surprises at that.

      1. TootsStansbury

        At work I am relegated to my phone. Furtively typing in comments. Sometimes they turn out like they're written in Portuguese or something!

        1. Jus_Wonderin

          Well, the thank you email was really nicely written and seemed so sincere. I know it is a -insert donors name here- thing but I was really pleased after reading it.

  30. PurgedVoter

    That's right his reasons are personal. Racism is a personal thing. Like wide stances and stuff.

  31. rickmaci

    Damn. I looked all through the web site but can't find the links with the white sheets and pointy hats, you know, his KKKlany KKKlanhama line.

  32. Estproph

    “If you want to call me a racist then go ahead. I can assure you I am not a racist; I just really want to see Obama go.”

    He continued, "I can't be racist. My grandson is part neegra. I love that little pickaninny so much…you should see him dance sometime."

  33. Esteev

    So it's "Free Speech" that gives these morons the courage to do these things, but it's the opposite when people react?

    Thanks, glad that's all cleared up.

  34. Jus_Wonderin

    I prefer to select my next president using the tried and true "eeny, meany, miney, moe" method. Is that racist?

  35. T3rbo

    If you are a dumb ass racist, keep that shit a secret at your workplace. 50% of your potential customers may be democrats, or at least, some of your customers may take your racist display the wrong way and think you hate the president because he is black. Or they will think that you are a total moron.
    I remember walking into a machine shop in 2009 (2009!), and there was a computer printed sign with George W's dumb face on it, and below his dumb fucking face was written "Miss me yet?"
    I remember thinking to myself "This shop is run by total fucking idiots, who in the fucking hell MISSES George W. Bush? in 2009?" Ever since then, I have questioned any decision to use these guys for anything, not because I want to punish them for their thoughts, but because I really figured these guys for morons.

  36. Dumbedup

    Another example of someone living in the right wing alternative universe echo chamber who sees his racism as totally normalized, inoffensive behavior. I really think red america just needs to go and secede already, give all these folks a home. We got nothing in common anymore.

  37. Dashboard Buddha

    I wish I lived near this store. I would spend quite a time picking out merchandise, tying up staff, and bringing a pile of stuff to the register. Just before it came time to swipe my debit card, I would be all "psyche" you racist piece of shit. Have fun restocking the shelves.

  38. alvinnewman

    Their website states "Nominated "Top 25 Menswear Store" in the nation, by MR Magazine" I assume MR stands for Master Race.

  39. iamrrm

    I have been posting a picture of the window decoration on the Facebook page of all of the brands that are sold in this smegma sucking, douchenozzle's store. I wonder if Tommy Bahama will enjoy being associated with this.

  40. Biff

    I used to hunt deer. I'd renew my license annually, buy the tag, and dutifully go out on opening day and hunt deer. There were also bear and antelope in the same vicinity, which I didn't shoot, because I was hunting deer! Not racist against bear or antelope at all! I don't know where I'm going with this line of thinking, other than that it seems to be open season on Obama.

  41. glamourdammerung

    I find the lieing about how constantly putting out racist nonsense is "not racist" a lot more offensive than the racism to be blunt.

  42. CthuNHu

    Romney would also receive the same treatment, based on one simple criteria.

    Lucky for Romney, he's not blah. Well, okay, he's like, boring blah, but he's not, you know, blah blah. If you know what I mean. It's not a racist thing, if you're thinking that, though. Wink. Wink. Nudge.

  43. NorfolkAndWay

    Dear NJ "journalist":
    The word you seek is "epitaph", not "epithet".
    I weep for the future of journalism.

  44. ttommyunger

    There is a silver lining to this shit, no matter how tarnished: Mittens has no redeeming features to tout or believe in, ergo those planning to vote for him have nothing positive to point to and are therefore left with negative attacks as their only option. Since Barry has actually done well over his first term on most fronts, they are left with the fact that he is a Blah. Fortunately, the Independents who put him in the White House the first time are already aware of this and it seems unlikely it would present a problem in and of itself at this juncture. In short, they are left to their constant off-jerking racist rants.

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