NFIB wants you to know how much they love breastsWe spent most of our lives thinking that breast cancer sucks — our mother is a breast cancer survivor, after all — but apparently we were just thinking small, blinded to the huge political opportunity that breast cancer presents for misogynist shitbags who want to appear pro-woman without actually doing anything pro-woman. Take,  for example, the NFIB (National Federal of Independent Businesses), an adorable far-right business association which spends most of its time suing Obamacare and calling Teddy Kennedy “public enemy No. One,” and which is funding the campaigns of Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin and Ed “Life-Begins-at-Conception” Emery. The NFIB! They’re so cute!

Here is a thing that women who own businesses can do: they can give money to the NFIB to give to Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin if they want to increase their PowHER. (Someone got paid to come up with that, y’all.)

Throughout the month of October, NFIB is giving away great prizes to celebrate the success of women business owners across America. And, we’re making a donation to breast cancer awareness for every woman business owner who joins NFIB during October.

Seize the powHER now by registering for the $1,000 Grand Prize and weekly giveaways, including an iPad 3, $500 Coach gift cards, a Nook tablet, and lots more!

Seize the powHER, or fight the powHER? We’ll go with that second one.


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