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And Now Is When We Watch Scott Brown And Elizabeth Warren Finally Fall In Love

full custerWant to catch up on Senator Staple-Crotch dealing a death-blow to his “nice guy” image? Previous debatings here and here. (That second link is if you want to relive Third Man David Gregory finally succeeding in breaking your Wonkette, reducing us to a puddle of Tea Partyish rage. Your Editrix’s mother thought it was great!) Now turn on your Span, let us blog like a wild thang!

7:02 PM — Moderator: “Elizabeth Warren, I am a giant Communist or I would not be asking a question about Poors and Browns.” Have no idea what Warren is answering as she is super fucking PILFy tonight. Seriously, ROWR!

7:05 PM — Scott Brown is dropping names of random stores and restaurants in “real world” Western Mass, but we are not listening because DUH, SCOTT BROWN. But what is up with this black background, like they are performing Cabaret or Brecht? Oh, here is Brown, ME ME ME, blah, took a page from the Romney school of I WILL TALK NOW!!!

7:07 PM — Have you ever heard the weird dirgey original of Brecht’s “Whiskey Bar”? We expect Marianne Faithfull to show up any second and start singing “Surabaya Johnny.”

(Sorry, Ute Lemper doesn’t embed, and Marianne Faithfull can’t be seen on Youtube or in daylight, but Bette’s isn’t bad!)

7:11 PM — Oh, we were too busy looking up youtubes of Brecht and Weill and shit to be WATCHING WHAT HAPPENS LIVE as some lady boos Elizabeth Warren for saying we should have Obamacare … like they have in Massachusetts.

7:14 PM — Now that we think about it, “Whiskey Bar” was probably Kurt Weill, not Bertolt Brecht. We apologize for the (probable) error.

7:18 PM — We are already behind, due to Brecht-tubing, and now Scott Brown is just lying Romney-styley. Soon we will be even more behind as we go downstairs to dish up some goddamn peppers and onions, since none of you came over to grill us a cheese. BUT SERIOUSLY, who is this one crazy female person who shouts BOOOOO everytime Warren is talking? She sounds deranged, and we would like to see the Span cameras swivel around to see her ejected.

7:22 PM — Oh right, we forgot: Brown tried a Reagan “There you again,” but sadly could not stick the landing. He’s a st-st-st-stuttering fool. Maybe he is not used to the altitude?

7:24 PM — Who’s this Time Nazi, anyway? And why is Scott Brown listening to him? You think Romney would stop talking in the middle of a sentence because a clockwatcher interrupted him with “It’s time”? WHY IS SCOTT BROWN SUCH A PUSSY, HENGGHHHH?

7:25 PM — And Warren gets a quiet boo for winding down the military budget, and the same crazy lady GIANT BOO for not cutting Social Security benefits? Who boos not cutting Social Security? Well, that girl, for one, but now she’s got a male friend!

7:31 PM — Never get involved in a landwar in Asia, and also apparently don’t get into a debate with Elizabeth Warren unless you’ve got David Gregory gently cupping your scrot. Girl points out that study cited by Brown was conducted by group that called Ted Kennedy “Public Enemy No. 1.” They might as well have gone on Saturday Night Live and torn up a pic of the Pope.

7:35 PM — It’s a fairly straightforward difference, investing in education and infrastructure, or making sure no one ever pays a cent in taxes unless they go to Halliburton and KBR. Brown is going after personal attacks against Warren and whether or not she’s actually been a secret Plutocrat Lackey this whole time. She never responds; it’s beneath her, and she’s laid it all out already. Rather than looking evasive, though, she just looks like not taking the bait. The boos are landing on both sides now.

7:36 PM — HO SNAP, Brown tries to take credit for Dodd-Frank, and Warren’s all, hi, Boston Globe story that says you secretly worked to weaken it first. SERIOUSLY MODERATOR STOP WITH THE CLOCKINESS. “Senator, I owe you five seconds” IS A RIDICULOUS THING TO SAY.

7:41 PM — Scott Brown hasn’t mentioned his truck yet, has he, or marrying a Waltham girl? How are we supposed to get drunk?

7:43 PM — B. Barry Bamz needs to put Warren on his payroll as his debate coach. Girl is on fire — and yet “polite”! No charge goes unanswered (well except those ones we said before) and she lobs plenty of her own, none of which is pathetic and/or irrelevant.

7:44 PM — Scott Brown believes very much that women should get the same pay for the same work, unless it is through a law that says women must get the same pay for the same work. That said, the rest of his laundry list seems okay, woman-wise.

7:46 PM — Oh right, except for birth control, and health care, and Elena Kagan. See? Good debating, “Professor”!

7:48 PM — Scott Brown will not pit Catholics against their Church and their faith. Obviously! Tie goes to the Church and the faith instead of to the Catholics (all of whom love birth control like it is a bottle of rye)!

7:49 PM — Scott Brown is sticking with Elena Kagan — former Solicitor General of the United States — had no courtroom experience. Got it.

7:54 PM — Sorry, we sort of dozed off during this foreign policy/the US Military is the greatest in the history of the world part. That’s on us.

7:57 PM — Did they finally eject that booing lady? We haven’t heard her in at least 4 minutes? SADFACE.

7:59 PM — Scott Brown just called himself “challenged.” Oh, Scott.

8:00 PM — Elizabeth Warren going on about her grandchildren just makes us think of what a Sexy Grandma should be: that’s right, not this classy lady with her cool purple (?) suit and her pretty eyes and hair, but the incomparable governor grifter Sarah Palin. Now that’s a spicy meatball!

8:05 PM — Well, nobody fell in love tonight, unless it was you with the sexy librarian! Better luck next time, Scott Brown.

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  1. Callyson

    Christ, if he brings up the Native American non-issue yet again I will start hurling projectiles at the TV…

    1. snowpointsecret

      Well, to be fair, it's not like the presidential race is close there, so they need something to do. They don't get endless doses of Romney and Obama rallies like we do in Dayton. Or Ohio in general.

    2. ednamillion22

      No more debate-viewing for me — I'm a Bostonian but at this point in this exhausting race, I prefer a Wonkette filter on my debatez.

  2. MistaEko

    "All of our questions are taken from the public, and I'm very pleased about that."

    Question one, Penis penis penis … I hate this country.

  3. Callyson

    This is about jobs and the economy–the whole race is about that

    I'll settle for the fucking *debate* being about that, and not Brown's personal attacks…

    1. Dudleydidwrong

      You forgot the damage done by last year's strange tornado. Or, as they refer to it in West Springfield, urban renewal.

  4. Callyson

    Yes, Scottie, businesses are hurting…thanks to lack of demand, not regulation and taxes. And how can we stimulate demand? Oh yeah, by putting people back to work, instead of standing with the millionaires…


  5. Callyson

    Um. this health care question could have been better written–this moderator sounds like he is rambling…

    Oh, and those health care costs? Get rid of the insurance companies' overhead with single payer and watch them finally start to decline…

    1. Isyaignert

      People don't seem to understand the basic concept of: government provides services on a non-profit basis; ergo, if you privitize (profitize) a service, it's going to COST YOU MORE because you have to build in a profit, right?? Why is this hard?

  6. Incitefully_Joe

    That was a very detailed and very technical question about health care billing, Medic* fraud, transactional costs of modernization, and so forth.

    Watch now as Scott Brown fails to actually directly answer it!

  7. Callyson

    OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE that lie about "Medicare was cut for Obamacare" yet again.

    Come on Elizabeth–remind us all that Paul Ryan's plan has the same reduction in spending…

    1. Negropolis

      She's never been "way down in the polls" unless you consider low-to-mid single digits "way down" and has actually been ahead of most of the reputable ones.

      I don't think this is uncompetitive, but Elizabeth is in pretty good shape.

  8. Callyson

    Oh yeah, nice point about how that medical research is being done there in Mass. Top that one, Scottie…

  9. Serfville

    Condescending to "You Seniors, listen the F up with yer hearing aide belltone thingys". Is there no one this Neanderthal doesn't insult? Mittens BFF

  10. Callyson

    Oh yeah, there are tax *cuts* in Obamacare…I'd forgotten about that. Elizabeth is going strong so far…

    1. sullivanst

      Huge tax cuts, because the subsidies, both for individuals and small businesses, are structured as tax credits (advancable and refundable for individuals).

  11. Callyson

    If Scottie uses this college costs question as an excuse to call her "Professor" yet again, I hope she looks at him and gives him a big smile with eyes that could kill…

  12. Callyson

    Oh yeah, that business about the student interest rates rising to protect millionaires. God, she is on fire…

  13. Callyson

    "I just had my younger daughter graduate and I know what those costs are"

    My girls are available by the hour or the night…

    And sure enough with bashing Elizabeth for being an academic. Asshole.

  14. Mittens Howell, III

    I love how Scott Brown lists Elizabeth Warren's accomplishments as if they're insults.

    1. Serfville

      It's that anti intellectual BS, hence the truck references every 5 seconds. That's why porn boy refers to Liz as Professor ad nauseum. What do you think of the Professor Thurston?

  15. Callyson

    So much for that quiet audience…love how Elizabeth's cheers greatly drown out the occasional desperate boos…

  16. Callyson

    "We did it together"

    Asshole, your party only did so when it became clear that the GOP's opposition to keeping student interest rates from rising was a political loser…

  17. Callyson

    Scottie is going back to the student interest rate business. Clearly he knows he blew that question…

  18. Callyson

    "So, I think you were asking about what we're going to do for the younger kids"

    That's a polite way for Warren to say "Unlike my opponent, I will answer the question that was asked, not the one I wish you had asked."

  19. MistaEko

    Stuttering, looking down, mingling phrases, lame Reagan attempts…

    Scott Brown told WGBH that he was prepared for this debate, and as you can clearly see, he's not.

  20. Callyson

    Scottie is going on about how he has been trying to find ways to do it all. Notice that he gave zero examples of what exactly he is doing to accomplish this goal…

  21. Callyson

    Cut aggie subsidies–YES!

    But, those of you who can afford to do so–please donate! Because Big Ag will gun for her now…

  22. Callyson

    "I was 67% more effective at cutting the deficit"


    Here's hoping you are at least 50.1% effective in getting votes, sister!

  23. Veritas78

    Only a Republican asshole would attack a Democrat for earning an average Republican wage when she's at the absolute top of her profession.

  24. Callyson

    Oh FFS, Scottie–cutting the military =/= cutting veterans' benefits, it means cutting wasteful weapons programs that the military does not even want, and not getting into unnecessary wars…


          1. MittBorg

            Hello, sweetpea.

            Frankly, it goes like shit. I was almost well enough to be walking around yesterday, which I did, and threw my back out again. OTOH, I've read 30 books in the past couple of weeks, so time's not wasted. Now to find some fillums to watch.

            How goes it with you, sugar dumpling?

          2. starfanglednut

            Gah, sorry to hear about your back. Take it easy ok?30 Books?! Gurrl, you're a readin' machine!Do you haz teh netflix?I'm doing ok. Having a hard time with a bio class. Fucking goddam fruit fly genetics, how do they work? Still no honey to cuddle with. Sending some stuff out to literary magazines. That's about it.*kisses teh Z on the top of it's head.

          3. MittBorg

            No choice about that. I can't walk! Ha! I can't even get my poor behind out of this bed! FWIW, when you're lying in bed reading all day, you can pack away quite a few books. And a lot of them just had pretty pitchers. If they'd all been about fruit fly genetics, I'd probly still be reading next year.

            I wish I knew, sweetie. I only ever read snippets in Science News about fruit flies any more. I send good thoughts at all people in your vicinity to institute serious cuddlefests.

            What kind of stuff? Am I speaking to a Published Author?

            Thanks for the kiss. It'll keep me from being crabby for at least a day.

          4. sullivanst

            There there

            How goes it

            Hopefully a shitload better than it went for Snowden. Don't fucking do that to me again!

  25. Callyson

    YES! Elizabeth is going after the National Federation of Republican Businesses!

    And they call Ted Kennedy Public Enemy Number One? Bitches, please…

  26. JustPixelz

    Brown wants a balanced budget amendment. Congress could pass a balanced budget tomorrow by simple majority vote; not the 2/3'rds plus 75% of the states needed to amend the Constitution.

    1. sullivanst

      Could, of course, then repeal it also by simple majority.

      Which would be a vastly better idea than passing it in the first place, because the concept is entirely mindless jingoism and would be incredibly destructive in practice. Wasn't Scotty just whining about military cuts (and lying about them)? Does he seriously believe there's any conceivable way in which the military would go un-cut in the desperate slashing at everything that would be necessitated by a balanced budget amendment? Because there isn't.

  27. Callyson

    "middle class"

    I'll say this for the moderator–with the exception of the garbled question on health care, these questions are reasonably good. Hope the presidential debate moderators are learning something…

    ETA: But yeah, let's hope the Prez moderators keep better control of the audience…

  28. Serfville

    Child labor Nazis! Put those kids to work! Then increase the age of retirement! Rethug evil talking points! No, HERE YOU GO AGAIN!

  29. Callyson

    I love how Scottie has all of these personal attacks on Warren, but has zero examples of how he has helped the middle class…

    1. Isyaignert

      Just like Rmoney. Bitch, bitch, bitch about Obama, but not a word about what he'd do different except somehow "make it better." Trust me. No, really. Trust me.

      1. sullivanst

        Almost all of the Romney proposals that could on any planet be described as "specific" (you have to be very generous but sometimes it's possible to get there) are things that Obama is already doing or has done.

        Some Romney's campaign all comes down to two things: first, trust him, and second, he's so much more inherently awesome than the black guy that he can do the same thing and get better results.

        In other words, he's building his campaign on a pile of trash in the clouds.

  30. Callyson

    The middle class invests in the future

    Nice, Elizabeth, nice…glad I sent you some bucks last month. More will be on the way once I finish the contribution budget for this election…

  31. Incitefully_Joe

    Also, listening to Krugman's new book on audiobook, it's suddenliny sort of hilariously, hideously hypocritical for Scott Brown to attack Warren for working for Traveler's Insurance, given that he's the darling of Traveler's Group and Citibank's love-baby, Citigroup.

  32. Callyson

    Regulations to make sure people don't get cheated

    Dear GOD, please please please send this woman to the Senate!

  33. Callyson

    Mortgage deduction…come on Elizabeth, point out that Mittens' plan will probably require doing so or increasing the deficit…

  34. Callyson

    Scottie is sucking up to Grover, is he?

    Oh yeah–Buffet rule again! And oil subsidies!

    Is it me, or is Elizabeth seriously kicking ass? I think she has become a stand up debater, and is much better than she was in the first debate. Gives me hope for Obama…

    1. Serfville

      I second that, she's destroying him Oh for craps sake, ANOTHER truck reference! Then sell yer damn gas guzzling truck.

  35. Callyson

    Scottie is trying to say we need to keep handouts for the oil companies or they will overcharge us even more. Yeah, ask us Golden State residents how well coddling the oil companies has worked out…

    1. sullivanst

      Handouts to oil companies lower gas prices, but handouts to colleges increase tuition. Republican consistency.

    2. glasspusher

      Not so well! I just set a personal record for what I paid to fill my tank! $4.71 a gallon. I'm starting to see over five bucks a gallon some places for the first time!

        1. glasspusher

          Hah! It was hardly a complaint. I'd be happy to see 10 bucks a gallon, to get people to change their habits. I have several bikes, and everyone in my family takes BART at least some of the time. I'm thinking of motorizing a bike of mine or two as well.

  36. Callyson

    GOOD on how Scottie will let taxes rise for 98% because of the millionaires…

    And no, Scottie, they are not the job creators–that title goes to working and middle class families…


  37. snowpointsecret

    I almost feel bad for Scott Brown. All these facts getting thrown at him must be really confusing. … Almost.

  38. Callyson

    Oh God, Scottie's response to the women's rights question is to go on about his family. Patronizing much? I don't give a shit about your family, Brown…

    Plus, shut the fuck up about domestic violence when your party did not want to vote to continue VAWA…


  39. Callyson

    LOVE how Elizabeth is able to point to Scottie's actual *votes* as opposed to Scottie's "everyone knows I support women's rights" feel good pap of a response…

    1. sullivanst

      Todd Akin has a mother, a wife, and two (maybe three?) daughters. Tells you how much you can read into that.

  40. Callyson

    We should not be fighting about equal pay for equal work and birth control…these issues were settled long ago until the Republicans brought them back


  41. Callyson

    At least *this* moderator is being careful to give them equal time. That fucker David Gregory could learn a thing or ten from this guy…

  42. Callyson

    OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE…a person who looks at equal pay and sees a gift for trial lawyers has no business going on about how he's so strong on women's rights…

  43. iburl

    FYI, I don't want to hear any more shit about the way Texas votes as long as "liberal" Massachusetts still has this naked dildo Brown in office.

    1. Serfville

      I think Prez knew that was coming out about benghazi, as in today, I think that's why he was distracted in the debate. I hope there aren't more bombshells coming out about benghazi, Faux news is hammering Prez with it. But Americans really don't vote on foreign policy. I hope Prez raises his game, way way up. I was shocked on how his performance affected the polls.

      1. Radiotherapy

        What pisses me off is the fickleness of the electorate. To think that 1.5 hours of used car salesmanship and flat out lies and denials can swing these people is pretty bad. (Dusts off passport.)

        1. fuflans

          that's all i've been saying since last week. after the non stop walking disaster of romney's campaign? and a boring president can move the needle that much?



          1. Negropolis

            I hate to say it, but I think it's just plain, subtle racism, maybe racism that it's hlderss don't even realize they have. Seems to me that quite a few of Obama's so-called supporters were looking for ANY excuse to bolt from him. Had any other president turned in a bad debate, it'd be put in some kind of context. But, no, for Obama it's literally the end of the world because…shut up, that's why. Honestly, there is no other explanation. He had an undeniably bad debate, but not so bad that it should have been a game-changer.

          2. MittBorg

            I still don't see what was "BAD" about it. He didn't come out swinging and he didn't flatten Romney. But he's always been a cautious player who doesn't like to show his hand first. He looked a little tired and stressed. Well, yeah, he has an important job. What the fuck was BAD about his end of the debate? Romney's end was an unbelievable LIEFEST, but that's OK?

          3. sullivanst

            Oh you sweet innocent thing, you, thinking Presidential debates are about content and substance and not merely who looks and sounds more "Presidential" (whatever that's supposed to mean).

            What was "BAD" about it was "He looked a little tired and stressed." That's the only measure most voters use, and therefore the only measure the media are interested in.

            Meanwhile, Romney looked and sounded confident telling his 27 lies (by ThinkProgress' count), and therefore his performance was "good".

          4. MittBorg

            Sully, my love, I blame the drugs. I'm awake now, and somewhat more sober, having read various news sites. Appalling. This race should not be close, and the apparent swing in the women's vote is simply insane. As soon as I can walk again, I'm bringing some wine up to the bedroom to watch the next debates through the bottom of a glass.

          5. Negropolis

            Meanwhile, Romney looked and sounded confident telling his 27 lies (by ThinkProgress' count), and therefore his performance was "good".

            This. If these things were about facts and truth We'd have had so many different presidents than we've had it wouldn't even be funny.

            These things are all about style, that's it.

        2. RavenRant

          Used car salesman is exactly right. I had forgotten all about the old Joe Isuzu commercials until barrage of lies dredged them back up from dormant memory banks.

  44. Callyson

    FFS, again with conflating cutting the military budget with cutting veterans' benefits. Come on Elizabeth, you need to call this asshole out yet again…

  45. Callyson

    And excuse me Scottie, but just how would Senator Warren threaten the security of the State of Israel?

    I think he must have watched Mittens and decided that if telling a pack of lies worked for him, it would work tonight as well. Thank God Elizabeth is not having it…

  46. snowpointsecret

    The most surprisingly depressing part about this debate is that I keep reminding myself that the average of the Republican party is probably worse than Brown, and yet he still sounds this bad.

  47. ednamillion22

    My Very Catholic Mother is a Warrenista…so much for pitting Catholics against their faith (or whatever).

  48. Callyson

    Scottie is going on about how he has been working to protect the military, and his example involves going to meetings and talking to people. Yeah, that's a big help…

  49. Callyson

    Investments that we need in the future

    LOVE how much more specific Elizabeth's answers have been. I hope Mass voters take note of this…

  50. Callyson

    Other than being a father and husband, being Senator is the greatest honor Scottie ever had? Didn't he just dis his military service with that comment?

  51. Callyson

    Oh FFS, Scottie is going on about how often he votes with the Dems.

    Yeah, that figure was much smaller before Elizabeth got into the race, asshole…

  52. Callyson

    OK, I've got to dash out to class (on Financial Statements Analysis, or How To Keep Corporations From Lying Their Asses Off, and Elizabeth has inspired me to learn everything I can on the topic) but I'll check in on everyone's comments later. Happy snarking!

    Aw crap, I have to miss the AZ Senate debate. Go Carmona!

    1. natl_[redacted]_cmdr

      "Aw crap, I have to miss the AZ Senate debate."

      Today we have read something that has never been written before and never will be written again.

    2. Jukesgrrl

      AZ's not really a debate. It's all the candidates sitting at a table taking individual questions from the local PBS station. The only thing Pussy Flake would agree to.

    1. Negropolis

      I wish Carmona could say what he actually feels, but we are talking about an Arizona electorate, after all. If he wins, though, it'll be HUGE.

  53. C_R_Eature

    Oh, so this is where everyone is. Did I miss the "Hey, everyone, the Liveblog is starting up top" post?

        1. MittBorg

          Will it get me to the party on time, sweetie?

          I could use a little oil for my rusted old joints, ha ha har. Er … joints, you know … hash oil … no?

          Never mind.

  54. BaldarTFlagass

    Well, I mowed the lawn and came on in to watch and it's a bunch of goddam Arizona guys. Fuck it, Iron Sky/Moon Nazis came in the mail from Netflix today, reckon I'll watch that.

  55. Veritas78

    So are we too drunk to blog the Veep debate?

    Perhaps we are too smashed to read a goddamn TV schedule. "Tomorrow?" I stocked up for a doubleheader tonight! Now what am I gonna do with these drunken dwarves and all this blow? Damn! Victimized, again.

      1. MittBorg

        Honestly. If there's ONE thing we've all learned, and learned well, it's NOT to ask questions when anyone has a surfeit of drunken dwarves and blow. (rolls up twenty-dollar bill, gets in line)

    1. Callyson

      No, Elizabeth did well enough tonight that I did not have to get *that* drunk, so I'm in it if Wonkette is on it…

      1. mille derps

        He probably meant to say 'bicurious'.

        How are you doing? I hope you're a little more mobile these days?

        1. MittBorg


          I'm alive, but extremely resentful. I was feeling all sprightly and healed yesterday, which caused a burst of regrettable athleticism. I am now waiting for the resulting muscle pull to heal. Again.

          1. mille derps

            In my world, "regrettable athleticism" is redundant. I hope you're soon re-healed & once you're feeling sprightly again, take it a little easier.

            It's finally cooled off a bit here, so I've been a bit sprightly also. Trying to cut back some of the vines trying to take over the back yard (it's been so hot & buggy, they've had most of the summer to stage their attack without opposition, & I am SO outnumbered).

          2. MittBorg

            Old age is an unbecoming stage of life. I resent the fact that I can't bend far enough to pick a fallen tomato off the deck. The squirrels will have it for lunch, no doubt.

            And I'm trying to coax a final six apple-scented crunchy crispy-sweet cucumbers off a tired old vine. Black tomatoes that fill the palm of my hand, ruby fruit, heavy, sweet, intoxicatingly complex and robust in flavour, pre-salted, almost, some a purple rose, others a deep orangey red, and tiny, thin beans of a perfect fuzzy green to eat with them. I had no idea tomatoes could taste sweeter and richer than plums. Or that home grown chard was so flavourful.

            Is there no strapping young lad you can recruit into these endeavours, my dear? Vine-resistance is not for the weak of will. I may soon have to, heh, farm out the weeding of my little piece of heaven.

          3. mille derps

            Vines are lovely things & the birds love 'em, but we have waaay too much Japanese honeysuckle, Chinese wisteria & greenbrier. The greenbrier is a native & I wouldn't mind it too much, except that it has thorns that keep me from getting to the honeysuckle & wisteria invasives…

            But I'm really just putting up a token opposition- I know that I don't really stand a chance of eradicating this stuff.

  56. James Michael Curley

    Rebecca I love you! You can sing Pirate Jenny to me all night long. Just smoke a lot of cigs and wear your best Rosa Klebb shoes – you know the ones with the spiked spikes. It would be my Happy End(ing)

      1. sullivanst

        I donated to all of those except Sherrod, who's awesome of course, but appeared at the time to have his race well under control (I see the polls have tightened since), so he narrowly lost out to Mazie Hirono when I made the final cut.

        1. mille derps

          I donated to 5 of these candidates (I also looked for the ones who seemed to be in tight races), & also to the woman running to be my Congressperson. A very long shot, but stranger things may have happened…

  57. James Michael Curley

    Oh, and "Whiskey Bar" was music by Kurt Weill putting it to the words of a Bertolt Brecht scrap of text left over from The Good Soldier Sweicht. It became one of the original, pivotal songs in Mahagonny. (Autocorrect sucks)

    Sorry, I'll go back into my nerd cell.

      1. James Michael Curley

        I hate German. However "Alabama Song" is the actual title of the piece in the show "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" and is set in an "American Desert" but by the plot is Alaska. The ambiguity comes from the oft repeated line "Show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar." The song is correctly performed in English even when the show is performed in the original German which explains some of the idiosyncratic lyrics. I would guess that the version by The Doors from the 60's which is on their album titled as "Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)" helped create the ambiguity. I don't know the recording you list and will see if I can find it or preview it. It is hard to get some of the songs listed. The Doors version has merit if only because of the instrumentation. Brecht and Weill in those days were very into American Jazz and Rag Time often specifying things like an upright piano instead of any other.

          1. James Michael Curley

            Thanks. I often choose some of the selections from my town’s music library picks based on compiling different versions of songs I like. One of the great deficiencies of the killing of the original Napster was the ability to hear music which is only a few recording from becoming extinct.

          2. mille derps

            I have a copy of the CD- if you'd like to hear any of the songs, let me know- I'm sure we can figure something out.

  58. MadBrahms

    Editrix , you won twice. Alabama Song (a.k.a. "Whisky Bar") is from Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagony, an opera composed by Weill using a libretto by Brecht. Surabaiya Johnny is likewise from a Weill / Brecht collaboration, Happy End, though he didn't write the lyrics.

    I knew my 2 years in music school would serve me eventually. Now back to our post-fact debate programming.

    1. La_Cieca

      The "Alabama Song" from the Weill-Brecht Mahagonny, as performed at the Metropolitan Opera in December, 1979.

      The English lyrics are the original even though the rest of the opera is in German. The number is a pastiche of an American pop song, the sort of thing Brecht imagined a gang of prostitutes might sing to pass the time while hitchhiking through Florida.

  59. glasspusher

    goddamn right!

    "The hotels all have room service, and the women all have long legs and brains"

    1. BoroPrimorac

      The Seal's friend said Romney met him once and twenty minutes later introduced himself again as if he had never met him. Watching him get all sentimental over this guy's story is truly fucking sick.

      1. fuflans

        i heard romney spouting this crap this morning – seriously grossed me out.

        and by this afternoon all the majors were covering the mom. now bbc has mom.

        this guy is SUCH a tool.

        1. BoroPrimorac

          I hope they have the Seal's friend all over the morning shows telling the story about Mitt not even remembering his face.

    2. cousinitt

      Rachel was all over that tonight. LIke Boro, I actually watched a grown man callously go for the sentimental jugular of his jug-headed postmodern klansmen. Mitt had no compulsion to use the freaking LIFE of a hero and dead man to advance his own miserable, craven political career.

      I so want there to be an afterlife for Mitt. His friends might think it compassionate to baptize the non-Mormon dead; I find it the height of modern vampirism. I would like Mitt to spend eternity with the souls of all the people he has baptized to see how they liked having their soul hijacked by a spiritual vampire terrorist.

  60. fuflans

    as you all know i am a lily livered miss who freaks right the fuck out when obama wears the wrong color tie (which he never really does). this week has been hell. then i read Hendrik Hertzberg's crushing analysis of the debates and want to slit my wrists.

    However, he does provide a spot-on assessment of romney which isn't necessarily any comfort:

    "All the evidence indicates that Romney has no “core beliefs” beyond a gauzy assumption that the business of America is business and an unshakable, utterly sincere conviction that he, Mitt Romney, ought to be President, deserves to be President, and, for the sake of the country, must be President."

  61. Negropolis

    Meh. Until Warren pulls away I'm going to toss this race into the toss-up category and relegate it to an election day freak-out. I can't expend anymore energy on closes races that shouldn't be close. If Liz can't figure out how to crack this nut, I'm not sure what to say. Et tu, Massachusetts? You lose Kennedy, so then you lose your fucking mind? Seriously?

    Fear not, my snark will kick into full gear tomorrow night for the vice presidential debate. I mean, much like bacon, everything is better with Biden.

      1. Negropolis

        Yeah, like any thoughtful lib, I've been in a snit, this week and last, but I can't keep on with the concern trolling when I realize that conservatives praise their candidates no matter how shitty they do. We can't let them when the enthusiasm game. If we have to drag Obama's lifeless campaign across the finish line because he can't do it under his own volition, so be it, and I'll smile while I do it. But, I have a feeling things are going to be different, next week.

          1. BoroPrimorac

            I don't think it can get any worse than last week. Thankfully, Mitt has been so busy flapping his gums that his base is starting to get itchy.

          2. sullivanst

            His new strategy is to tell the base to fuck themselves, and hope that they assume he's lying now but was telling the truth in the primaries, while at the same time hoping the "moderates" assume he was lying in the primaries and telling the truth now.

            Anyone who would knowingly vote for a liar should probably spend all election day fucking themselves and NOT VOTE.

    1. sullivanst

      Yeah, what are the odds that somewhere down the line we'll discover that "his wife" owns the phonesex line?

      Because Gov. Scott's already forgotten more about grifting than the entire Palin clan will ever know.

  62. Negropolis

    OT: Ruh-roh. Looks like Walmarts workers may finally be ready to play hardball with their multi-national:

    The latest news in the Walmart labor protests — which have included walkouts and marches in Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Los Angeles — is the threat of a strike on Black Friday. That's the day after Thanksgiving, widely considered the busiest, and most lucrative, retail day of the year.

    Some 200 angry protesters showed up at a meeting of investors and analysts earlier today at Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. Under discussion at the meeting was Walmart's intent to go head-to-head with Amazon and offer same-day delivery.

    Walmart is the world's largest private employer and has long been a target of workers' rights groups, who advocate higher wages, more flexibility in hours and an end to the punishments (reduced shifts, for instance) they claim are meted out to workers seeking to unionize.

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