Attorney For Pat Robertson’s Anti-Gay Legal Outfit Fired For Alleged Wide Stance With (Possibly) Under-Age Boys

Oh look, a poorly produced video about some guy named “Jim,” a.k.a “our bitch who got us drunk.” (No, not Jim Newell, although we will make him our bitch and let him get us drunk if he asks nicely.) This video is about Jim Henderson, formerly a senior attorney at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who was fired by Pat Robertson’s outfit last week for “maybe” being gay.

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), founded by anti-gay televangelist Pat Robertson and led by Jay Sekulow, confirmed in a statement provided to Metro Weekly that James Henderson, a senior counsel with the group who focused on federal civil rights and constitutional law, had been fired from the group Sept. 25, one day after a report surfaced on a blog that he may be gay.


ACLJ’s confirmation comes after two blogs — Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman — published troves of information about Henderson and his relationship with two younger men. Henderson is married and has eight children.

According to the two bloggers, Henderson used a Facebook account to communicate with the two men. Conversations obtained and published by the two websites indicate that Henderson may have provided the younger men, who appear to be possibly younger than 21, with alcohol and marijuana. The Facebook account cited by the bloggers has since been deleted.

Don’t be sad that the account has been deleted because LUCKILY the Patriot-Ombudsman has screen caps of their conversations with a well-wisher who came forward to object to the coverage of Henderson. (This person is NOT AT ALL Jim Henderson himself, carefully misspelling things, of course.) Turns out, Henderson was a lonely old man! Who WOULDN’T be lonely with a wife, eight kids, and a career? And the 17-year-old took advantage of this vulnerability:

And just in case this isn’t enough to convince everyone, someone went and made a movie about the chat conversations between the “arch-conservative” attorney and his 17 year old (alleged) lover. Yes, it is a movie that is primarily about chat transcripts. But! It includes helpful tips about Facebook chat etiquette and an unexpected soundtrack, so we give it three stars.

[Metro Weekly] [Patriot-Ombudsman]

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    1. mrblifil

      That's no testament to virility. If I hadn't been sufficiently circumspect in my twenties I would have a brood that rivaled the combined output of Bach and Benjamin Franklin.

      Also too if a ladyparts person of a certain age tries to conceive shortly after giving birth her chances are really good of getting knocked up again, but pronto. So I'm similarly unimpressed with the efforts of Mrs. Cockgoblin.

  1. BaldarTFlagass

    I'm at work and don't dare watch that video. Is there nothing at all about snorting meth out of Zach's or Jules' asscrack?

    You know it's gonna be a good day at Wonkette when the first post contains the words "receiving anal sex."

  2. Chet Kincaid_

    The background music from the old "Johnny Quest" cartoon is a nice touch, sense it was a show about two unmarried, adventurous men who spent all their time hanging out with young boys.

  3. BaldarTFlagass

    I don't know, seems to me that any guy that fathers eight children isn't completely gay. Maybe they should give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. FNMA

    I'm trying to work up some snark about this , but the only thing I can think of this morning is Raul Fucking Ibanez.

    1. actor212

      This should help:

      Rooting for the Yankees to win another championship is like rooting for Mitt Romney to close another factory and outsource jobs.

      And not surprisingly, there's a large overlap between those sets.

        1. actor212

          As a New Yorker, I'd want to root for the Yankees, but that would make me the lowest of creatures, a Yankees fan. As a liberal and an egalitarian (when I pitch, I try to get ground balls…as that great philosopher Crash Davis instructs, it's good for democracy) I am a proud Mets fan.

    2. LibertyLover

      Blame the coach… If he'd have left A-Rod in the game, the Yanks would have lost for sure. A-Rod has only had one good post season in all the time he's been in baseball.

  5. Mumbletypeg

    who was fired by Pat Robertson’s outfit last week for “maybe” being gay

    To "maybe" be or not to maybe be gay.
    That is the questio…nable way of sizing up someone's sexual orientation for target practice.

    1. Tommmcatt_Again

      Jim Newell is the official Wonkette catamite. He claims I cyber-stalk him but you have to read between the lines on those court orders.

      Jim, call me!

  6. Goonemeritus

    “Jim Henderson, formerly a senior attorney at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who was fired by Pat Robertson’s outfit last week for “maybe” being gay.”

    Do you think he will be filing a lawsuit for this obvious case of sexual bias in the workplace?

    1. BlueMonkeh

      The liberal part of me says I hope this hypocrite sues the ever-living shit out of this horrible consortium. But then the other liberal part of me says "serves that fucker right for being a closet gay and working for this horrible consortium!"

  7. Chichikovovich

    Sorry, gang, but I'm afraid that this video is obviously worthless and untrustworthy, since it describes Regent School of Law as "prestigious".

    Frankly that calls into question everything else it contains.

    (And they forget the quotation marks in the school's name, which is Regent "School" of "Law" .)

  8. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    This makes me miss the good old days of Larry Craig and whats his name with the pages. Why can't I remember his name? They don't make gay hypocrites like they used to.

  9. sbj1964

    Noah fresh off the boat plants a vineyard then gets drunk; his son Ham ass rapes him then Noah condemns his grandson Canaan to slavery."Noah knew what Ham had done unto him"?Nothing new here.Typical fundie Butsecs.Pat is just keeping a tradition alive.Christians have been fucking young boys since Jesus was caught with a young naked boy Mark 14:51.Late at night in a garden?Wow! Why would they leave that in the book/Bible?

    1. HarryButtle

      Funny…it's the only thing that keeps me from raping and killing!

      (well not so much the rapey part, but it most certainly has saved the lives of the many fucktards who have crossed my path)

  10. starfanglednut

    Completely OT:

    Every time I come to my wonkette, I keep getting a pop up that says:

    "adobe flash payer has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer or network:


    is trying to communicate with this internet-enabled location: "

    Any of our resident computer geniuses know what this is and how I can get rid of it? It's driving me mental(er).

    1. glasspusher

      Get rid of Flash. It's a POS on the Mac. You won't miss it. Download and use Chrome for the few times you need it. You won't miss the flashing Flash based ads, either.

    2. sudsmckenzie

      If it makes you feel better, I've had weird crashes here lately on my PC. I actually tracked it down to total whoring out to advertisers, not that there's anything wrong with that, with votes (just fucked up cookies and add ons).

  11. Studebaker Hawk

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? He may not be homosexual at all. He could just be a pedophile.

    1. Tundra Grifter


      THANK YOU! Not to be too serious here, but there is all the difference in the world between being gay and being a child molester. Or a statutory rapist.

        1. Tundra Grifter


          I'm saying sick fucks who want to have sex with children are sick fucks who want to have sex with children. It doesn't make any difference if the rapist is a man or a woman, or if the victims are boys or girls.

          It's either child molestation or statutory rape. It isn't homosexual or heterosexual. It's a crime.

          Calling such criminals "gay" is just another slur we don't need in 2012. Or 1912. Or 1812…

  12. BaldarTFlagass

    Semi-related to the topic: Do you think the "starburst" pattern of our sphincters is unique, like snowflakes and fingerprints? There's a master's thesis in there somewhere, but I don't think I'd want to do the field research.

    1. MacRaith

      There appear to be plenty of conservative anti-gay lawyers and politicians who would be more than willing to do the research for you. Some of them already have years of data.

    2. AbandonHope_

      Sure, you start postulating theories like this, and pretty soon we all have to drop our pants at the airport for the anal security scan.

      What I'm saying here is to back away, slowly, and forget this topic ever existed.

  13. Roy Hobbson

    Pat Robertson's wicked & depraved ACLJ will now get evaporated with a fire tornado or some such wrath of God, right? Pat?? Isn't that how this works?

  14. BadKitty904

    I will never, for the life o' me, get the whole "boy-boinking" thing. Doing homework is not my idea of a hot date and I have no idea what wine goes with peanut-butter.
    Give me a MANLY man, every time…

  15. cassamandra

    Hm. Not sure. Anybody who calls that heap of junk "a prestigious university" can clearly not be trusted.

  16. Weenus299

    Isn't today National Maybe-Coming-Out Day? National Coming Out Almost Day? National Should-Come-Out-Because-Everybody-Else-Is-Thinking-You-Are Day?

  17. harriedhubby

    As the person who created the poorly-produced video, I thank Wonkette for running it and invite your readers to another, more complete, and even (if possible) MORE poorly produced video on the same subject.

    Thank you for your love.

    I am also raising money to find a male prostitute who will out James J. Fischer of the American Family Association. If you can contribute to the fund…

    1. BadKitty904

      Either way, given Dad's alleged "hobby," the local Children's Services agency may want to have a little chat with them…

  18. HempDogbane

    I won't rest until the "maybe gay" citizen can live freely, pursuing happiness with their wife and maybe 8 children.

  19. harriedhubby

    BTW: I know that people dial up the Wonkette on the Computerola to get educated. So here's some bona fide edumakayshun.

    I don't think Henderson's gay. As I worked on this story, I learned about a condition known as "epehebophilia." We all have it to a degree — the attraction to young adolescents. But there are men who are clearly heterosexual who find themselves attracted to the feminine characteristics of young, gay men who adopt a feminine appearance. This is entrenched in culture, both ancient and contemporary.

    Who hasn't seen Elmer Fudd get a boner when Buggs Bunny puts on a dress and makeup?

    That being said, a 53-year old man buying pot for anyone (although a nice gesture) is always illegal. A 53-year old man buying booze for people under the age of 21 is always illegal. A 53-year old man hanging out with 18-year old boys is kinda creepy (unless you're a coach of some sort). And a 53-year old with a wife and 8 kids man paying boys between the age of 18-and 20 to play "hide your salami" is adultery and creepy, but not illegal (well, in Virginia it is, but generally in civilized society…)

    But a 53-year old man paying a 17-year old to fill his tender cakey outside with a creamy gooey inside? That's agin' the law, scooter! Age of consent is 18 in the Dominion.

    But thank you again, Wonkette, for being the first non-LGBTQ website (other than mine and Exposed Politics) to run this story. You are all invited to join me at http://patriot-ombudsman where I will be serving cake and punch.

    1. Chet Kincaid_

      That "epehebophilia" sounds like some horseshit dreamed up to save gay face and cover for the fact that it's easier to seduce a boy than a grown man, but I could be wrong.

      1. harriedhubby

        It can be same sex, as in this case, or hetero, like in "American Beauty." But in this case, the only two lads I am aware of seem to have been young amateur male hookers who hooked up with Henderson on the net and because they were nearby, got to play "hide the kielbasa" with him for booze, pot, and valuable cash prizes. I know he also had online relationships with youngish lads. And if other local laddies would like to come forward and be counted, we will be happy to talk to them.

        In fact, anyone who has ANY information about this story should write to me at bill (at) patriot-ombudsman (dot) com.

  20. Francis Urquhart

    The pedarests always appear at the most inconvenient times. They really must be more discreet.

  21. ElPinche

    Smells like Cocktober is here!
    Not just any ordinary Cocktober. This is shit-on-the-dick-tip Cocktober.

  22. docterry6973

    "…although we will make him our bitch and let him get us drunk if he asks nicely."

    Uh, pretty please with sugar on top?

  23. SoBeach

    I had a nasty trojan last month that had similar behavior. I agree some scanning should be done. I finally got rid of mine with the free Avast software.

  24. AbandonHope_

    Oh yeah, Avast is pretty nice too, provided you turn off the loud, weirdly accented announcement saying "VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED". Or have they gotten rid of that? I don't actually use anti-virus software, I just run anti-spyware apps occasionally. "Viruses" in the traditional sense are nearly extinct these days compared to trojans, hijackers, et cetera; all the criminals switched when they found it was far easier to just have humans spread the malware for them, instead of trying to have the program do it automatically.

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