mount cushmoreIn a CLEARLY partisan move, a federal court is going to review “evidence” and “science” and listen to a bunch of “doctors” so they can decide once and for all if the American people should be free to get highhhhhhh.

For the first time in 20 years, a federal court will review scientific evidence on the therapeutic value of marijuana, as a legal challenge by a group of doctors, medical professionals and patients makes its way to the U.S. court of appeals in Washington, D.C., next week.

Americans for Safe Access is hoping the challenge will change the government’s classification of marijuana from a dangerous drug with no medical benefits, the Guardian reported.

Sidenote: there is no word yet on what Arizona GOP Congressman Trent Franks has to say about this, and as we all learned this summer, the policies of the entire country (and ESPECIALLY DC) are subject to his approval. In the meantime, we will go see a doctor about our migraines, while your Editrix informs us she will continue to smoke her legal marijuana until the dastardly Nobama administration shutters every pot shop in L.A., because you gotta have a war on something.


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