Well, somebody is on the R-train all right! Via our favorite Bogg, T, we have this fabulous old man singing about Barack Obama being the first gay president. (NOBODY TELL HIM ABOUT LINCOLN PLEASE, OR THE OTHER ONE, THE BACHELOR.) Anyway, this should be all the proof you need that the mysterious “Robyns” and “Hazels” who told WND that Barry Obama is a supergeigh were not just pulling things out of their definitely existing asses.

We feel like we have written about William Tapley before besides this one post, but if we did, we don’t seem to have bothered to type in his name. Ah, here is Newell, waxing poetic! At any rate, Mr. Tapley is a national treasure and we love him very much and if more people made videos of themselves standing in a forest screensaver and playing awesome synth and making up lyrics about the president getting blowjobs, this country would be even greater than it has always not ever not been!

Get on the R Train everybody, so you can defunk defund defunk Amtrak! (Also “the arts,” or whatever those pinko commie fag Andres Serranos want to call it, because it is 2012 so of course “Piss Christ” is still a thing.)

[Youtube, via TBogg]

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