Let the eagle soarSet the recorders on your infernal machines, America! Egg Romney is trying to seduce you! On Oct. 10, which is next Wednesday, she will show us all the charm and grace she has heretofore mislaid somehow (it was terribly careless of her, we’re sure) and we will all finally realize that a Lady such as she could not but be married to a very fine fellow!

While Egg is guest-hosting for an ill Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, which of the many Eggs will ooze forth? The one who calls us “you people” or the one who tells us to “stop it!” No, we are sure she will be on her most ingratiating behavior and will not act the haughty miss to whom we’ve become so accustomed. Except if that rascally Greek fellow brings up Michelle Obama. She never has shit to say nice about That One.


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