inpeachRupert Murdoch’s New York Post has done some heavy digging, you guys, and it has discovered that the President of the United States of America sometimes go to the biggest city in the nation! Like, he was there just last week, “talking” at “the United Nations” as if that is somehow an important thing that the “president” is supposed to do. Did you know that it costs money for the city to host him? And New Yorkers are stuck picking up the bill (the Post says $2 million so far) when the Prez wants to fly his big fancy plane into JFK? What a dick!

We remember that it was a thing for quite a while, on the nut blogs, about Queen Moochelle NOBamA!1! being so uppity as to go on a lot of trips with her girls, traveling to stupid foreign countries — unlike Egg Romney, who noted “we have our own places for that,” and that “Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren.”

But we didn’t realize traveling around the country of which he is president is something the president is not supposed to do.

HAHA jk jk, of course we did.


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