better luck in Voter ID IIHey, remember that guy who bragged that the state of Pennsylvania would go for Miffed Romney — despite an unprecedented 142 percent polling gap — because they had implemented voter ID? It’s done, he said, and in tones similar to the whole Diebold “we are committed to delivering the state of Ohio for George W. Bush” claimed that voter ID had just gifted Romney the commonwealth. Well, sadly, yes it is done. Because now a judge has made some ruling or other (Atrios calls it a “clusterfuck,” but Atrios is very gloomy these days) saying, yeah, poll workers can still ask for ID, and then you say “I ain’t got one” and then they give you a ballot and then you vote! So what is the purpose of the poll workers asking in the first place? Well, you know, like, Solomon or something. Everyone loves half a baby! Still, this is a very, very good outcome for the almost 800,000 Pennsylvanians who were not going to be able to cast a vote because James O’Keefe once claimed to be dead.

So now olds and youngs and poors what got no cars do not have to show up to the understaffed DMV and show the birth certificate and the marriage certificate and the name-change order from when they got their sex change and also four other forms of photo ID all notarized and with the raised seal (AND DON’T FORGET THE LONG-FORM!), in order to get their state-approved papers to exercise their constitutional right of suffrage.

That judge is a communist.

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