Live by the gun room, die by the gun roomWe hope you are okay, Amy Wood, wife of Idaho Rep. Fred Wood, since you sustained second-degree burns on your face and hands after your gun room esploded, causing the back patio slab to collapse into the room below.

Why do people in Idaho need whole gun rooms? Probably zombies. (By which, everyone knows, we mean “black people.”)

Here is a weird thing, though. It is Idaho and Fred Wood is a Republican, so we went to his VoteSmart page looking for lots of idiotic votes … but he voted against Idaho bills to prohibit Obamacare? And he voted against allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions? And he voted against urging Congress to repeal contraception coverage? But then he voted to urge Congress to pass a Rights of Conscience Act? Which is like the opposite? Either VoteSmart’s database is alllll kinds of fucked up, or Fred Wood is one of those almost extinct creatures: a Republican who sometimes is sensible but then often also is not? (That part is not so almost-extinct.)

Also, Fred Wood seems to always vote against cutting taxes. How he is still in office (IN IDAHO) is beyond us, but maybe it’s that Second Amendment/Real Murkin cred you get from having a gun room (explode).


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