So Nancy Pelosi is a Satanic goat-murderer, obviously, and her opponent John Dennis is “not a sacrificial lamb.” Get it??? (It’s because Pelosi’s San Francisco district is about 147 percent “Not Republican.”)

So wily John Dennis delivers a nice jab from the left about how John Dennis would not have voted for indefinite detentions unlike some bloodthirsty warmongers we know! Now all the Occupy people and PETA people can make common cause against the Democrats who are just as bad as Republicans. (NADER 4EVA!) Also there are zombies, and John Dennis talks sense into them, but to us the zombies are way less rad than the Rosemary’s Baby witch coven.

Fuck Herman Cain. Fuck the Demon Sheep. Fuck the daisy ad. This commercial is a goddamn masterpiece.


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