Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has a second ad out accusing Elizabeth Warren of being totally Indian or something — we can’t remember quite what the accusation is since we’re still a little gobsmacked that in The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve, someone in the US of A is specifically running a campaign based on someone’s skin color with his own mouth instead of, like, Teabagger signs and anonymous robocalls. There must be some kind of polling showing that this attack is working, right? Somewhere? Because otherwise, continuing to beat the issue when the only person it’s hurting is you … well, that would be something Scott Brown would do probably! (WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS HE IS NOT VERY BRIGHT.)

Anyway, Scott Brown found like five people to say they are mad at Elizabeth Warren for being a total lying liar who got “caught.” (She did not get caught.) (Only Scott Brown’s staffers “got caught.”) And we are pretty sure without any evidence whatsoever that all those people are Scott Brown staffers, especially that second guy; he probably runs the superPAC and is secretly banging Scott Brown’s wife.

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