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Wingnuts Furious Media Ignored Huge Crowds at Romney Rallies That Are Actually Obama Rallies

twatsMatt Barber is an asshole, that is not “news.” He tweeted the above famous photo of a Portland rally (which at the time, we recall, some Foxers claimed the huge crowds had turned out not for Obama but for The Decemberists) and was quite miffed that the media is ignoring these huge, er, Romney rallies? The good folks at Good As You noted this, and Barber was forced most unwillingly to change his complaint from “media ignoring giant Romney rallies” to “now Obama’s rallies are so small!” But Barber seems to have gotten his ridiculously bad information from the crazy person after the jump.

“Maggie” is a poll truther.

Can’t read the crazy?

Obama Packed 18,000 Into Area Holding 5,000 – Just Kidding – The Media Lied
Actually, the venue holding only 5,000 was almost full, but stories put out by the Wall Street Journal, Politico and the AP said 13,000 stood outside in a drizzling rain, and they knew it was so because the Obama campaign told them it was so. No one counted. No one took a pic. None of the “media” eyeballed it. No evidence at all.

Here’s a crowd – Romney Ryan 2012 in Ohio – in August 2012 – before anyone was paying attention!

What is Maggie’s evidence for the media’s lie? Oh, none. Except the “Romney rally” picture above. Which, again, is a picture of an Obama rally in Portland in 2008. Jesus.

Who are the people who sit around and paste Romney’s name on Obama rally pictures, and painstakingly go through email forwards of actual stupid Dan Quayle quotes and change them so they say Al Gore? Are they Americans for Prosperity interns doing the usual intern scut work before AFP or Crossroads or whatever sends their Disinformation campaigns into the tubes? We are going to assume, “probably.”


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      1. gullywompr

        Well, the makeup artist for the Telemundo event did a pretty good job of making him messican, let's see what happens when he appears on BET.

      1. Esteev

        I clicked that link and couldn't make it passed the first sentence without laughing:

        The mainstream media is faking every number it can get away with to save President Barack Obama.

        That sums up the Right's complete aversion to reality pretty well.

  1. Boojum

    It is obviously not a Romney rally. The people are neither sorted by height nor standing in rows of equal length. This chaos would not be tolerated by Romney Ryan!

        1. Fare la Volpe

          We were called in over Iwo Jima for a difficult mission – stand perfectly still and make PEW PEW noises.

  2. FakaktaSouth

    So it seems this was actually an Obama 08 rally. Lesson? I have absolutely no credibility and am just trying to get rid of the black guy and am a huge dick.

    1. prommie

      Damn, '08, thats back when we called him "the unicorn," on account of a "black president" was a mythical creature as yet. I preferred him to SecState Kankles McSwampsow, but only because I knew he would make so many racist heads asplode. Now I am fully sick of all the shrapnel thats constantly flying around from the asploding racist heads, its nasty shit and angries up the blood. I want to just sit in a dark room all weekend now and forget all the fucking hate and shit in the world.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        I find dark rooms all weekend to be nice ways to deal with such as asploding head shrapnel. Just sitting is probably not my first activity choice though.

  3. LibertyLover

    18000 people turning out for Romney? Hahahahaha! Maybe some of that for Ryan, before that Romney-Ryan chant guy showed up.

  4. HRH_Maddie

    Jeez, these guys are incredibly bad at using the internet. We can tell when you're lying, almost immediately in most cases.

    1. PsycWench

      The Mecklenburg VA Republicans pulled their page with the offensive pix after getting a slew of negative comments. So, that's the same as never putting it up, as far as they're concerned.

    2. Jennyjen798

      Isn't that the mantra of the GOP? Lie, lie, and lie some more? Truth and facts are for liberal socialist commies, or something.

  5. coolhandnuke

    I was there–Portland 08. And without my attendance, there would have only been 17,999 sun-soaked people there. We were all stamped with numbers on our wrists and were processed like a compliant,obeying socialist herd.

        1. Fuck Toad

          Soaking Trousers.

          Now I think we're both supposed to roll the other a joint and then leave the room through different doors.

  6. BaldarTFlagass

    "Wow! Look at all those Romney supporters! Even in the rain! Although those folks aren't quite dressed like normal Tea Party members. And why is Jimi Hendrix at the podium playing the Star Spangled Banner? And what do they mean, 'Don't eat the brown acid'?"

  7. Indiepalin

    Forget the skewed polls. The only true indicator of a campaign's status is the amount of bumper stickers and yard signs you see in your neighborhood when you're taking the dog for a walk after a late-night hummer.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Down here in the suburban Texas community I live in, I have yet to see an Obama yard sign. So, obviously, it's gonna be Romney. In a landslide.

      1. CrunchyKnee

        In my urban Denver neighborhood, there are two Obama yard signs, my Jill Stein sign, and an old washer and dryer in my hipster neighbor's front yard. I don't know what any of that means. So, yes, Romney in a landslide.

        1. Geminisunmars

          In my urban Denver neighborhood my neighbor already has signage up for Obama. You just reminded me to ask her where to pick some up. (I don't know — is University Hills urban or sub?)

          1. CrunchyKnee

            Sheeiiittt, you're almost in Parker, I keed, I keed. You should be able to get signs at the Dem headquarters on Santa Fe (around 10th or so).

      2. johnnymeatworth

        Saw my first (!) Romney/Ryan bumper sticker in Cedar Park today–it said "America needs a little R&R: Romney/Ryan!"

        And then I thought "Wow, they probably actually brainstormed past other, stupider slogans to get to that one…."

    2. SoBeach

      By that measure Romney is a complete goner. In 2008 my lily-white town had McCain signs everywhere. This time around you barely see any Romney signs or bumper stickers.

      1. tracyhasfun

        I find that there are very, very few R/R lawn signs. Local politicians of all stripes, and some O/B signs. In fact, the only place I have seen R/R signs are on public property. I guess they couldn't convince homeowners to visibly commit. Who wants to be THAT guy? And I live in Eastern WA state, which is more conservative than W WA.

    3. mille derps

      That may be true in some places, but many neighborhood associations across the country discourage yard signs, & having a political bumper sticker can- in some locales- look like an invitation to have your car keyed…

    4. Callyson

      In my hipster Los Angeles neighborhood, there are no Romney signs to be seen. So I have to take the dogs to the park to relieve themselves.

    5. Toomush_Infer

      Mrs. Toomush wanted me to put the Obama/Biden bumper sticker on our Prius V – but I put it on my old F150 instead….she laughed and laughed….

    6. Negropolis

      I don't see any signs, this season. Maybe, it's because people figured out long ago that this wasn't going to be that close, or that even if it was, the outcome wouldn't change.

  8. MacRaith

    Romney would never, ever permit his supporters to try to crowd into a space that was too small to safely hold all of them. That is, if he could find a space that was too small.

  9. Baconzgood

    This is like the 89 kajillion people that Glenn Beck said showed at his rally to witness his miracle geese.

  10. CrunchyKnee

    Stench and the Munster kid couldn't draw 12,000 in Ohio even if they dug up Marge Schott's corpse and Joe the Dumber was the warm-up.

  11. docterry6973

    'Lesson? He's pulling pitiful numbers in 12 by comparison.'

    Wrong again, Barber. The lesson is that you are a lying sack of shit.

    1. sewollef

      He's pulling pitiful numbers in 12 by comparison.

      I'm a Brit, and although I speak English [kinda], I think I need a translation here. What does that sentence above mean, anyone?

  12. One_who_wanders

    Reality testing is NOT these people's strong suit. I am not sure what is, but it is not that.
    Making stuff up?

    1. anniegetyerfun

      I studied East Asian Histrionics in college, but it wasn't really a useful degree once I was out in the real world.

        1. Geminisunmars

          I meant they have an excess of lobotomies; plenty extras to go around.(Ewww, this is reminding about descriptions of the ice pick technique.)

  13. bauserdotcom

    I could tell that picture wasn't taken in Ohio just by looking at it. There's not enough "clean coal" smog in the sky for Ohio.

  14. PuckStopsHere

    The answer to the question, "Is there anything, anything at all that these people will not lie about?" remains, "no."

    1. MaxNeanderthal

      Oh, come now, it's just their post-modernist take on facts.. They are not lying, they're just being "economic with the actualite"…

  15. mille derps

    This is what happens when parents & teachers praise kids for being "creative" instead of being "correct"…

  16. chascates

    My landlord's wife got an emailed photo of Sasha and Malia covered up with a blanket with the South Africa flag on it. The email claimed it was from this year's Olympics. She believed it of course but it's from their visit to South Africa a year ago. They were cold and were given the blanket by their hosts. Just like the Drudge photo of Obama seated next to a pirate from a previous White House Correspondents dinner but the hede said 'but too busy to meet with Netanyahu'. It was posted on 'Talk like a Pirate Day' and certainly every brain-dead wingnut who saw it believed it.
    The current state of political discourse is due more to the Republican noise machine lying assholes than anything else.

  17. Not_So_Much

    You guys! People in her comments are being totally mean about her being an idiot.

    ♫♪Wake up maggie I think I got something to say to you♫!

  18. SmutBoffin

    At this point in the election, Republicans should focus on getting people to the polls in Nov., not getting their post-election excuses ("Derr media was totally duh Marxsist!") lined up.

    But what do I know?

    1. dr_giraud

      That great American Mark Levin was ranting about voter turnout yesterday.

      The post-election-day meltdown will be terrifying.

      1. Negropolis

        So, what you're saying is that they are going to hold this thing on the Temple Square in SLC? You can't throw a rock without hitting a blong chick in Utah.

  19. Incitefully_Joe

    which at the time, we recall, some Foxers claimed the huge crowds had turned out not for Obama but for The Decemberists

    Well, as it happens:

    The band's name refers to the Decembrist revolt, an 1825 revolt in Imperial Russia that Meloy views as an attempted communist revolution.

    So basically, just two names for the same thing, really.

    1. coolhandnuke

      “They were involved in that awkward procedure of getting to unknow each other.”
      ― John Irving, The World According to Garp

  20. SexySmurf

    This is what "Maggie" had to say for herself in the comment section:

    The link in the article going to my friend Reaganite Republican has a full look at how you and I should look at poles.

    I clicked on that link and there's a picture of a big, black dong with the word "Romney's" under it.

  21. Doktor Zoom

    I liked the commenter who said he simply doesn't believe the poles that say Romney's behind.

    I told him not to trust the media's Fact-Czechs either.

    1. Esteev

      I noticed that too. But, like Mitt, I believe in Poles. We're good people! Even with our socialized medicine and secondary education.

  22. OneYieldRegular

    Put in the context of Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair and a Romney staffer talking to a cardboard cut-out Obama, I suppose that, even though they got it wrong about these being Romney supporters, the very fact that it's a photo of actual people is a kind of progress.

  23. Esteev

    Issue based elections are so boring. I'm glad we have "Maggie" and Barber around with their boots on the ground, grinding out the tough stories.

  24. fuflans

    oh hai maggie: welcome to your 15 minutes of internet meme-dom. it's kinda like what warhol said, only with less fame and more mocking.

    (do you know who andy warhol is?)

  25. Kid_Charlemagne

    Mr. Romney, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

  26. finallyhappy

    Spelling correctly is one of those liberal things- or possibly this guy listens to a Polish news source that says Obama is winning

  27. BaldarTFlagass

    Well, her Ma was 68 but she said she was 24, so obviously math is not a strength in Maggie's fambly.
    ♪Oh I ain't gonna look at Maggie's blog no more♫

  28. CommieDad

    Come on. Is this any worse than your average Wonkette post? We all exaggerate and make mistakes. Mitt makes a HILARIOUS joke about airplane windows, and people think he was serious. It was a joke, right? Right?

    Oh I give up. Matt Barber is such a douchbag.

  29. mavenmaven

    There would have been 18000 people at a Romney/Ryan rally if it weren't for all those liberal ordered abortions.

  30. prommie

    "Wingnuts furious." There's really no other state a wingnut can be in, is there? Its redundant, isn't it, to even mention it any more? Its like "stupid moron."

  31. Peckerwood_Pete

    Who the fuck are the Decemberists? I stopped buying new music sometime around when Kurt Cobain died. This new stuff all sounds like shit to this old man.

  32. ingloriousbytch

    No one counted. No one took a pic. None of the “media” eyeballed it. No evidence at all.

    Sound like that Glenn Beck rally of "one million" people back when he did his daily sundowning on Fox.

  33. sati_demise

    I have inside info from Wing Nut email chains that all this 'stuff' comes directly from KKKarl Roves offices.
    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, you know.

  34. zumpie

    This is just like last summer when Mittens rally of less than 500 was a raging success, but Obama drawing around 7,000 was a big, fat failure.

    Also, Maggie: Waterfront Park stretches for miles along the Willamette. There is no actual "event space" and it certainly "holds" a lot more than 5,000 people. We have stuff there all fucking summer for precisely that reason, dumbass. As a former event planner, I can tell you that 5,000 people standing, isn't even THAT large a space—-many large hotel ballrooms can accommodate as many, if not more.

  35. bobbert

    Skeptics appear to have taken over the comment thread at "Maggie's". One enterprising soul actually tracked down the Portland rally photo on Shutterstock.

    Also, regarding the assertion that the crowd couldn't have been 18,000 because the "arena" only holds 5,000. The speech was at the BMO Harris Pavilion on the Summerfest grounds. Per wikipedia, "The pavilion features a 10,000-person capacity, including 5,000 seats." It's also open at the sides, so an overflow crowd is quite possible. There are lots of local comments and postings indicating that the place was jam packed.

  36. ALIVE!

    I could've told you this was an Obama '08 crowd pic, because I remember it from the Wonket at the time. Best comment was something like: that's a whole lot of hopeful, naive tail.

  37. DahBoner

    I can't really make out who's in those pictures, but he looks pretty popular, so guess I'll pobably be voting for him…

  38. Negropolis

    Didn't the very same conservatives complain that that crowd was for the the Septemberists or Decemberists or some shit and not for Obama?

    EDIT: This is why you should read the posts before you post.

  39. dopper0189

    Once I could no longer count the blah people on my fingers and toes, I knew it wasn't a Republican rally!

  40. ttommyunger

    Totally OT: couldn't help but notice, the shit-birds at my local Board of Elections printed Ballots with R'Money/Ryan at THE TOP OF THE FUCKING BALLOT over the Incumbent President's name. Yes, I have voted Absentee. That is the only way I know of that I can be sure my vote has a record, in this electronic voting State (GA). These cocksuckers are insufferable. Oh, and by the way; fuck Matt Barber and his arithmetically and morally challenged fuckmates.

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