Everybody hates Atlas Shrugs 2000 dot typepad dot com hateblogger Pamela Geller’s super-racist subway ads. Everybody except this hero, Pamela Hall, proprietress of the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade dot blogspot dot com, who bravely used her body to shield the super-racist subway ads from a marauding “Islamic supremacist.” Wait, an Islamic supremacist? Yes, according to totally sane Pamela Geller.

Of course, the best part of the video is not watching two women awkwardly poke each other with a spray paint can and a tripod, but rather is the “Islamic supremacist,” Mona Eltahawy, plaintively demanding to know why on earth she would be arrested for “non-violent protest” when all she is doing is spray-painting in the subway. While we certainly all sympathize with her act of vandalism, it is still fairly obviously vandalism, and, you know, illegal.

Everybody in this video is a winner!


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  • nounverb911

    I do hope Pam is fasting and repenting today.

    • If she fasted and repented for all her sins, she would be like Kafka's Hunger Artist.

      • Geminisunmars

        Today, we are all Hunger Artists.

        • Generation[redacted]

          Mmmmmmm… Gummy Venus de Milo

        • This video clip makes me so fucking mad.

          • Geminisunmars

            I have to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I first read that as “fucking hard”. And it took me a minute of wondering why that clip would make my sweet tpc hard, unless you had a spray paint fixation. By the way, it sure looks like the avatar-moniker jinx is still working good. Just a few more weeks and you can reclaim your true identity.

          • No I am NOT putting a smiley in my comment. You know you make me smile even when I don't want to anyway. Isn't that the kind of spray paint you can huff? Or did they put something in it to turn the huffy kiddies off?

            I am SO proud of having jinxed each and every Republican candidate for the Presidency. SO FUCKING PROUD. Mitt is falling apart, and I am loving every fucking second of it.

          • Geminisunmars

            Day after the election all wonketeers will carry you around the townsquare on our shoulders. With great cheers and hosannas! You will have, single-handedly, brought them down. YOU BUILT THAT!!!

          • Awright awright, Mitt did it to his own damn self. I can enjoy it anyway, and I do. Thanks for poking me out of a sullen mood. My back just isn't healing up. I might have to go to the dreaded doctor and have him/her poke it. What a life, huh?

            On the PLUS side, I made a meaty pasta sauce with my black heirloom tomatoes, and it is to die for. Srsly. I could conquer a nation or two for this good of a pasta sauce.

          • Geminisunmars

            Your back isn't healing because of this heavy load of having to bring down the entire Reptile Party. Soon the load will be lifted and you'll be stronger than ever.Sorry you are having such problems. At least you have delish pasta to console you. And if I can lighten your mood, it will have been worth getting out of bed today.

          • :) <— There, you made me do it.

            I love you so much, you sweet thing, you. (Hugs you most fondly)

          • Geminisunmars

            (dry hand rubbing) Ha ha ha ha. Ha. Now you belonging to me.

          • Oh-oh. Wut now?

    • Geminisunmars

      I know I am repenting that she is part of my tribe.

      • People like Pamela Geller are the only reason I am grateful not to be Jewish. My conscience could not carry such a burden.

        • finallyhappy

          Hey, there are lots of awful Jews- my brother in law for instance-but that doesn't affect me- I am an awesome Jew(except that I had an awful migraine and broke the fast an hour early)

          • Really? Your BIL is as awful as Pam Geller? I think of her as being in a whole separate class of awfulness, like Meir Kahane. Capable of genocide. If your brother-in-law is as bad as that, you have my deepest sympathies. And also for your migraine. Nobody will fault you for breaking the fast early. I hereby absolve you of all guilt.

            Actually, sometimes I wish I didn't belong to the HUMAN race. They're pretty fucking awful. Although I thought maybe the Bhutanese might be really cool people with their quest for happiness.

    • sullivanst

      I suspect she's fapping furiously over her selfrighteous defense of the crucial liberties to be a loathesome troll and hatefilled bigot.

    • Yes, she's repenting by only getting two topcoats on her nails. First coat, paint, second coat, repenting.

    • One day is not enough for her.

      • sullivanst

        Hell, 40 days isn't enough for her.

    • I think instead of atonement she practices ab toning.

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Given her breathless stench, I'd say she is farting and re-panting.

    • Guppy

      Bless her heart.

  • no_gravity

    Fuckin' Marco Rubio ad on the beginning of that video.

    • BoroPrimorac

      What, you don't want to accept that Medicare is going to have to be different for younger Americans?

    • Geminisunmars

      I got two anti-Romney ads. Swwweeeeeet.

      • If I didn't love you so much, I would snarl at you to quit bragging. Instead, I will sit at your feeties and rub 'em and glower at you meaningfully.

        • Geminisunmars

          My toes just stiffened!

    • carlgt1

      yeah, oddly I had some Pennsylvania Repug ad before mine.

    • Boojum

      I had some kind of ad about the "Injustice" of poor people being able to hire lawyers on a contingent fee basis.

    • Beowoof

      I had an ad that all lawyers are scumbags film. That didn't make me happy after all that law school and stuff.

      • They're TARGETING US!!!

        • Beowoof

          Honestly we have always been there, republicans have often referred to trial lawyers with a sneer. Now we get added to other dirt bags such as cops, firefighters, teachers etc.

          • Proud to be in the company of those fine, fine teaching, policing, and firefighting dirtbags!

          • Beowoof

            And I am proud to find myself in two of those categories, teacher and lawyer.

          • (Hugs you) Yeah!

    • Callyson

      And I had one against the CA initiative to label genetically-modified foods. Assholes.

    • I got an anti-Tea Party candidate ad but no sexxxxy subway spraypaint movie :(

    • valgal2342

      I got a fuckin' Mitt Romney ad at the beginning of that video.

  • banana_bread

    Yeeeah. As much as I sympathize with the cause, spray painting the subway is still illegal.

    However, Pam Geller gloating about the arrest and saying Eltawahy learned her "fascist" tricks from that time she was tortured, raped, and beaten in Egypt? NOT FUCKING COOL. But then, we all knew Geller was a massive waste of oxygen.

    • sullivanst

      Good grief there are so many excellent candidates for "most disgusting person in America", and Pam Gellar is surely one of them.

      • banana_bread

        Yup. I don't care what you believe in, if you have your own page on the SPLC site YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG

      • ONE of them? Sully, she's ALL of them! Katie!

        • sullivanst

          It's easy to think that until Bryan Fischer's incessant yapping of "look at me! I'm a fucking disgusting bigot too! I can hate with the best of them! Listen listen listen I'll say something stomach-turningly grotesque about gay people if you'll just look at me! Listen to me!" eventually manages once more to penetrate the defenses you've carefully cultivated against it impinging on your consciousness.

          And then your client, whose business is entirely dependent on government revenues, calls up and you hear Rush Limbaugh on the radio in the background.

          • (Hugs you) There, there. I've had clients like that. I once wound up working for someone who spent the better part of every conversation we had chewing me out for being a fucking socialist commie pinko liberal. It was all I could do NOT to point out that no one of his political ilk thought it was worthwhile working on his case. Fortunately, he was extremely deaf, so I could get away with muttering under my breath a lot.

    • pdiddycornchips

      I didn't know they were making a Tootsie sequel. That Dustin Hoffman is a tremendous actor.

  • ttommyunger

    PAMELA GELLER needs a good horse-fucking more than any white woman I know, too bad she is such an instant soft-on producer.

    • JohnnyQuick

      The woman destroys horse erections. Horse Erections!

      • ttommyunger

        Can't discuss her any further. May never achieve erection again.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

      • Boojum

        Horse Erection libel!

        • Esteev

          Mmmm …. how seditious

    • walterhwhite

      I love Wonkette, but I really hate any postings that suggest women should be raped, and yours is especially disgusting. Try actual humor next time.

      • ttommyunger

        You are the only one mentioning rape. A horse-fucking has nothing to do with rape or horses. I suggest you get out more.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

        • GregComlish

          horsey style?

          • In Geller's house, horse ride you.

          • ttommyunger

            How to explain? Lots of panting, sweating, lather worked up. You get the idea.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

        • CommieLibunatic

          As long as it's consensual… sure, I guess? Free country? I'd suggest one of the many fine(-ish) implements available both locally and online.

          Whatever, I'm still reaching for the brain bleach.

          • ttommyunger

            Good luck, Mary.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

      • While the post you object to does seek to insult via objectification and by placing the subject in a sexually submissive scenario, i.e. sexual congress with a horse, it is perhaps too far to suggest that there is an implicit invocation of rape. Oh and by the way I arrived at this process of logical deduction while fucking your mom.

        That last metaphor was also not intended to overtly suggest rape, as there is the possibility that the activity was consensual, therefore I hope you will consider my vulgarism more along the lines of "humor" than anti-feminist patriarchical application of gender prerogatives.

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Catherine the Great is rolling in her grave.

      • ttommyunger

        Alone, thankfully.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

  • Stupid chick, it's ILLEGAL to spray paint anything in the Subway. If you want to make your point LEGALLY you should bring an AK47 and just shoot the signs to pieces.

    If the cops ask you what you're doing just tell them "standing your ground".

    • It is not, however, illegal to spray paint the lens of the camera that is invading your privacy.

      • Nostrildamus

        Snark or not snark? I haz confuzed.

        • Not snark at all. I would have spray painted the lens in a heartbeat and let her try and sue me but no cop in the world is going to arrest me for protecting my privacy.

          • GunToting[Redacted]

            Are you certain you are talking about, you know, cops?

          • "She stuck that camera in my face without my permission. I thought it was a weapon."

            Yea. The cops would still arrest you for the graffiti but she's out a camera.

      • LibertyLover

        I think I would have been tempted to do that if I was Mona.

    • CommieLibunatic

      I saw something on Yahoo! about people slapping "RACIST" stickers over these adds. Sounds like the way to go, since you can do it with relative stealth as you walk by. That and there's more creative potential than you can get with spray paint, even with a stencil.

    • finallyhappy

      I am planning to carry stickers and discretely mess up the ads if I see them in

  • …and then they worked themselves into a hot, sexy froth and hate-scissored all over the subway platform, the end.

    • I know this is a great concept, they could have taken this a lot further.

      • You really want to see that faux-redhead naked?

        Cuz, you know, ewwwww…

        • I'm just saying from the artistic point of view they could have explore this further.

          • OK, but can I audition the stunt doubles?

      • Please be my guest. I know I've gone as far as I want to with it!

    • elviouslyqueer

      DO NOT WANT.

      • Seriously. It's enough to make me decide INSTANTER which side of the sexual fence to be on. THE OTHER ONE. FAR AWAY FROM THE YUGLY LAYDY.

        • C'mon. It could always be worse: add Orly Taitz and make it a threesome.

          I just threw up in my mouth.

          • You just HAD to go there, din'tchu? That's it. I'm swearing off sex with females for the nonce.

    • CommieLibunatic

      Curiously, it appears I am unable to fap to this.

      • Not curious at all. In fact, TMI.

    • Swampgas_Man

      I thought of this as soon as I saw the line, "awkwardly poking at each other".

  • Baconzgood

    I'm not one to endorse graffito tagging but….oh wait I am one to endorse destruction of property.

    • (Squeezes the little piglet affectionately) We haven't forgotten dead birds in lunchboxes, Baconz!

  • JohnnyQuick

    "I will defend this racist subway ad with my life… In fact, I'll volunteer to stand by it when President Romney plasters it all over Libya." — Neither Pamelas Hall nor Geller

  • jjdaddyo

    Or, as I like to call her: "Pamadinejad".

    • Borrow? Hell, no, STEAL! Sorry, but Pamadinejad is SO heading for TwitterFame.

      • jjdaddyo

        I couldn't decide "Pamadenijad" or "Romnedenijad". But Pammy embodies the cray-cray of the original even better than Mittens.
        …and don't forget to credit @jjdaddyo on twitter :)

        • Dude, I would NEVER steal your stuff. I just joke about it. And yeah, PammyGee is way more cray-cray than ShittyMitty could ever hope to be.

          Hey, is that you in the picture? Cute!

  • She actually was arrested and charged with graffiti, even tho she never got to spray the damned thing.

  • PsycWench

    Worst porn lead-in ever.

    • Esteev

      At least the cable's fixed.

    • anniegetyerfun

      Needz moar slapping.

  • randcoolcatdaddy

    Damn Occupiers and their lootin' and spray paintin'. They're probably breaking into somebody's house too!


  • Worst Pam Non-Stick Spray commercial ever.

  • Not_So_Much

    Fuck Pam Geller.

    (well, certainly not with MY dick…or anyone I know or care about. But still.)

    • Would a rusty chainsaw suffice?

      • Not_So_Much

        Power Tool Libelz!1!

        But, yeah, sure. I'm cool with that.

    • anniegetyerfun

      With votes?

    • CommieLibunatic

      With more tenderness and compassion and orgasms than she deserves?

      • I'm betting if she ever had an orgasm she'd change and give up her evil ways.

        No, I'm not going to test that theory. You do it.

    • LibertyLover

      Strap on?

  • Mitt Romney wants to know why someone doesn't open a window in that subway station to let in some fresh air.

  • BoroPrimorac

    What the fuck was Mona painting with?

    • It looked like hairspray, right?

    • Geminisunmars


      • Well played, my friend, well played…

    • Putting aside the old saw about a poor worker who blames their toolz, that was one pathetic can of spray paint.

      • Geminisunmars

        It looked home-made.

      • The Laydeez, they like the pretty colours. Advice to sprayers: Use black or red. They'll cover pretty much anything AND stand out. Violet is a no-go. No pink, no pastels, no day-glo shit.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        If you hope to take down a large black & white poster, you need a roller and a can of Benjamin Moore, not some weak-assed hobby-shop spray can.

    • cheetojeebus

      As soon as she gets out of the slammer she should get a couple cans of black autobody primer and try not to get it on the friggin tiles please.

  • hagajim

    Wow! I was more weirded out about the Mormon ad at the start. Dude had crazy hair.

  • Estproph

    It would have been better if she'd spray-painted Pam Geller.

  • dcjdjay

    I would have spray painted that Pamela Hall woman. Like putting lipstick on a pig, but a lot more fun.

  • Needz moar White Stripes…

    ♪♫ I'm gonna fight 'em off
    A seven nation army couldn't hold me back ♫♪

  • Baconzgood

    Stop it Mona….Stop it Mona…

    I don't know why but that is the best thing I've ever heard.

    • Let me guess: Baconz' Li'l Lady is named Mona?

  • Note to spraypainter: Best to fill a balloon with paint and bomb it in a run-by toss.

    Sheesh! Does it take a street thug to teach these things? Cuz I will want to be paid for the tactics.

    • kittensdontlie

      Whatever happened to the ol' fashioned naked people way of protesting?!

      • It was a little chilly in NYC this morning.

    • Honestly, what the fuck are they teaching kids these days? Back in my misspent yoof, we knew how to stage a protest, lemme tellya.

      • You always went with a crew to tag, amIrite? At least three, one to 5-0 the joint.

  • Pennywhistler

    The ad is obnoxious, and it will do more harm to her cause than it will create support, but I fail to see how it is racist … much less super-racist.

    I mean what race is a violent islamist jihadi? They certainly have a different mentality than their non-violent Muslim neighbor, but a different RACE?

    Which brings up another thing. It is not "anti-Muslim" … it is anti violent Islamist jihadi. If Pamela Geller can note the difference, why can't Rebecca Schoenkopf?

    • anniegetyerfun

      You have GOT to be kidding me. Do you have any idea who Pam Geller is and how she defines "jihad"? Do you know the actual definition of "jihad" or its meaning to Muslims?

      • I believe you have been trolled by an Atlassian.

        • anniegetyerfun

          Damn it!

        • BaldarTFlagass

          Perhaps said troll should change name to "Dogwhistler."

          • anniegetyerfun

            If we could wedge the term "disingenuous" in there, that might help.

          • Dashboard Buddha

            as in, "dude…you totally got dogwhistled"?

      • Pennywhistler

        Yes. I do. Do you know the meaning of racist (and how it apparently differs from "super-racist")?

        If you will actually read what i actually wrote, you will note that I said "violent Islamist jihadi". I believe that clarifies matters.

        My post was about RS's use of the word super-racist (whatever that is). Feel free to comment on what I actually said.

        • anniegetyerfun

          I didn't say you were being racist, dumbass. But you're obviously pretending that the context (who is behind the ads) is irrelevant. Pam Geller's posters are SUPER-RACIST for a number of reasons. One, she sincerely believes that Jews are a “chosen” people that are better than everyone else. This is racism, and she makes no bones about it. She despises Islam (she believes she makes a distinction between Islam and “political Islam” because it's not OK for Muslims to be political, whereas it's fine for Jews and Christians).”Geller has also lent her support to a number of other political causes. She has strongly defended former Serbian president Slobodan Milošević,[19] denied the existence of Serbian concentration camps in the 1990s,[23] said that black South Africans are engaging in a “genocide” against whites,[24] and expressed support for the far right English Defence League.[19][25]”When asked in an August 17, 2010, interview on CNN whether she agreed “that the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 were practicing a perverted form of Islam, and that is not what is going to be practiced at this mosque”, she responded “I will say that the Muslim terrorists were practicing pure Islam, original Islam.”[39]She is a phenomenal git, and when she puts together posters like these, she's NOT FUCKING DISTINGUISHING between Muslims and “jihadists”, whatever the fuck that means to her. She doesn't think there's a difference. To her, defeating Islam is the same thing as defeating “jihad”.

          • Pennywhistler

            "I didn't say you were being racist, dumbass."

            Apparently, you want to make stuff up. Or have a lot of trouble following simple English sentences. Maybe both.

            "But you're obviously pretending that the context (who is behind the ads) is irrelevant. "

            Apparently you want to talk about what you want to talk about and ignore what I posted.

            That's fine, but don't expect me to jump into your slop bucket. Bye bye.

          • anniegetyerfun

            Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Or do.

          • Nesnora

            For the record I would jump in anniegetyerfun's slop bucket anytime. At least she provides support to her argument and doesn't run away from facts and evidence. How's that cognitive dissonance working out for you?

          • Pennywhistler

            Yeah, but her argument is completely unrelated to my post. Which is my point. Let her make her argument in her own goddamn post … not in reply to my post about a different topic.

            That, and I never said she said I was being racist. In your adopted slop bucket, how does "Do you know the meaning of racist (and how it apparently differs from "super-racist")?" translate into "I didn't say you were being racist, dumbass."?

            I mean, how's that for dumbass slop-bucket "facts and evidence"?

            Honestly, I don't want to read your answer to that. Save your energy.

          • Dashboard Buddha

            so, being cognitively dissonant is now being racist?

          • Pennywhistler

            What exactly is wrong with you? NO one said ANYONE was racist! Other than Rebecca Schoenkopf, of course.

            Do you have trouble reading and comprehending simple sentences? If the Rethuglicans don't elected there are literacy classes at your local high school.

          • Boojum

            What do YOU mean by racist? How do you define racism?

          • Pennywhistler

            What difference does it make? I haven't called anyone racist.

            Why don't you ask the person who did?

          • Dashboard Buddha

            Point the first – whether you want to admit or not, Geller is a bigoted twit…regardless of this video and your contextual musings. Oh? She only targets radical Muslims? Well, she said in earlier diatribes that all Muslims are radical and icky.. Is she racist? Probably, but who cares? Hitler was an ardent non-smoker, but that was overshadowed by his earlier work (sorry to go Godwin on you, but I just got home from work and I'm tired.)

            Point the second. "If the Rethuglicans don't elected [sic] there are literacy classes " Sure, I could use a brush up…but only if you go with me.

          • Pennywhistler

            Will this be the 14th time that I have said I do not give a rat's ass about Geller and her views?

            Why do you keep posting me about Geller?

            I do not give a rat's ass about Geller or her views. How clear is that? How much clearer can I make it, your thickness?

            Apparently you really do need some basic reading comprehension courses.

            Can't you find anything to do other than post me about things I told you I do not care about? Because, if you want some suggestions, I have a little list here …………

          • Dashboard Buddha

            Since it becomes harder to respond to ID comments the older the thread becomes, let me just say…you're right. You were right from the beginning. You were so right, that all right things that came before and after what you said will be judged by what you said as the standard of rightness. Jesus came to me in a dream and said, "you know dude…Penny's comments are so right they make me think of how cool it was to be Jewish before I became a Christian." You are so right you re-appeared on my left. You are so right, I want to have Pam Geller's babby.

            You're right, and I love you.

          • Pennywhistler

            All I did was ask a question. It's hard to "be right" when you ask a question.

            I have no interest in rest of your hallucinatory prose. I suppose you ate the cat food again.

          • I think anniegetyourfun's point is that once you understand who Pam Geller is and what she stands for, you'd see that she is indeed an atrocious racist. Also meshugga.

          • Pennywhistler

            "she is indeed an atrocious racist."

            Against which race?

          • sullivanst

            On evidence cited, black people, at least. On plentiful evidence, Palestinians and other Arabs. Is it fun being so deliberately obtuse? It seems to me likely to be a good way to live a spectacularly unfulfilling life.

          • Pennywhistler

            "Pamela Geller’s Super-Racist Anti-Muslim Subway Ads" are about black people?

            Interesting. Which evidence was cited to that effect?

            Arabs are a race? How do you work that out?

            I don't remember Geller mentioning Arabs. I thought she said jihadis.

            That is a political-theological-ideological-party.

            I think races are something different.

            I could be wrong.

          • sullivanst

            Deliberately obtuse: check.

          • Pennywhistler

            Hey yoo so smat, yoo think up better way make same poynt, ha gambooch?

          • sullivanst

            100g unsalted butter
            1 tsp vanilla essence
            3/4 cup caster sugar
            2 large eggs
            1 1/3 cup self-raising flour, sifted with a pinch of salt
            1/4 cup milk

            Make sure milk and eggs are room temperature, to avoid curdling
            1. Cream the butter, vanilla and sugar until light and fluffy
            2. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until light and creamy
            3. Mix in flour and milk, in two batches, until combined. Do not overmix!

            Bake at 350 F for 12 minutes. Makes approx. 12 cupcakes.

            Add the frosting of your choice.

            — Minerva84 of

          • Pennywhistler

            Vanilla essence – not vanillin. Can't go wrong with that!

            But, what's caster sugar?

          • Boojum

            Tell me what you think races are.

          • Pennywhistler

            race/rās/ Noun:
            A competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.

            "The traditional definition of race and ethnicity is related to biological and sociological factors respectively. Race refers to a person's physical appearance, such as skin color, eye color, hair color, bone/jaw structure etc. Ethnicity, on the other hand, relates to cultural factors such as nationality, culture, ancestry, language and beliefs. "

          • sullivanst

            In other words, you don't know what race is.

          • Boojum

            What he said.

          • Pennywhistler

            They didn't say anything different than MY expert did.

            But my question is … and has always been … what race does Rebecca Schoenkopf think Geller was "super-racist" about?

          • Boojum

            Muslin! Boy, you ARE new here, aren't you?

          • Boojum

            Have you read John Tehranian's Whitewashed? You should. You would understand better.

          • Pennywhistler

            What would I understand better that I don't already understand?

            What would I understand better that I don't already understand about the one and only question I have ever asked?

          • Boojum

            You would understand more about the sociopolitical construction of racial identities, for one thing.

          • Pennywhistler

            Fair enough.

            I'll get to it when my current bedside book pile is depleted.

          • sullivanst

            Let us start with the observation that Rand's original rendition of Geller's quote was not about Muslims, it was about Palestinians. Obviously, most Muslims are not Palestinian, but also of note is that many Palestinians are not Muslim.

            Let us continue by noting that Pam Geller believes that it is both possible and desirable for security officials to profile "Muslims" based on physical characteristics.

            Let us also consider that Geller has associated with the largest English Islamophobic group, whose membership includes considerable cross-pollination with much older white supremacist groups like the BNP, Combat 18 and National Front; she has also associated with German neo-fascist groups, a strange choice for a Jew, but then so was accusing the ADL among others of being "worse than the Judenrat" and accusing "Jewish leadership" of being "on the trains" – complicit in a new genocide that exists only in her head. She has endorsed Apartheid, genocidal acts committed by Stalin and Milosevic because they happened to be perpetrated against majority-Muslim national populations, and attempted to justify the murders committed by Anders Breivik.

            Let us furthermore contemplate that, in direct contradiction to your original claim that Geller draws a distinction between "anti-Muslim" and anti-"violent Islamist jihadi" (and where does it mention "violent" or "Islamist" on the ad? Oh that's right, it does not), she has not only not drawn that distinction, she has explicitly asserted that such a distinction does not exist, repeatedly making claims such as that "I do not believe in the idea of a moderate Islam"

            We are drawn from these considerations inexorably to the conclusion that the language Geller used in the ad is steeped, both in the original and in her mind, in racism. That she has sought to cloak this racism in a thin veil of claims that it is actually merely religious intolerance (as if that's any better) does not mean there's any truth to it, and that you would attempt to defend her on such grounds speaks extremely ill of you.

          • Pennywhistler

            Why would we start there? That wasn't what I asked about?

            Why end up there? That wasn't what I asked about?

            Why discuss the language Geller used in the ad" when that wasn't what I asked about?

          • sullivanst

            Why would we start there? Because IT IDENTIFIES THE RACE AGAINST WHICH THE STATEMENT IS RACIST.

            As to the rest of your comment: simple lies. Also, why do you put question marks at the end of declarative sentences? Are you a moron?

          • Pennywhistler

            And what race was that again?

            Question marks at the end of a sentences make them QUESTIONS …. not declarative sentences.

          • sullivanst

            A simple "yes" would have sufficed, further exposition was unnecessary.

            Aurait-il etre plus utile a converser en Francais? Il apparait que tu ne comprends pas bien l'Anglais. Oder koennte es sein, dass Du verstand nicht Grammatik in jeder Sprache?

          • Pennywhistler

            "A simple "yes" would have sufficed". For what?

            So "Question marks at the end of a sentences make them QUESTIONS …. not declarative sentences." does not hold in French?

          • Boojum

            Saint Francis College v. al-Khazraji, decided the same day as Shaare Tefila, held that Arab was a "race" for purposes of 42 USC Section 1981.

          • Pennywhistler

            For purposes of 42 USC Section 1981.

            You know that Geller did not reference Arabs, right?

            You know that "jihad" here refers to a theological-political-murderous ideology that is opposed by almost all Muslims? And normal people of any and all theological orientations?

            You know that Muslims are not necessarily Arabs and Arabs are not necessarily Muslims, right?

          • Boojum

            What is it with you? You asked:

            "Arabs are a race? How do you work that out?"

            I answered that question, specifically. Nothing more was said or implied.

            As to jihad:: Jihad (English pronunciation: /dʒɪˈhɑːd/; Arabic: جهاد‎ ǧihād [dʒiˈhæːd]), an Islamic term, is a religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic, the word jihād translates as a noun meaning "struggle". Jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression "striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)".

            Your contention that jihad "refers to a theological-political-murderous ideology" is just false. It is semantically analogous to claiming that "struggle" is precisely equivalent to "hate crime killing spree".

          • Pennywhistler

            YOU know what "jihad" means to ordinary Muslims. I know what "jihad" means to ordinary Muslims.

            But what "jihad" means to a radical islamist jihadis is something else again. You know it, and I know it.

            Put "jihadi" in Google. Right up top you get:

            "jihadi terrorism"
            Part of Speech: n
            Definition: terrorism carried out in the name of a jihad; terrorism carried out against supposed nonbelievers .

            So stop playing word games, OK?

            Jihad is not a race. You know it and I know it.

            You know that Geller did not reference Arabs, right?

      • Sorry to butt in here, but I think you misinterpreted Pennywhistler. I don't think she was defending Geller, who is indefensible in any case. She was only taking exception to the use of the term "super-racist." I think she was wrong on context, but not a troll.

        • anniegetyerfun

          I don't think s/he was trolling per se, but was definitely not willing to consider that the SOURCE of these ads is as important as their literal content.

          • Pennywhistler

            Honestly, I would rather consider replies to my actual question than consider twenty different off-topic screeds about everything else.

            I don't give a flying fuck about the source of the ad (or the SOURCE of the ad.

            I don't give a flying fuck about the literal content of the ad.

            All i care about is Rebecca Schoenkopf's use of the term "super-racist" and what race Geller is supposed to super-racist about.

            If you cannot deal with the question, butt the fuck out.

            PS – Just because some moron called me a cunt does not necessarily make me a she. Sorry you bought into that.

          • anniegetyerfun

            You clearly don't give a flying fuck about much. Congrats.Note that I said s/he. I never assigned you a gender. Dick.

          • Pennywhistler

            It's really really simple.

            I don't give a flying fuck about YOUR issues. I give a flying fuck about the issue I raised — the one you have never addressed. And apparently never will.

            It's a big leap to go from not caring about YOUR issues to not caring about much. Logical thinking is not your forte.

            But thanks for playing, dearie.

        • Pennywhistler


          1) I don't think she was defending Geller".

          What part of "The ad is obnoxious, and it will do more harm to her cause than it will create support" is so hard to understand? How can any sane person read that as a defense of Geller?

          2) "She was only taking exception to the use of the term "super-racist"."

          If i may quote myself – "I fail to see how it is racist … much less super-racist. I mean what race is a violent islamist jihadi? They certainly have a different mentality than their non-violent Muslim neighbor, but a different RACE?"

          That is a pretty basic … and obvious … question.

          I find it fascinating that it blew a gazillion fuses in people who are here to get their buttons pushed at any slight — to someone else, by the way — and seem unable to read what is in front of them.

          I find it more fascinating that no one (as of yet) has even TRIED to answer the question.

          3) Interesting that you too bought into the cunt definition of my gender. I am of a different gender. I am a prick.

          • I don't know why I persisted in referring to you as "she." The thing that upset everyone is that it's obvious that Gellar hates Muslims to such a degree that it goes beyond religious differences and into some pathological bigotry. I think it's up to her to prove that she merely has a philosophical difference with Muslims, and that she isn't just an Arab-hating bigot. To me, it's the same thing as people who write "I don't hate Jews – only the Rothschild Zionists."

          • Pennywhistler

            Which part of I don't care about Geller and her idiotic beliefs don't you get?

            Is there some Wonkette reason why everyone has to keep telling me they are upset about the content and bigotry of Geller when I asked a question about something …. and someone …. else?

          • Boojum

            You asked how Gellar's bigoted ad could be considered racist. You refuse to accept the answer and instead obfuscate regarding your question.

          • Pennywhistler

            Answer? The answer?

            You only got as far as "Tell me what you think races are" and "it just means that we have different meanings for the term "race"" and a lot of nit-picky Muslims = tribe = race bullshit.

            And obfuscation.

            Other people, not so nit-picky, DID answer the question. YOU did not.

    • UnholyMoses

      Pedantic whiny ass is pedantic. And whiny.

    • TavariousChinaSmith

      I don't know about that: the ad was talking about "civilized" vs "savage" and "Israel" vs "Jihad". Doesn't sound like it was contrasting violent islamist Jihadis with non-violent Muslims.

      I prefer: "in any war between an egg and a wall, support the egg."

    • AbandonHope_

      Pamela Geller has made it quite clear, time and again, that she sees all Muslims as "violent Islamist jihadi". Furthermore, the ad presents a (false) dichotomy of "civilized man" and "savages", and then says to back the "civilized man", e.g. Israel. Logically, if Israel is the civilized man, then "not-Israel", or Palestinians, are the savages.

      I see absolutely nowhere in that ad that makes it clear that the term "savages" is only supposed to apply to violent Islamist jihadi.

      • Pennywhistler

        What – you thought it might also include Palestinian professors of French literature and nurse practitioners at Palestine Hospital?

        As I said – The ad is obnoxious, and it will do more harm to her cause than it will create support, but I fail to see how anyone can fail to know who she means by savages.

    • CalamityJames

      I once, very inadvertently, tried to pick a fight with the Editrix. I can't say that I recommend it. Also, too, Cunty Troll is cunty.

      And try not to mistake my comment as "Anti-Cunty Troll". I just don't like Cunts.

    • UnholyMoses

      Look at the troll's profile, folks — dude (or dudette) trolls Jewish sites, and seems to do nothing but post bullshit questions posing as serious ones.

      Or, shorter: This is why they should bring back the downfisty.

      • CalamityJames

        Careful there, the downfist was what led to my twisted panties.

        • Well, at least you're wo/man enough to cop to it and not hold grudges. (I hope)

          • CalamityJames

            Oh, absolutely. Though my words were misconstrued, they were my words. I fucked up and was lucky enough that our beloved Editrix was quick enough on the ball (ohhowiwish…) to call me out almost immediately. And that, ladies and others, is how you take the shaft after offering the tip. Politicians take note.

          • (Hugs you fondly) Well, I'm glad you did what you had to and stayed with us. I love my Wonketz and all my Wonketteers.

      • Pennywhistler

        Oh no! I occasionally post to the Jewish Forward! About as often as i post to Wonkette! I must be a troll!

        I'll let the rest of the Universe figure out if I post "bullshit questions posing as serious ones" or not.

        You seem to be a bored human being, UnholyMoses. Why don't you do the research and write us an essay?

        • UnholyMoses

          "Why don't you do the research and write us an essay?"

          Thanks for proving my point.

          ADDING: Where you post doesn't make you a troll. The fact you're a troll makes you a troll.

          Now good day, sir!

          • Pennywhistler


        • CalamityJames

          "Who the fuck is this cunt posting bullshit questions posing as serious ones?" asked the Universe.

          • UnholyMoses

            Someone who can't think of a witty, funny, or interesting comment and, thus, has to troll to even get anyone to respond.

            Again, check the profile — dude has made it his life's calling, apparently. Or at least his hobby (which is so goddamn sad I almost feel sorry … almost).

          • Pennywhistler

            That's rather funny, coming from someone who can't think of a witty, funny, or interesting comment and, thus, has to troll to even get anyone to respond.

            Anyway, be sure to see all my trolling posts on Chiff & Fipple: The Tinwhistle Internet Experience forum.

          • Pennywhistler

            Rather a large amount of hostility for merely asking what race Geller is racist about. If I may quote – "What race is a violent islamist jihadi?" That's about it.

            I must have hit a nerve, CJ. You don't bring out "cunt" every day. "Bullshit" rather often … but not "cunt" in your eloquent way with words.

          • CalamityJames

            See, I do get your point. It's just like saying " When Germans were gassing those Kikes" it would be completely irresponsible to assume that "Kike" referred to Jews. No, they're probably just referring to those filthy "Niggers", and of course, that doesn't mean Blacks, no, I'm fairly certain they meant "Fags". But fuck it, you're so absolutely right. See you next Tuesday!

          • Pennywhistler

            "See, I do get your point."

            Not even close enough to see Russia from your front porch.

            That is the weirdest collection of innuendo, bad guesswork, and total incomprehension I have seen in a coon's age. (See what I did there?)

            All I asked was "What race is a violent islamist jihadi?" That's about it. What race IS a violent Islamist, anyway? What race does "Pamela Geller’s Super-Racist Anti-Muslim Subway Ads" refer to?

            I must have hit a nerve, CJ. You don't bring out "cunt" and "Kike" and "Nigger" and "Fags" very often in your o-so eloquent way with words and thought.

            Your reply is so distant from my rather obvious criticism of Rebecca Schoenkopf's post that I have to assume that you are an incoherent conspiracy fantasist on drugs who is unable to read what is right in front of your sad face.

            Ta ta. Good luck. Hope the rest of your life gets better … especially the reading and comprehension part.

    • banana_bread
      • Pennywhistler

        Interesting that you assume I am white.

        Black and brown people are also concerned with racism … and with the misuse of that term to refer to multi-racial groups of believers.

        But then again, I am a cunt.

        • banana_bread

          SIGH. Calm yo tits. The part of "Racism 101 for Clueless White People" that applies to you is the "clueless" part. Please direct me to where I said you were white.

          Actually, more importantly and to the point, read number six on the list I linked you to and then get back to me.

          But then, I suppose this is what I get for actually trying to answer your question.

          • Pennywhistler

            I stopped reading at "stuff white people do".

            Let's see – what question do you suppose I asked that you suppose you answered —

            "I mean, what race is a violent islamist jihadi? They certainly have a different mentality than their non-violent Muslim neighbors, but a different RACE?"

            That's the only question I asked. "Stuff white people do" is not an answer. So far no one has answered it. So far no one has tried.

            Lotsa folks got lotsa agendas (and ascribe lotsa different agendas to me), but that is all I asked.

          • banana_bread

            Meh. You can't be bothered to read; I can't be bothered to respond. Do feel free to have the last word, though.

          • Pennywhistler

            Sure. What race is a violent islamist jihadi?

    • Boojum

      See, here's the thing: the ad I saw drew lines of battle between "the civilized man" and "the savage", elsewhere defined as "Israel" and "jihad", respectively.

      It is not a stretch to infer that "the civilized man" = Israel = Jewish people and that "the savage" = jihad = Middle Eastern Muslims.

      Now, there is historical and contemporary authority for the concept that Jewish is a "race" sufficient to support a claim of racism. The same is true of Arabs and other Middle Eastern people. It is not far fetched to say that, given the performative and heritable stereotypes ascribed to Muslims, Middle Eastern and Muslim are both racial categories.

      So, do you want me to explain why you are wrong or will you just agree?

      • Pennywhistler

        See, here's the thing.

        As I have said a dozen times now, I don't give a flying fuck about the ad. I don't give a flying fuck about the content of the ad.

        I have never once mentioned the goddamn fucking ad. Because I don't CARE about the goddamn fucking ad. That's why I never mentioned it.

        All I care about is Rebecca Schoenkopf's use of the term "super-racist" and what race she thinks Geller is supposed to be super-racist about.

        How hard is this to follow? I write clear grammatical sentences and spell words korektly.

        Muslims are not a race. They are a religious community, comprised of people from all the races on Earth.

        I think you are the first person who has ever called Muslims a race.

        Jews are not a race. They are a religious community comprised of people from all the races on Earth.

        The last person who really thought that Jews were a race was Adolph Hitler. And he shot his wife and dog and then took poison.

        Jihad does NOT "equal Middle Eastern Muslims". Now who is being obtuse?

        I think we all know what theological-political-party-army call themselves jihadis and commit various forms of murder in the name of jihad …. much to the dismay of most Muslims. And they are a multi-racial lot. That jihadi clown who just confessed to trying to blow things up in the Pacific Northwest is a white boy.

        • Boojum

          Actually, a much more recent pronouncement that Jewish constitutes a race was the 1987 US Supreme Court's decision in Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb.

          • Pennywhistler

            "Ante at 481 U. S. 613. As Saint Francis makes clear, the question before us is not whether Jews are considered to be a separate race by today's standards, but whether, at the time § 1982 was adopted, Jews constituted a group of people that Congress intended to protect."

            Being a group that Congress intended to protect under § 1982 does not make Jews a race. You know it and I know it.

          • Boojum

            No, it just means that we have different meanings for the term "race". I tend to agree with the critical race theory people that race is a sociopolitical construct that is defined performatively and by the prejudice of others. Thus, one who, like Geller, treats Muslims as a "tribe" — one synonym for race — is, by that definition, "racist". Since she does it to an extraordinary degree, she may properly be called "super-racist".

            Finally, read the title of this post. It was the ad which was called "super-racist", not Geller. So, if you care about the meaning of "super-racist" in this context, you are necessarily referring to the ad. Since you also did specifically refer to the ad, several times, you are being disingenuous at best in saying otherwise. QED motherfucker also too.

          • Pennywhistler

            Wow! Critical Race Theory. I have never seen a believer outside of a zoo or a college. I didn't think they existed in the wild.

            Well, if we go with "race is a sociopolitical construct that is defined performatively and by the prejudice of others" then you have answered my question. And I thank you.

            But you know and I know that I wasn't referring to Geller and I wasn't referring to the ad. You and I know who I was referring to and what I was referring to.

            QED Panda killer.

          • Boojum

            Are you referring to your second question, in your original post? I quote:

            "Which brings up another thing. It is not "anti-Muslim" … it is anti violent Islamist jihadi. If Pamela Geller can note the difference, why can't Rebecca Schoenkopf?"

            If so, then the answer is two-fold. First, Geller has never, to my knowledge, made a distinction between Muslim and "violent Islamist jihadi". Her ad, which was the subject of your post – the "it" – makes no such distinction. It refers to savages and equates that with jihad. There is no distinction between "violent" as opposed to "non-violent" jihad and I presume you know the difference.

            Second, because shut up.

          • Pennywhistler

            "There is no distinction between "violent" as opposed to "non-violent" jihad and I presume you know the difference."

            I do. So does Geller. So does Rebecca.

            So do you.

          • Boojum

            I do. I'm confident Rebecca does. You indicated the contrary, upstream, stating that jihad "refers to a theological-political-murderous ideology…." I have never seen any indication that Pam Geller understands jihad as anything other than your definition. It is her bigoted equation of jihad with "savage" that justifies the description of her ad as being racist.

            And, we are back to the beginning, your questions are answered, thank you for playing.

  • LibrarianX

    Where's Daniel Tosh?

  • bumfug

    Girls just wanna have fun.

  • Baconzgood

    I love how the pigs are confused about what they are arresting her for. Like vandalism doesn't ever occur to either of them.

    • sullivanst

      I think the concept that they might ever have to explain why they're arresting people probably hadn't occurred to them before. NYPD, after all.

    • anniegetyerfun

      "Why haven't we shot or at least tased this woman? She IS brown, is she not?"

  • Editrix, I smell a set up here. You don't think that PamAtlass would purchase the services of a flunky to "spray paint" one of her ads to generate contributions sympathy, do you?

    • banana_bread

      Nah, Mona Eltawahy is a legit journalist/activist. I wouldn't put it past her to have sent the defender-of-hate, though.

      • Oh, that I took as a given; I had forgotten about Eltawahy's arrest in Egypt, altho Pam's smirking over her legitimate raping should have been a giveaway.

  • ph7

    Michael Stewart must have appreciated that.

  • Baconzgood

    I found this easy to masterbate to until the hottie in the pink coat got pinched by the po-po.

    • UnholyMoses

      For a second, I thought the cop was like a pizza delivery guy in a porn, especially when he pulled out the handcuffs.

      I noi haz a sadz.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    Banksy is foiled.

  • TavariousChinaSmith

    Well there go all my preconceived notions about taggers.

  • bflrtsplk

    The best cat fight EVAR!!!!

  • carlgt1

    every New Yorker should deface these signs, they can't arrest or shoot everyone can they/

    • Geminisunmars

      Well, they might try.

      • I suggest spitting on them. It's harder to catch.

        Of course, that would mean the subway ad guys have to deal with it. Have to sort that bit out first.

        • ALIVE!

          Can't be worse than having to put up the poster itself.

  • Boojum

    Oh God. This is what happens when people get confused and believe that they have "rights" and "freedoms" which would in any way interfere with property. "Why am I being arrested" for obviously doing crimes?

    Fuck. Spray paint the goddamn ad, but please don't be stupid about it.

  • See, this is exactly why you should use pre-made stickers. You just slap 'em on when nobody's paying attention, and you're done with it, no mess, no video of you holding a can of spraypaint, no arrest for vandalism.

    Err, not that I'm suggesting that people should vandalize Gellar's racist posters with pre-made stickers*.

    *(I totally am**)

    **(with votes)

    • BoroPrimorac

      They are also hard as hell to remove.

    • "POST NO BILLS" works nicely in cases like this. And if anyone asks you, you turn to them in your flannel shirt and dirty jeans and say "Lady, I'm only doin' my job. You wanna know why, talk ta my bosses at the MTA."

      • You're GOOD at this shit! I'm'a take you with me if I ever get up to Dirty Trix again.

        • emmelemm

          Dirty Trix

          Hey, it's not nice to refer to Rebecca that way!

    • finallyhappy

      Hey, you stole that idea from inside my head. I was thinking of just large blank stickers or sheets of sticky felt( my Martha Stewart crafty side)

  • Goonemeritus

    She should and will get off with a stern talking to. I do believe in free speech but I also believe hate speech should have consequences in a civilized society

  • Poindexter718

    Why can't these two sit down on the platform, huff some of that paint & work out their differences and/or jump in front of the 4-5 Express?

  • BaldarTFlagass

    I can't watch that, but I'd like to know why protest chick didn't just go ahead and spray-paint the shit out of the redhead lady's coat?

    • Typodong3

      she actually did, it got all over her.

  • Terry

    I hope Ms Eltahawy invests in a better quality spray paint next time. You get caught when you have to keep spraying an area over and over again. Or so I've heard.

  • Blueb4sinrise


  • Jus_Wonderin

    Is that Tootsie?

  • Indiepalin

    Once more: Hey Pam. Show us your tits.

  • MissTaken

    ♫ Make new friends
    But keep the old
    Some are sprayed silver
    And the others sprayed gold ♫

    • Tundra Grifter

      Do you know when a Cub Scout becomes a Boy Scout?

      When he eats his first Brownie.

  • Weenus299

    That's not at all going to get me to buy a footlong roast chicken sandwich on 8-grain honey oat bread.

  • well that was awkward.

  • OneYieldRegular

    Well. That was an uplifting moment in America's long march towards civility.

  • LibrarianX

    This is performance art, right?

  • DahBoner

    Islamic Supremacist!

    Either they've infiltrated Scalia or Dianne Ross…

  • Esteev

    I hate racism. And raisins.

    • Jus_Wonderin

      Racing can be fun. Especially with people who limp.

      • Esteev

        Nubbin's racing!

      • Don't think I didn't hear that. (waves stick threateningly)

    • anniegetyerfun

      Agreed on both fronts. Both are obnoxious.

      • LibertyLover

        I kinda like raisins. Especially when they are covered in a chewy yogurt shell.

  • Ruhe


  • Hey, Editrix? If you have a couple hunnert Wonkette stickers from the East Coast Tour, I got a place to put them now.

    • Radiotherapy

      I've still got like 6-7 of them. Call me.

      • I've got half a dozen too, so that's almost eleventy!

  • Beowoof

    Well a spray shot in the face seemed a little over the top. Patience and persistence in accomplishing your goal here is important. Wait till the fat old lady goes to Dunkin Donuts for a Texas Toast bacon sandwich and then swoop in and finish the job.

  • cousinitt

    Wow, awesome bit of performance art. I love it when college kids earn money by enacting live theatre in subways. They must have made a lot of coin from passersby tossed into their open guitar cases.

  • Radiotherapy

    If only we could roll down the windows on the subway cars!

  • elviouslyqueer

    It just occurred to me: Pamela Gellar looks like the sad, moldering drag queen lovechild of Ann Coulter, Snooki, and the corpse of Agnes Moorhead.

  • Esteev

    Daily Caller Headline:


  • anniegetyerfun

    OMG, the idea of Mona as an "Islamist" is so hilarious and incredibly sad. These people have no fucking idea what an actual Islamist is, the difference between jihad and terrorism, or anything about Palestine. I just… I haz so much sad today.

    • Considering how much vitriol she's expended on "Islamists," and her calling out Muslim leaders for blaming all their troubles on Israel, or using Israel as an excuse not to make needed reforms, Mona el-Tahawy is the last person on the planet that term should be thrown at.

      • anniegetyerfun

        Right? The woman's life is perpetually in danger from extremists. I just… I'm out of words on the topic.

        • There, there, sweetie. (Pats your back tenderly) You are a very preggo lady, and preggo ladies must not get Teh Upsets. Karma will get that bitch sooner or later. You concentrate on making sure you and the baby are healthy, happy, and good to go. We need that little Progressive out in the world and makin' trubbl.

  • She should have just slapped a huge sticker on top and moved to the next one. Needs to work on her skillz.

    • Dashboard Buddha

      At an undisclosed place, at an undisclosed time, an unnamed friend made bumper-stickers that said, "I have a tiny dick…that's why I need a HUMMER" and pasted them on ever H2 and H3 she could find.

  • comrad_darkness

    Wow, Pam Geller is a bitchy little whiner.

  • calliecallie

    The only individual in that video that came off well was the police dog.

  • poorgradstudent

    I just hope one day soon some industrious hacker exposes the thousands of pages Pam has no doubt written to explore her own fantasy of ending up as a Caucasian in a Sultan's harem.

    "Fuck the white devil out of me, Mustafa!"

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Or, "Mustafa you fuck the white devil out of me?"

  • Freewayblogger

    Sadly, if the two words were transposed to read "Defeat Israel" and "Support Jihad", then there'd be a whole slew of laws against it. free speech my ass.

  • chascates

    But a crazy person taking a shit on the subway platform doesn't even get a second look.

  • Amy

    Jesus Harold Christ! Do conservatives have some kind of rule that their websites have to be ugly and hard to use? Millions of conservatives in this country and not a single one can take a damn class at the local community college. This is the reason we need those FEMA camps.

  • Could someone add some onscreen graphics designating which of them is the 'civilized' one, and which is the 'savage,' so I'll know who to root for?

  • Nesnora

    What the fuck I got a "I'm a mom in NYC and I'm a mormon" ad.


  • Katydid

    I can't even deal with this. Pamela Geller should drop dead.

  • Nesnora

    I don't know about you, but I get all my internalized prejudices and moral guidance from subway posters.

  • dadanarchistmk2

    Nobody has made a "squirrel" and "nut(job)" joke yet?

    C'mon, guys and gals!

  • Typodong3

    So essentially, if the subway HAS to post this racist crap, then anyone else who has racist crap, like an anti-christian poster, is entitled to put that up next to hers, right? RIGHT?

  • larrykat

    People are so fucking stupid. That's why I live far away out in the woods.

    • Tundra Grifter

      Ted! Is that you?

  • Gleem McShineys

    From the article:

    Hall also blogged about the Muslim Day Parade this month, sneering at the parade's theme of peace by writing, "If you buy that, then I've got some swamp land for sale….."

    Calling all fist-humping teabaggers, Pamela Hall is selling Pamela Gellar's vagina!

    • Gleem! It HURTS when I laugh!

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Good lord…it can't be a seller's market, can it?

  • Spray painting a toxic substance in a closed subway system is a fucking stupid thing to do, and if she had confined herself to a Sharpie she still would have been taken in for vandalism. Geller interfering with her personally was also wrong, and hopefully actionable. And the cop should have had a quicker response to what the charges were. But non-violent protest often carries the threat of arrest, especially when the non-violent techniques depend on vandalism. All in all I feel sympathy for nobody in this scenario.

    • carlgt1

      Oh c'mon that weak spray paint was far less toxic than what's usually consumed or excreted in a NYC subway system. Mona was right — this crazy woman who conveniently had an elaborate camera system with her was the one getting violent to defend the idiotic hate-speech of the poster. It's like getting mad at someone for trying to cover up neo-Nazi graffiti.

      • I'm just saying if you want to draw a penis squirting semen into the mouth of a smiling print model, male or female, don't be dumb enough to do it at a normal hour of the day when cops are around.

  • carlgt1

    hahaha dumb RepugliKKKans — next they'll call Salman Rushdie an "Islamist"….

  • Dashboard Buddha

    Gah…this reminds me back on the old Plastic where AS2000 was a frequent commenter. Of course, at the time I thought AS2000 was a dude. Other than her name being "Pamela", I'm still not sure.

  • misanthrope

    Who the hell has time for these little encounters?!!? I barely have time to choke down my Starbucks Hipster Chow and smoke a cig when my corporate masters allow me yard time.

    • Yes, "activists" aren't like you or me.

      • misanthrope

        Damn right I only vandalize after Happy Hour turns to sadness.


    It says "Destroy, destroy, destroy!!"

  • ttommyunger

    Hmmmmm. Seems Pam isn't the only one who could use a good "Horse-Fucking". For the kiddies: (again) this is an old Missouri term used to denote a mutually agreeable, mutually satisfying sex session between two consenting adults, one a woman and the other a man.It is famous as a frustration/stress reducer and generally considered a good thing for anyone fit enough to have experienced it. A word of caution: sheets will have to be washed afterwards, since they will be wet with sweat. I know, some of you can't imagine that, but it happens; if you're lucky.

  • Not 100% sure about this, but I believe since 9/2001 it's been illegal to FILM on the subways without some kind of special permit which I doubt wingnut has. Also, nothing wrong with a little civil disobediance, but if that's what you're doing, be prepared for the arrest (dead weight, passive-resistance) and no whining.

  • Pennywhistler

    The discussion never started. You just posted a lot of shit about some other topic than mine.

    And posted and posted and posted and posted and posted about it.

    You even posted about it the first thing after getting home from work.

    Go feed your cat already.

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Actually, it was the 12th thing I responded to. But fuck that, you get the last word. You win.—

  • Jane

    First off she is ugly and foreign.

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