you got your coal regulations in my slavery!

Nice Black Lady On Fox And Friends Makes Responsible Slavery Comparison

There seems to be one and only one qualification for becoming a Prominent Black Conservative these days: accusing other black people of either being willing slaves, or accusing some Democrat of enslaving them. It is perhaps the easiest job in America, and has seen a drastic uptick in employment opportunities since Barack Obama became President.

There, America, is your stimulus.

The lady in question on this show is Deneen Borelli, who has helpfully written a book called Blacklash: Racial Puns That Are Right On. (Subtitle may be different, as we cannot be bothered to read past the first word.) Celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation, Borelli argues that sure, that’s great and all, but we are all back in an even worse form of slavery than being forcibly taken across an ocean, beaten, raped and systematically denied any form of freedom for hundreds of years.

Even the Fox News host asks if Borelli is going too far, to which Borelli responds, cogently, that higher energy prices are enslaving us because, um, they are high. This is like that terrible form of slavery in the antebellum South where they got to pretty much do whatever they wanted, and were completely free except that they had to pay a slightly higher energy bill each month for the air conditioning they didn’t have. A shameful period in our nation’s history.

The truly damaging part about this isn’t that it completely denigrates the actual legacy of slavery that involved more than a higher monthly utility bill or the vague fear the government might grab your guns. It’s that she’s implicitly encouraging every angry, overzealous conservative to become their own Nat Turner and rise up against a tyrannical government over goddamn coal regulations.

Slavery is terrible, and never any worse than when described by pandering, fame-hungry dumbs.

[Media Matters]

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    1. NYNYNYjr

      Her husband's name is actually Tom. I learned this going to her website where there is a video of him talking to a Megyn Kelly clone on Fox. But Tom is not an 'Uncle Tom' because he is a white guy. He's sort of creepy.

  1. BaldarTFlagass

    "we are all back in an even worse form of slavery than being forcibly taken across an ocean, beaten, raped and systematically denied any form of freedom for hundreds of years."

    But, but, but color TV/cellphone/refrigerator/air conditioner!!!

  2. ttommyunger

    I've told many a stripper and hooker that what they do for money doesn't define them as a person; this individual, notsomuch.

      1. ttommyunger

        Self-image is usually in question; not my opinion. They know I love them and their work right along with the Librarian and Sunday School teacher.Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

        1. Jus_Wonderin

          "along with the Librarian and Sunday School teacher"

          So, does getting them to wear costumes cost more? I have wondered.

      1. ttommyunger

        At least Clarence Thomas got a lifetime gig for his soul, this clueless twat has already worked herself out of a jerb.

  3. freakishlywrong

    Get out. A self-loathing African American on Fux? Fuck, I think they grow them over there under a special hate lamp.

  4. SayItWithWookies

    It's too bad she's in exile in Babylon now, and the days of freedom in Jerusalem/California when energy bills were $5,000 a month under the benevolent whip of Enron are just a memory.

  5. Ruhe

    So slavery wasn't so bad because the Master (Government) provided for everything the slaves (sheeple) needed and therefore no one had to worry about the cost of energy or other free-market consequences? Is she trying to blame Obama for high energy costs or making a very crypto-tricky argument for socialism?

  6. BaldarTFlagass

    OK, sugar and tobacco from America to Europe, textiles and rum from Europe to Africa, and slaves back to America. Where do the higher energy prices fit in again, in this slave trade triangle?

  7. FakaktaSouth

    I don't know, I am taking it as a positive that things are just so great for this lady that she has no problem absolutely destroying all credibility she has in the "uses words" category, even though this seems to be how she "makes a living." No slave to making sense is she!

    1. DahBoner

      Maybe that's why I want an electric car, because Electricity is White ( even tho most is made by BLACK coal…)

      1. ThundercatHo

        You're right, electricity (lightning) is white! I never thought of it that way. But, if you leave coal in the ground for a while longer it becomes diamonds which are also white. Also, too when oil is refined into gasoline it is no longer black so that's good. Now, I'm pretty sure that natural gas is clear so that counts as white as well as CO2 so we're all good here.

  8. Jus_Wonderin

    "Slavery is terrible, and never any worse than when described by pandering, fame-hungry dumbs."

    The fame-hungry dumbs are what give me affirmation that I am really human. Short of going full-on postal, I can't be as sad as this type. Think: Joe Sarah.

  9. SayItWithWookies

    Nobody knows the clean energy subsidies I've seen,
    Nobody knows the mountaintop-clearing runoff pollution restrictions —
    Nobody knows the proposed fracking wastewater aquifer protections I've seen,
    Nobody knooooooooows but Jesus.

    1. LastGasp

      Yep, as long as they enter and exit via the back door. Of course there's also the "separate but equal" lunchroom and "coloreds only" water fountains.

  10. fartknocker

    That damn bastard Lincoln. He freed black slaves and look what happened: Obama! My history book states Abe was a Republican. Today, he's a RINO.

  11. UnholyMoses

    Well, in her defense, when those coal miners come up to the surface after a long day digging coal, they do look quite blah …

  12. Jus_Wonderin

    Ya know, maybe "clinging to guns and religion" was a poor choice of words, but let me be the first to say some of these folks are "clinging too tightly to their fuckin' stoopid".

  13. actor212

    You load sixteen tons, and whaddya get?
    Another day older and deeper in derp.
    Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
    I owe my soul to the company store

    I'm sure the nice black lady meant this, not the way you libruls are interpreting it.

    1. Boojum

      She was born one morning when the sun didn't shine
      Her mother wasn't there, she was out at the time
      The doctor took a look and he said "Oh my!
      I wonder if she's going to walk or fly?"

      Apologies to Homer and Jethro.

  14. grace_nearing

    Deneen's no Star Parker, the all-time conservative Mammie over at Townhall. Parker's also the author of such scholarly tomes as "Pimps, Whores, and Welfare Brats" and "Uncle Sam's Plantation." She has her algorithm-generated plantation metaphor machine.

  15. LibertyLover

    I guess her book is required reading for 10th-grade homeschoolers as an addendum to World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective.

  16. zumpie

    I haz big confuse! I thought paying taxes was slavery and every time I do so I become less free. With, BTW, no further explanation than, "of course it does".

  17. weejee

    Do most of Faux Newz guests live on an upper floor in hospitals where the call button for the elevator is in a secured admin area and stairway access is locked?

  18. MacRaith

    Could be a big con on her part – she says ridiculous things, and conservatives throw money at her. I mean, she's not really making any of them any dumber or more delusional than they were before, because they've already maxed out those qualities. She's just found a way to exploit them.

  19. SorosBot

    Yeah, the government entitlements that help people and make their lives better and more free are just like slavery; in backwards-land maybe. What the fuck?

    1. Boojum

      Freedom's just another word for "poor as dirt, dying of starvation, and willing to suck the dirt off a rich man's balls for a roof over your head."

  20. FakaktaSouth

    Oh no. Now I have "Cause I'm a ho, you know I'm a ho" from the 1986 smash hit artists "Whodini" stuck in my head. I am sure you wouldn't know what I am talking about, but it makes me hate this woman a little extra, trust me.

  21. BartStarrland

    The advent of air conditioning belatedly made the South a commercially viable region. Which makes air confditioning history's greatest curse.

    1. Jus_Wonderin

      OT, sorta: I am a slave to the four hour scheduling window for the A/C repairman to come fix my noncooling A/C. In Dallas. Someone come back and check on me once in awhile, please. I might have a stro………………………..

  22. SorosBot

    By the way, how exactly is the government supposed to be responsible for the higher energy prices that are caused by the energy companies?

    1. bikerlaureate

      Regulation. Duh.
      It makes everything worse, always, and never does anything good.
      (Unless we're talking about uteri)

  23. MiniMencken

    Lawrence Weschler tells a story about attending the trial of Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague. He takes a seat next to a Serbian nationalist who explains that the entire history of Serbia can be understood if you realize that it's annihilation has been the long-term object of the Germans and the Jews. Weschler asks, "How do you explain the Holocaust?" The Serb replies "It does make you wonder, doesn't it?" Some people just weren't in class the day they taught critical thinking skills.

  24. RRoccoco

    Since high gas prices and energy costs are due to markets and speculation, not taxes, that would indicate the true correlative to the slave holder is the capitalist, not the government. Since taxes and regulations (ought to) restrain capitalist excesses, that would indicate the contemporary abolitionists are Democrats with guts and the public interest in their policies, not Fox News Corp. Since a black conservative commentator on a privately owned propaganda network favors capitalism and opposes government, that would indicate the correlative to the house slave is in fact Deneen Borelli. An uncomfortable truth, to be sure, but if you make your chains, you live in them.

  25. Sophist[Kochblocker]

    Blacklash? Is that the black people version of 50 Shades of Grey?

    (Also, when the Fox bleach-blond bobblehead trying to pitch you softball questions disguised as criticism is winning the argument, you really suck.)

  26. Lascauxcaveman

    Screeching pundit stylebook:

    Every policy you don't like = slavery*
    Every person you disagree with = fascist
    Every opposition leader = Hitler

    Did I miss anything?

    (*or holocaust, your choice)

  27. LibertyLover

    Well, there were people of color that fought against the North in the "War of Northern Aggression" too…

    1. SorosBot

      Which is actually not true, but a myth that confederate traitor apologists keep spreading so much that most people believe it now.

  28. hagajim

    Jeebus….entitlement society afuckinggain! I tell you what biatch, I'm entitled to not have to listen to your stupid ass!

  29. Ben Cisco

    And so another joins the rank ranks of willing human lawn jockeys, willing to do massa's bidding, gleefully taking massa's abuse so long as the check clears. See Williams, Juan; Herman "Uzbecki-becki-stan-stan" Cain; Davis, Artur, etc.

    One of the best things about the coming implosion of the NeoConfederates is that these stellar examples of humanity will reap the true rewards of what they have sown. On a sane planet, they'd be fired.

    Out of a cannon.

    Into the SUN.

  30. RufusTFirefly

    We need a corollary to Godwin's Law. In any wingnut discussion of the economy, taxes, or the social safety net, someone will make a dumb, illogical analogy to slavery.

    Let's call it the Firefly Corollary. Of course, it's a working title…

  31. Chichikovovich

    Some good news that everybody's missing. As the economy gets better, there's greater demand for gas/oil/electricity, so the prices go up. That's why, as the economy was looking like it was heading into a big revival about 5 months ago, and gas prices started going up, that's all you heard Republicans talking about – how high gas prices were a strain on America's Hard Working Families™ and it was all the president's fault.

    Then the economy sputtered a bit, gas prices went down, and never got mentioned again. And of course it would be preposterous to suggest that the President was responsible for the prices going down.

    So if Republican talking point central is telling people to start talking about energy prices again, I have to think that they think no bad economic news is on the horizon.

  32. NorthStarSpanx

    We had our own Auntie Thomasina in the Alaska State Legislature for years. Ironically, she was an Alaska Native (Athabascan) serving Wasilla. How was this possible? She was a lush married to a redneck musher. They controlled her actions on the floor. This columnist wasn't fooled.


    Beverly Masek got elected and re-elected here in Mat-Su because, like Sarah Palin, she possessed commercial good looks and said all the “right” things. Unlike Palin, Masek possessed a flat personality—her tales of woe at her sentencing hearing were probably mostly true. She was obviously being manipulated by others.

    The main point is that folks here in the Valley will elect almost anybody who spouts the right wing, conservative party-line. Masek fought against rural subsistence to the detriment of her own Native people—but she played her conservative cards well enough to keep getting elected here.

    Remember that little strip-tease she did on the Legislative floor—removing her outer clothes to reveal the Indian costume underneath? In my opinion she should have reversed costumes.

  33. Kuntas_Girl

    I Kuntas_Girl, an authentic African American, hereby reject and denounce Deneen Borelli's affiliation as an African American. I suggest she contact that other Girl on FOX to come up with a new race identity.

  34. zumpie

    The Evil Kenyan Muslin Usurper is lecturing at the Clinton Global Initiative all about how human trafficking is modern day slavery. He really needs to get with it and realize that forced child prostitution/rape pales in comparison with the utter tragic horror of a high electric or heating bill.

  35. GregComlish

    Coming up Next: Is Michelle Obama a "race traitor" for taking away fried chicken from school cafeteria's serving our nation's black children?

  36. punkneverdies

    You know if you're going to extend the concept of slavery this far how come it only applies to socialism and government employment and not banks and credit cards?

  37. mayor_quimby

    This is what is known as House Negro behavior – I got my place in the Masters big house, fuck the rest of you that still have to pick cotton.
    And no, I would not hit that. There is no worse lay than an uptight conservative Black lady.

  38. ShuCityRefugee

    That Obama guy she's telling me about sure seems to have super-powers. He seems to have "created" 100 years of social and political history single-handedly.

  39. carlgt1

    I always laugh at the inherent racism of the idiotic "Dems make slaves out of the blacks" BS because blacks vote 90%+ for Dems — but nobody ever says "Dems make slaves out of the Jews" who similarly have high voting percentages for Dems/liberals!

  40. MadBrahms

    Coal regulations? Seriously, this is tyranny?

    Slightly OT: For a good time, check the news out of India right now – the ruling government is actually collapsing in on itself because of a scandal involving shady deals granting coal rights to private enterprises. It's dominated every channel and paper over the last month and is a complete political catastrophe; people are just straight up rioting in some places over it. Coal! But no one has compared it to slavery yet. Probably compared it to Hitler, though. India is all about Hitler for some reason.

  41. AznMom420

    Obama needs to do what he promised for us Blahs and bomb the OPEC nations into irrelevance so gas prices aren't so goddamn high. I know he can do it he just won't unless we all call him MASSA now.

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