Sorry you couldn't go to the convention because of your parole

Struggling filmmaker James O’Keefe has some thoughts on Mother Jones’ home movies of the day Mitt Romney united the nation. And in his considered opinion, Mother Jones’ unnamed source may have BROKEN A LAW.

Now, we’re no media lawyer. But we did look up this Florida statute that was being cited by Forbes as a total (not possible, but total) felony, and guess what! It’s actually about wiretapping! So that Forbes guy is maybe not a media lawyer either!

Anyway, we just wanted to point out that when James “Rape Boat” O’Keefe is calling you out for your dirty tactics, Mother Jones, you should be very, very ashamed.

Media lawyers, by all means have at it in the comments, on whether “leaving a camera unmanned” opens one up to legal sanctions, or if per usual James O’Keefe is a know-nothing dick.

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  • nounverb911

    O'Keefe certainly knows his felonies.

  • ThankYouJeebus

    It's a felony that no one in the video was dressed like a pimp.

    • In fairness, no one in O'Keefe's videos were dressed that way either, he just did that for when he was on FOX News.

      • I thought that was the uniform that FOX gave him when he arrived at the studio. So he knows his place.

      • ThankYouJeebus

        I will not let my snark be dictated by fact checkers.

    • tigernole

      i'm surprised that anyone there was dressed at all

      • I'm just disappointed.

        • emmelemm

          You wanna see the Republicans naked?

          • Think of the munniez when we blackmail them!!

          • emmelemm

            Will munniez bring back our eyeballs after we've scratched them out?

          • (gapes in amazement) Dang, you sure can be a debbie downer, emm. We can get NEW ones!

          • Paid for by Obama!!

          • I forgot everybody here has read Dune and is all paranoid about replacement body parts.

          • bobbert

            If Obamacare involves the Bene Tleilax, I may start to have second thoughts.

          • emmelemm

            Debbie Downer! That's me! ;)

          • :)

          • Womp Waaaah ~Obnoxious Trombone

    • miss_grundy

      Where's the Academy-awarding winning Three Six Mafia, 'cause it is cold out here for a pimp…. Sorry, I couldn't help myself…..

  • Barbara_

    The person who shot the footage should just go to France and do some missionary work until this blows over.

    God bless half of America-
    Mitt Romney

    • NellCote71

      God one, Barbara. Copy and steal: god bless half of America.

      • Barbara_

        I just saw the coolest Tweet, Nell. Someone called Mitt Romney "Money Boo Boo"

        • Callyson

          Love that! Consider it stolen…

        • tessiee

          Saw a decent comment on facebook for once:
          "If Mitt Romney is against people who don't pay taxes, shouldn't he prove he isn't one of them?"

          • sewollef

            Okay, THAT was the comment of the day — not on the Wonkettes. Good find tess.

        • womanhattan

          A million dollar makes him holler

    • Negropolis

      I wanted to come up with some witty double entendre including "missionary" and "blows", but all I could muster is something about Mitt Romney killing a guy in France.

    • TheMightyHaltor

      Get it right: God bless 53% of America. Well, minus the smart people.

  • ChernobylSoup

    I'll gladly do the jail time on the video guy's behalf.

    • sbj1964

      And to think before this all he did was up skirt videos.

      • RadioX

        Wait, it was Julian Assange?

        • Terry

          No, Assange is bravely hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    • Jus_Wonderin

      And, the upside, you don't have to pay taxes. You 47 percenter you.

    • CthuNHu

      You're assuming it's a video guy. It could very well be a woman. In which case…

      [straightens tie, dusts off lapel]

      …'tis a far, far better thing I do, taking her place in prison, than I have ever done before.

      • bibliotequetress

        Actually, I'm guessing it is a woman simply because the easiest way of hiding & positioning a camera if you were a guest at a party like this might be in a purse.

        And I don't think the campaign fundraising parties are the one's that the Republican men carry their purses to. Could be wrong, though.

    • Negropolis

      I am Spartacus!

  • Aw, Does widdle Jimmwee haz hurt fee-fees that someone actually bagged a trophy and didn't have to fake it?

  • Baconzgood

    Jimmy. There's a kettle on line 2 for you.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      If it's a blah kettle, you know he won't pick up.

      • BlueJoubert

        not only is it a blah kettle, it is a blah kettle waiting to call him a blah pot.

        • NorthStarSpanx

          He remains a sad lonely little dude in a boat cabin filled with sex toys and champagne.

          • BlueJoubert

            don't you mean champale?

  • SnarkOff

    So he doesn't consider himself a journalist.

    • In all fairness, no one else does, either.

      • See? We can agree on something. Who says the nation is divided?

        • You and me? Dude, politically at least, I think we agree on most things. We're both just a pair of crotchety old curmudgeons who like to get ranty and shouty and fight once in a while and stuff.

          • No, I meant O'Keefe and us, but if you want to argue the point, I'll oblige.

            My heart won't be in it, tho.

          • Dude, this is fighting. Argument's down the hall. (lobs shoe)

          • GunToting[Redacted]

            No it isn't.

          • (lobs other shoe)

          • tessiee

            Are you a small, yet menacing, Asian gentleman in a derby hat?

          • Small, check. Menacing, check. Asian, hmm … (flips through 'pedia) check.

            Sorry, no derby hat. And I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. (shrugs, palms out, smiles appealingly, as in, I appeal to you not to throw that shoe back?)

          • Hey, I was looking for those! Where you'd find them, under your bed?

          • Under my old lady's. *glowers*

          • Callyson

            Gentlemen! You can't fight in here–this is the war room!

          • (hurls right foot)

          • HistoriCat

            Can't we all just get a drink and go talk shit about Republicans?

          • How can you have the heart to talk shit about the poor bastards, at the rate Mitt's going? No, I'm not feeling sorry for them. Every syllable of that sentence is dripping snark and venom. (Rubs your furry belly)

  • KotBR

    It's also a crime against journalism b/c it didn't have to be edited and cut down to make it look damning, right James?

    How's Andrew's corpse? Keeping you warm at night, you ratfuck?

  • ChernobylSoup

    Virgin says what?

  • coolhandnuke

    This mother fucker O'queef is just mother fucking jonesing for some mother fucking attention, cuz this mother fucking attention jonser aint no mother fucking journalist.

    • tessiee

      *offers tall glass of iced tea*

      • BlueJoubert

        *when what is needed is a tall muthafuckin Long Island Iced Tea*


  • Florida law makes an exception for in-person communications when the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the conversation, such as when they are engaged in conversation in a public place where they might reasonably be overheard.

    Yea. A campaign speech in front of a group of potential donors passes muster. Sorry loserboy, you lose, loser.

    • Yes, this.

      Why isn't this mewling punk being cornholed by Bubba the Media Lawyer?

      • An Asexual Ungulate

        Because Bubba don't like 'em skinny and stupid.

    • Boojum


      Fla. Stat. Section 934.02 defines "oral communication" as:

      (2) “Oral communication” means any oral communication uttered by a person exhibiting an expectation that such communication is not subject to interception under circumstances justifying such expectation and does not mean any public oral communication uttered at a public meeting or any electronic communication.

      I don't think this would qualify, given the number of people present and the nature of the proceedings, i.e., a fund raising speech. Sorry, O'Queefe.

    • Guppy

      On the contrary: the statements weren't made "in public," but at a private function in one of his beloved quiet rooms.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        By GOP definition, the rich are not part of the unwashed "public".

    • peatswift

      True, the event was not open to "the public" in the journalistic sense. However, speaking in front of such a large group does constitute speaking in a "public place" in the legal sense of the word. Consider the likelihood that the host did not cook and serve the guests himself, but rather that someone that rich had kitchen staff and servers present. Romney had no reasonable expectation of privacy in the legal sense. Indeed, if he were thinking practically, he should have assumed that the hired help would overhear what he was saying. Anyone who runs for the office of POTUS has to be the type of person who enjoys being the center of attention, and should expect that they are in the public eye at all times.

      • Yellerdawg

        If the "hired help" were seen, heard or taken into consideration at all, there would be no Victorian erotica to speak of; at least, not the voyeuristic variety.

  • Baconzgood

    "Context" "Raw tape"? I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.

    • I think he'd referring to challenge Romney tossed at Corn about releasing the entire video from start to finish.

      Which, you know, Corn has. At least the part about Israel. I just wonder if Corn has a bit more on the 47% tape he'd like to release first, to get hits and subscriptions for MoJo

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        Yeah, I'm surprised there's not more of a stink about the "No state for you!" dismissal of the Palestinians. Not to mention Mitt's notion that it's OK to ignore the tough problems, because they'll "always be there."

        • GunToting[Redacted]

          I just saw Corn on Tweety's show talking about this. Publicly, Mitt has endorsed the two-state solution. In said "quiet rooms," not so much.

          • Biel_ze_Bubba

            I suspect this comes out of his chat (in a quiet room, natch) with that billionaire fuckwad Adelson.
            Can't wait for the debates – Obama's gonna kick Mitt around the room when the "two state solution" question comes around.

  • UnholyMoses

    If anyone knows about surreptitiously filming someone, then editing that tape to make it sound like something totally different, it's this asshole.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      But what does he know about unedited tapes, of people who are not being set up?

    • Stevola

      He assumes everybody does it his way

  • Jimmy is very concerned about ethical violations unless he is committing them. What is the word for that? hmmm, I know. Hypocrite.

    • Baconzgood

      We would accept douche bag too.

      • OkieDokieDog

        I'm going to call him a twatwaffle… which is what his cell mate will call him when he finally ends up in the greybar hotel.

        • elviouslyqueer

          I have at least three names for him:

          Ben Dover. Ann Kell Graber. Pilau Byter.

          • Baconzgood

            Because a gay man said it I'm giving this the WIN!

      • tessiee

        I've started calling him an ass basket. I just like the sound of that.

    • Callyson

      What is the word for that?


      Oh, wait, I see you already said hypocrite. Never mind…

  • Estproph

    Are the colors inverted in O'Keefe's world? Is everything upside-down?

    • Doktor Zoom

      In O'Keefe's world, the dogs go around with cars strapped on top of them.

      • Geminisunmars

        In O'Keefe's world, white ludicrously dressed pimps get pimping advice from baby oak trees.

  • Preferred Customer

    According to this, Mitt Romney can maybe sue for damages. It is not clear whether "butthurt" and "interference with collection of my birthright" are cognizable damage categories under Florida law, though.

    • Nah, as I posted above, this was not a private conversation and is not covered under that statute. It's more than two people, for one thing

    • Mitt should consider himself lucky if he's not dragged before a judge on charges of criminal arrogance and felonious entitlement.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        In Florida? Those get you the governor's office.

    • Native_of_SL_UT

      I guess Mitt could argue it was on private property, thus private.
      I would like to see him try and sue, cause that would work out even better for him, It's always a winning solution to sue somebody for using your own words against you, thus keeping those words in the spotlight.

    • Geminisunmars

      "Butthurt" and "interference with collection of my birthright" worked for W in 2000. Oh, right, happened in Florida, but it was the Supremes who ruled that way, overturning the Florida supremes. As an old, my mind don't work so good anymore.

  • What is wrong with Mother Jones, trying to make a story out of unedited, non-misleading video tape. And they consider themselves journalist.

    If Breitbart wasn't already a zombie, he would drop dead at such a thing.

    • I sort of wish he had been alive for this, only to watch him drop dead. Again.

      In fact, I'd like to reanimate him and then feed him the last 24 hours news cycle so his heart can seize up like a '55 Chevy in a dust storm

      • Boojum

        Could we do it like in that movie, about the fat rat that sees its shadow, what's it called? In other words, over and over and over again?

        • GunToting[Redacted]

          Gingrich Day?

        • tessiee

          "He should come back to life, like that evaporated milk — Carnation."
          — Edith Bunker

    • Geminisunmars

      At last, a reason to feel bad he is dead. Well, for a second or two.

  • UnholyMoses

    In other news, Twitterz is telling me that Brietbart is still dead …

  • LastGasp

    "Oh what a tangled web you journalists weave!" Only a bona fide douchebag like "filmmaker" James O’Keefe would have the nerve to say something like this.

    • Geminisunmars

      Give 'em a break. He doesn't have a clue what it means, he heard someone say it once and thought it sounded klassy.

  • anniegetyerfun

    "Or filming when only one person around?"

    Huh? Did he just ask if the camera was only filming one person? Did he SEE the video, or does he just take to the Twatters to start posting random questions?

    • UnholyMoses

      How to you make the perfect omelet? #randomfuckingquestions

      • emmelemm

        "We will start with the perfect omelette, which is made with two eggs, not three. Amateurs often add milk for density; this is a mistake."

        –L.L. Cool J, Deep Blue Sea

  • RadioX

    If anybody would know about loser journalism it would be Howie Kurtz.

  • mavenmaven

    "oh what a tangled web, etc" Why does anyone give a rat's @$$ what this moron says?

    • sewollef

      So O'Keef is now [mis]quoting Sir Walter Scott? Is he trying to come across as intelligent and smart?

      Does Ricky Santorum know about this?

  • Come here a minute

    James is just mad there were no dildos.

    • Jerri

      Oh, by the looks of that tape there were plenty of dildos there.

  • UnholyMoses

    Would someone with Wonkette Blogz LLC please find out why your site keeps asking me if I want to open some Flash file? (It's only happening on the homepage.)

    'Cause that shit is annoying as holy fuck.

    ETA: Wrong file type changed to correct one.

    • It's the TMZ video on the Eastwood thread. If you click to this quickly, it only hangs up for a moment or so

      • UnholyMoses

        Yeah, I just click "Cancel."

        Good to know it's not someone trying to eff my 'puter. Well, not any more than Adobe already does.

        Thx for the info.

        Now I gotta go ask IT to finally upgrade Flash on this damn thing …

  • SorosBot

    OK, I think the irony meter just broke.

  • Toomush_Infer

    So the idea is:

    Shitty anti-Muslim video placed anonymously on Utube: Freeedumz!!!!

    Tape of $50,0000/plate fundraising dinner by presidential candidate: Felony!!!!

    Did I get this right?….

    • One_who_wanders

      Right in one!

    • anniegetyerfun

      Did you go to law school?

      • Toomush_Infer

        Creative writing major….

  • sbj1964

    Yes in these days of fluff pieces it's nice to see some Journalist still know how to get a story.Lois lane,and Clark would be proud.Nice work guys!

  • MaxNeanderthal

    Ah, that'll be the Dr J Goebbels-on-race-relations school of media ethics, then, also…

  • Beowoof

    He is just mad cause he hasn't been able to film Obama eating fried chicken and handing out welfare checks to people in Escalades.

  • ElPinche

    I'm not a media lawyer, but I download plenty o media from piratebay all the time. And I can safely say that James O'Keefe is a cunt.

  • SmutBoffin

    I am not a media lawyer, but I once saw and episode of Jake and the Fat Man. I don't remember what the episode was about, but there were laws in it. And a fat man.

    Anyway, James O'Keefe is guilty of molesting journalism with his non-ethics. The Fat Man would be happy to see him thrown into a lake of piranhas of votes.

  • Too bad O'Keefe wasn't there to provide the proper context of the full-length unedited videotape. Why wouldn't he show up for such a big Republican event? Oh yeah — he was on probation and wasn't allowed to leave his state.

    • Dudleydidwrong

      O'Keefe should have sent his doppelganger, Breitbart. As a disembodied spirit he is allowed to fly around and gather newz, visit the quiet rooms, and suck donkey dinks.

  • I love the smell of winger desperation in the PM. It smells like….landslide.

  • Baconzgood

    I don't think you want to get in an ethics battle with Mother Jones James.

    • Hey! When's your job start(ed)?

      • Baconzgood

        It starts on the 15th. Of Cocktober.

        • AncienReggie

          Congratulations. I hope.

        • Geminisunmars

          So they gave you another month to enjoy your precious freedum. That was nice.

  • HistoriCat

    Media lawyers, by all means have at it in the comments, on whether “leaving a camera unmanned” opens one up to legal sanctions, or if per usual James O’Keefe is a know-nothing dick.

    Regardless of the legality of the video, O'Keefe is a know-nothing dick.

  • RadioX

    I was thinking last night about how jealous that smug little prick would be. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Compound that with it being Jimmie Carter's grandson. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • Misty Malarky

      I'll just ditto what you said and add:

      • Geminisunmars

        Yeah. What they said. Heeheeheeheeheeheeeeeee!

    • Callyson

      OMG, there is some troll on HuffyPo who is trying to make a big deal about that. As if anyone is going to ignore Romney's comments to focus on some relative of some former President…

  • Callyson

    Was that camera left on the table unmanned?

    James O'Keefe wouldn't know about manning up…

    • Veritas78

      If he was holding it with both hands, the camera would still be un-manned.

      • HogeyeGrex

        I doubt he could get more than two fingers…

        Oh. You said "camera."

  • Exhausted66

    I will give him credit for twatting "you journalists" instead of "we journalists."

  • Hera Sent Me

    James O'Keefe talking about journalistic ethics is like…

    Dick Cheney talking about gun safety.

    Honey Boo Boo's mom talking about the importance of a healthy life style.

    Ted Haggard talking about how easy it is for gay men to turn straight.

    Gary Busey talking about why there's no need to wear a helmet while motorcycling.

    • Native_of_SL_UT

      Bristol Palin lecturing on abstinenc…oh wait.

    • ProgressiveInga

      Marcus talking about the joys of hetero sex

    • Geminisunmars

      Cantor conversing on compromise, cooperation, and collaboration.

    • Callyson

      Lloyd Blankfein talking about doing God's work.

      • bibliotequetress

        Bill O'Reilly talking about all the pussy he got as an intern.

  • godhatesmedotcom

    LOL. Love the mouse over message for the twitter pics.

  • This speech was given to a "public" audience, legally speaking, because there was no effort at confidentiality and it was easily overheard by anyone there including staff — as opposed to Linda Tripp recording a private conversation with a friend. It is not entitled to any further protection and is not a surreptitious recording.

    I am not shocked that neither Forbes nor O'Keefe could bother to figure this out.

    • godhatesmedotcom

      Hmmmm. At many private functions, they WANT you to not record and may kick you out if you are caught…but that doesn't mean that it is illegal to do so. I wonder if that is true as you say in t his case.

      • I think that's totally right. The camera was probably hidden because they privately said, "please don't record this."

        If there was some sort of contractual agreement printed on the ticket (or with the venue if this was an employee) there may be some civil damages, but it's not covered by the statues.

    • Guppy

      I think they have a legal leg to stand on that this was at a private function rather than some public square.

      On the other hand, I don't think they have a political leg to stand on to pursue charges, since that would implicitly highlight that "you people" aren't invited.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        There's a defense for "newsworthy" material about public figures. (Scroll down a bit.)

      • An Asexual Ungulate

        There was waitstaff in the room at various points in the conversation, that kills the reasonableness of any expectation of privacy. They can expect it all they want, but if it's not reasonable? Fuck 'em.

  • FakaktaSouth

    I believe if I had been nationally humiliated and shown for the abject failure of humanity that James has been these last few years, to the point where I am not allowed to leave my state of residency, because, pending felony charges, the LAST thing I would do is jump into a discussion about someone doing what I have been proven to suck at in a successful way. I am as embarrassed for him as anything. He's dumb, ain't he?

    • anniegetyerfun

      Perhaps even dumber than he looks, and that's really saying something.

    • Don't go feeling sorry for him. The best he deserves is a season or 3 as a greenhorn with Captain Keith on "Deadliest Catch," without the post-season payouts. I'd like to see him wave his dildoes in a hard-ass crab boat deckhand's face.

      • FakaktaSouth

        I'm assuming that Captain Keith is not the dead guy from that show? I think he should have to be shipped off to where-ever THAT guy is, the dead one. I am guessing he was buried at sea? That sounds good. Just pitch old James out in the middle of the ocean with just a dildo, no boat.

    • Negropolis

      Bless his heart, he can't help it. Jim was born with a silver dick in his mouth.

      He doesn't feel shame like a human being would.

  • sudsmckenzie

    Wasn't he sponsored by that one guy, what was his name? Strange haven't heard from him lately.

    • docterry6973

      Oh, Bammerz settled that guy's hash, permanently.

  • Always used to laugh when elected shitheads would complain about being quoted during their appearances at town halls. (And, sorry about the redundancy.)

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Shouldn't O'Keefe be busy raping somebody?

    • He was, er did, whatever, but his super-ego didn't notice his id is a backdoor man.

    • Crank_Tango

      I have the weirdest boner right now.

    • YouBetcha

      Not legitimately.

  • I wonder if @JamesOkeefeIII is one of those fellows who compulsively Googles @JamesOkeefeIII every day to see who is talking about @JamesOKeefeIII?


    (that ought to bump this up Google's rankings)

    • RadioX

      You can't spell @JamesOkeefeIII without JOke.

  • neiltheblaze

    There's that missing self-awareness gene again.

  • James O'Keefe is Gaelic for "shark bait."

  • rickmaci

    Ahh. Jerkoff O'Creepy is all butt hurtz 'cause everybody thinks he is an asshat and not a journalistador.

    • ibwilliamsi

      He needs an asshelmet. Asshat isn't going to protect him from the real world.

  • James O'Keefe: not just a not-journalist, but a not-lawyer, too!

    • BarackMyWorld

      Also: not-pimp.

    • "Not, not"
      "Who's there"
      "James O'Keefe"
      "James O'Keefe who's on my porch, meet Moyl my pit bull"

      / events that followed deleted to preserve PG rating.

    • ibwilliamsi

      IF he became a dentist, he could be as great as Orley Taitz.

      • bobbert

        If he became an asshole, it would be an upgrade.

  • JackObin

    Being a mormon should be a felony.

    • tessiee

      As should being a moron.

  • walter scott: florid, shallow and cloyingly patriotic.


  • It should be a felony to be James OKeefe.

  • what's he doing? standing by a nuclear cooling tower?

    • Negropolis

      And we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower…

  • elviouslyqueer

    or if per usual James O’Keefe is a know-nothing dick

    Oh, I'd lay odds that James O'Keefe knows at least something about dick.

    • Jus_Wonderin

      "If it looks like a dick, and acts like a dick, and…………………………………"

    • LibertyLover

      He did have a lot of…Ahem….sexual devices….. on that boat.

    • LibertyLover

      He certainly knows something about stepping on his own…

  • ph7

    It is a felony to reveal what Mitt discusses in quiet rooms.

  • Mittens Howell, III


  • Mittens Howell, III

    Romney campaign's plea to James O'Keefe: "Pimp My Robot"

  • Its only legal if the cameraman was dressed as a 70's blaxploitation pimp, had a boatload of dildos, or was also wiretapping a U.S. Senator's federal offices.

  • Crank_Tango
    • emmelemm

      Hoooollllly moly. I am a female, and I am utterly enchanted by Sophia Vergara's boobs. Also, the bounce on those babies screams "real", just sayin'.

  • ChrisM2011

    *cough* jealous *cough*

    • Negropolis

      This x 1000.

  • banana_bread

    James O'Keefe: making logic cry uncle since 1984!

  • Jerri

    Sniveling, jealous, disingenuous fuckstick failure says what?

    • Something about seeing Pinocchio from his front porch, or while his head is up his ass, the tape is fuzzy.

  • ProgressiveInga

    Just received this tweet from Vanity Fair:
    "Someone on my blog just referred to Mitt Romney as Money Boo Boo. I got nothin' that'll top that."

    Which one of yous posted that???

    • Brilliant! I'll take a dozen bumper stickers and a subscription to the author's newsletter.

    • They obviously stole it from me. I posted it here a while back referring to that rich bitch slob from Australia.

      A few down from the top.

    • that is pretty damned good.

    • Negropolis

      Yes, yes…the end is near; I can taste it.

  • RadioX

    You know what would really piss him off? If someone in congress introduced a bill to award Mother Jones with a Congressional Medal.

  • BarackMyWorld

    I can think of no response to this shithead but slaming my head against a wall repeatedly.

    • Slamming his head against a wall repeatedly?

      • BarackMyWorld

        Even better!

      • GunToting[Redacted]

        With votes, of course.

        • DustBowlBlues

          Damn. You beat me to the comment I intended to post as soon as I read BaM'orldscomment. This was the only logical response to where this thread was obviously going to go.

  • HogeyeGrex

    This from some schmuck that tried to wiretap a fucking US Senator's office?????

    Seriously, Li'l Jim. Just go fuck back off to your swamp.

  • Generation[redacted]

    Yeah it's all fun and games until you get caught tampering with a Senator's phone lines, isn't it?

  • Terry

    Well, now, James O'Keefe would know a felony when he sees it, wouldn't he?

  • LibertyLover

    See James, this is how you do it. No editing required.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      To be fair, O'Queef didn't have the advantage of stalking Republicans.

  • pdiddycornchips

    I really dislike this guy. I wouldn't want to run afoul of our commenting rules but if O'Keefe were to fall off a boat and say a few sharks were swimming nearby, well, I support the right of sharks to enjoy a protein based diet.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      And the right of O'Keefe to be useful.

    • tessiee

      He seems like the kind of fellow who'd be friendly toward sharks. I think he should be their *chum*.

    • tessiee

      Can we get a A-MEN on this?

    • redarmyzombie

      I'm not sure if the sharks have done anything to have O'Keefe inflicted on them though…

  • #DildoBoat

  • Baconzgood

    This from a guy that edits more than the opening of Bagdad Cafe.

  • usernameguy

    I'm pretty sure being a registered Democrat is a felony in Florida.

  • LibertyLover

    What a sad, strange little man.

    • RadioX

      But he's just a kid.
      A vile, repugnant kid.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    I think we've hit on why Miffed Money prefers "quiet rooms", where he can discuss the needs wishes of the 0.1% with an "expectation of privacy".

  • An_Outhouse

    So the part where Romney unzipped his Mom jeans and yelled "check out my weiner" was real?


    • tessiee

      Do his pubes have those Grandpa Munster silver wings like his coif?

  • Jus_Wonderin

    I wonder if that twit has ever been here? He could probably make some comments that would cost Wonkette ad revenue. Not that that has happened before, here.

  • Blueb4sinrise

    It's only a felony if held at a Medical Marijuana Abortionplex.

  • MonkeyMotion

    Hey Jimmy Whiner-Boy:

    Mittens defended his comments; they weren't taken out of context as some fuckwad 'journalists' dressed up as pimps are known to do. Ergo, what's the problem?

    Don't you think Mittens owes Mother Jones a big "thank you" for helping get his message out? Glad you agree. Asshole.

  • Just for the record, how does the fashion-conscious felon pimp an ankle monitor?

    • tessiee

      Directly above the platform shoes with the goldfish in them, I should think.

  • TribecaMike

    Another stoopid thing Mitt said in that speech in May:

    "… my own view is that if we win on November 6th, there will be a great deal of optimism about the future of this country. We’ll see capital come back and we’ll see, without actually doing anything, we’ll actually get a boost in the economy."

    Behold the awesome power of Magic Undies!

    • Toomush_Infer

      Yeah, unlike the market over the past month and a half….

    • Dudleydidwrong

      "We’ll see capital come back …"

      Including what you have stashed away in offshore banks, Mitty Boo Boo? That'll give the old economy a real boost, you jerk.

    • BlueStateLibel

      "without actually doing anything" meaning Mittens wouldn't lift a finger, because, again and again, he has no plan, he is an empty suit without a clue.

      • Lavenderp

        Heaven forfend that Mittens actually ever occupies the White House, but if he does, I'm fine with him doing nothing for 4 years.

        Problem is that Adelson, the Koch Bros, Rove, LDS elders, etc. will be expecting Mitt to dance with them that brung him… All I could hope for is inaction caused by infighting…

    • docterry6973

      Without actually doing anything on the economy, not doing anything for 47% of America, not doing anything about Middle East peace; not doing anything about China and Taiwan for that matter. Mitt doesn't see himself doing a hell of lot, seems to me.

    • tessiee

      "we’ll see, without actually doing anything, we’ll actually get a boost in the economy."

      tweeeeeeeeee*from all the billionaires who are waiting for a white President before they'll create jobs*tweeeeeeee…

  • Loser says what?

  • LibertyLover

    Too bad this loser lost his Lord and protector and Sugar Daddy Breitbart. Too bad he posed as a pimp at the beginning of his creepy stalking illegal activities career because he surely could have played the other role quite nicely.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    OK, time for some fun with the law:

    "Public Disclosure of Private and Embarrassing Facts" is a violation of privacy rights, because intimate details, even though true, can be off limits to the press and public. In order to prevail, Mitt would have to show that the information was:
    (1) sufficiently private or not already in the public domain,
    (2) sufficiently intimate, and
    (3) highly offensive to a reasonable person.

    I'd love to see Mitt assert #3 in court! MoJo would happily (and noisily) stipulate to it.

    Bigger problem for Mittens is that news organizations have a defense against a "private facts" privacy claim: if the material published was "newsworthy", there's no case. End of discussion, no matter where or how the video was obtained.

  • nowave

    Fuck off, O'Keefe.

  • LibrarianX

    James is just mad because he wasn't cast in this movie, but these pimps are way out of his league.

    • DustBowlBlues

      But who plays the whore? Mittens would be perfect since those are folks who get him the primo jobs.

  • DocChaos

    This is O'keefe's attempt at "irony". As with "journalism" it's not something he excels at.

  • AbandonHope_

    I'm actually a little surprised that nobody yet has called him James Bro'Keefe.

  • AbandonHope_

    Some douche-rags named "Twitchy" and "The Inquisitr" are presenting O'Keefe's blatant false equivalence as evidence of the "corrupt liberal media". Because "videotaping statements that somebody made and presenting them totally in-context" is absolutely the same as "butchering a bunch of tape to make it look like somebody said the exact opposite of what she really said". Got it.

    • tessiee

      Also, Clinton got a blow job, so they have an excuse for anything any of them does.

  • JohnnyBrooklyn

    If it actually is the case that a crime was committed I suggest we all donate to this guy's defense fund – we either match Mitt Romney's income tax payments from 2000 – 2008 or give $50, whichever's higher.

  • BerkeleyBear

    This isn't exactly my core field, but it is close. More than anything else, this statute points to how the law is written reactively and often with unintended consequences, which in this case would ultimately make a conviction hard to obtain both as a matter of law and a matter of fact.

    If you look at the core of this, it was a state adjunct to wire-tapping statutes that came out in the 20s and 30s. As far as it went, it sort of made sense, and was premised on the idea that telephonic conversations should be just as private as individual meetings, even though the technology was subject to various forms of interception. That was also why a lot of states invoked all party consent rules to recording, since at the time it was thought that you'd generally not expect a face to face conversation to be recorded.

    But then technology had to go and evolve to allow for cel phones, spike mikes, parabolic dishes and all sorts of other fun. So the law throws in a bunch of additions for "oral communications" and various forms of intercepting technology to make sure only the government can spy on private citizens with impunity. The result is a stinking mess turning on definitions of public vs. private events, expectations of confidentiality and what "interception" means.

    The law has plainly not caught up with the fact that most people are now packing hi-res cameras and microphones at all times and that there really is a much lowered collective expectation of privacy (which sucks, if you ask me). I could see a prosecutor trying to make a case out of this, assuming they are a good water carrier for Mittens, but there would be many problems:

    1. As a matter of law, criminal statutes have to be clear enough that people know whether their conduct is or is not illegal, and have to be interpreted narrowly to that end. Not that a subjective idiot wouldn't know, but that objectively most of us would look at conduct and know to refrain from it as a matter of criminal law. I don't think you could say that here.

    2. There is too little known about this event and Mittens' policies about similar events to state definitively it carried any expectation of privacy. On the one hand, it was closed to the media and had a hefty price tag. On the other, apparently any number of people ponying up the cash would be doing so precisely to hear what Mitt had to say and then relying on that conversation to spread the gospel according to Romney. Attorneys would want to know what, if any, agreements were signed or instructions given about the nature of the information.

    3. Although not set forth in the statute, this law has to comport with the First Amendment too and any broader state level exemptions. There's a strong argument to be made that any party hearing these remarks would have a right to report them to further the national political dialog. Once you can report them, the ability to record them normally follows, since that is seen as having less potential for manipulation and bias (except when Fox or O'Keefe is involved). At least, that's what the ACLU would be screaming if anyone tried to bring a criminal case.

    A potential civil lawsuit would have a greater potential to succeed, especially if the party recording it was under some form of non-disclosure agreement. But damages would be almost impossible to prove, an injunction would not be forthcoming owing to the newsworthy nature of the material, and it would make the Romney campaign look even douchier than normal.

    This last point, by the way, is why good campaigns don't talk about what laws might have been broken or suing when they get their hands caught saying something stupid. It just looks terrible.

    • RadioX


      tort law; did read

    • docterry6973

      Uh, whut??

      • BerkeleyBear

        If I made it too clear, the bar examiners would hunt me down and kill me.

        • Charlie_Foxtrot

          As clear as it can be, no clearer than it can be. It's a real thicket — thanks for the explanation. I am now dangerous.

    • DustBowlBlues

      I am so impressed you did all this work for the edification of the wonkeratti.

    • tessiee
    • Masterful takedown and deconstruction. Worthy of comment of the month, if not year.

    • BaldarTFlagass

      How do you get the Wonkette to accept such a long post? I always get the "your post is too long, please trim it down a bit" message when i go longer than a couple paragraphs…

      Oh, and thanks for the insight!

      • BerkeleyBear

        No idea – sometimes it eats it, sometimes not. It always times out when I write something this long, but that's just a copy, reload, paste problem.

  • Thurman Munster IV

    Fuck this felonious punk.

    • tessiee

      Fuck Thelonius Monk?
      But he's a musician, and…
      Never mind.

  • RadioX

    This is beautiful.

  • BlueStateLibel

    Little James is just jealous because the unsung hero who shot this video will be cited as one of the main factors that helped Rmoney lose the election. Little boy James should stick to dressing up as a pimp.

  • Misty Malarky

    OT: New development in the Pennsylvania voter I.D. laws.

    It must suck to be a Koch these days. Maybe those billions they spent on this election can be deducted from their taxes as a 'bad investment'.

  • BoatOfVelociraptors

    Know nothing dick? Or no dick nothing? Wonkette reports both sides of the argument.

  • OT but I was watching the entire Romney video (no, I'm not going to say "full Romney") and at about 5:40 he's describing Israel and calls Tel Aviv the capital. This should please the right wing, especially after he's gone to such great lengths to say publicly that Jerusalem is the capital. At this point Mitt might consider releasing a few more years of tax returns just to take the attention off this speech.

    • Blueb4sinrise

      Good get!

  • docterry6973

    Mitt, you should definitely demand that Florida file criminal charges, and you should file civil suits against everybody. Please. I want you to do it.

  • redarmyzombie

    You know, all things considered, you have to give Romney SOME credit. I have never seen anyone curb-stomp themselves half as well as he has!

    • Negropolis

      Fight Club libel!

      • tessiee

        Sopranos libel!

  • rocktonsam

    thanks James. you may return to your room with your cheetos and shitty camera.

    I'll kick in to send Rebecca to punch this jerkass right in the dick

  • offlogic

    I'd have to go in with O'Keefe being a know-nothing dickhead fucking loser.

  • DustBowlBlues

    Rmoney has excellent posture–how does he manage that with no spine? He's easier to push around than even a Democrat.

  • Woah, Maddow just name-dropped Wonkette.

    • tessiee

      *does beauty contestant wave to camera*

  • OT: Rachel Maddow just shouted out to Wonkette again, talking about the Mitt baby ad covered earlier today and quoting/crediting the Wonkette post's first line, "Hello babies."

    • ProgressiveInga

      I am strangely aroused by the fact that Rachel reads Wonkette….

      • ElPinche

        Me too. If I ever met her I'd probably awkwardly stutter and drool like a 12 yr girl meeting Bieber or something.

    • gullywompr

      "Profane and excellent". That's high praise.

      • One_who_wanders

        I am putting that on my business cards. Or my tombstone.

    • Atrios too seems to be in the bag. We seem to reside in a strange netherworld of cool/not cool. There ought to be a term to describe it. Perhaps "chumming the shark?"

    • mayor_quimby

      I came to this thread to say exactly that Chet, and now Ana Marie is on Lawrence odonnell .
      The great things that can arise from an interest in political buttsecks… I am so proud.
      Hello Babies, for realz.

      • Charlie_Foxtrot

        That makes me famous, right?

        Well, I already was — I once had a girlfriend who once went out with the drummer from Styx.

        • BerkeleyBear

          So according to the Peter Griffin law of sexual transference, you went out with him, too.

          • Charlie_Foxtrot


        • BloviateMe

          Wow. My ex wife ended up banging the drummer from Journey.

          We're like a fucked up club or something. Trepidatious high five.

          • Charlie_Foxtrot

            At least yours was a wife and not just a girlfriend. And yours at least was with a competent drummer.

            Is that better, or worse??

        • Are you a Chicago South Sider? We moved to the south suburbs from Cleveland right when the white kids were going nuts over local heroes Styx.

          • Charlie_Foxtrot

            Wow, I'm impressed! Did you recognize my accent?

            South Side from age 5 to 10, then West Side. Cubs fan, so you know I'm not a true South Sider. Styx actually played at my high school before anyone heard of them (just before I started). The girl was decades after that.

            And Chet, you're my connection to fame on Wonkette. You are famous and powerful in the quiet rooms of Wonkette, which in the wider world makes you… well, a guy who posts thoughtful, intelligent comments on an obscure web site…

            I remember when you were really famous in the 60's and had a TV show. Actually reminded me a little of that guy who played Clint Chunkstubble or something like that in the 80s.

  • i think it's cool how already mitt romney's presidency is soothing troubled waters.

  • natl_indecency_cmdr

    Here is my well-reasoned, serious, calm response to O'Keefe:

    Really James O'Keefe you've got to be fucking shitting me.

    That is all, except this: "How much O'Keefe is in this movie?"

    • tessiee

      Have the spam, spam, beans, spam, O'Keefe, and spam. That's not got much O'Keefe in it.

  • DustBowlBlues

    That Ken Burns doc was a real bummer tonight. Sadness upon sadness. Thanks for providing humorous distraction to take to my bed tonight. (Ooh, la, la).

    'Later, losers. (As Mittens would define you.)

    • Negropolis

      Wait, which Ken Burns documentary was it, tonight? Was it the one on the history of dental floss?

      • BerkeleyBear

        It actually isn't Ken but Ric Burns, something called Death and the Civil War based on a book from the President of Harvard. From the Colbert interview I saw, it is about how that conflict changed all sorts of stuff about our nation's relationships about death (funeral parlors, death photos, national cemetaries, etc.) and the role of government (again national cemetaries, grave registries, etc.) Fascinating but also not exactly uplifting.

  • Antispandex

    What happens at creepy corporate dinners, stays at creepy corporate dinners?

  • BloviateMe

    Fuck O'Queef.

    Never trust a pussy fart to be reasonable with what it spews….Irish or not. *

    *apologies if this line has already been covered. didn't read all comments yet.

  • Negropolis

    Okay, O'Keefe is a douchebag all by his lonesome. But to get into a Twitter war with Howie fuckin' Kurtz is bottom of the barrel bullshit. lol Talk about punching down.

    • RadioX

      Thank you sir. I thought I was alone in my contempt.

      • Negropolis

        Never will you be alone when it comes to realizing the awfulness of the Beltway punditocracy. I'm talking Heilemann, Halperin, Kurtz, Cillizza, the whole damned lot of the miserable concern trolls.

        Of Halperin in particular, but applying to all if you ask me…

        "In December 2011, Halperin was listed as #1 in's 2011 Hack List, his reporting described as "shallow and predictable" as well as "both fixated solely on the horse race and also uniquely bad at analyzing the horse race."

  • ibwilliamsi

    Somehow James O'Keefe is not the person that I would go to for the intricacies of surreptitious recordings. He has no clue.

  • gunnergoz

    O'Keefe probably considers his own colonoscopy to be cutting-edge cinematography.

    • viennawoods13

      That would be more useful than the rest of his work. wasn't it Colbert who televised his colonoscopy to raise awareness?

      • BaldarTFlagass

        I think maybe it was Katie Couric? I'm not googling "celebrity colonoscopy."

  • tessiee

    I'd laugh at O'Keefe, except I'm still too busy laughing at the same folks who ran "You didn't build this" into the ground like a six year old describing a movie he just saw, all of whom are now hooting and squealing about "context".

    Also, because O'Keefe is a dill hole whose 15 minutes of fame are long over, and I don't give a shit what he says.

  • ttommyunger

    Ha, ha. Koch Funded Cock-Sucker beaten at his own game by an unpaid, unfunded unaffiliated banquet worker with a POS tiny video cam. Too fucking rich!

  • I do not love thee, James O'Keefe,
    In stating why, I can be brief:
    You have the morals of a thief.
    I do not love thee, James O'Keefe.

    • Lavenderp

      I do not love thee, James O'Keefe,
      Why dost thou quiver like a leaf?
      Thy vileness beggars all belief.
      I do not love thee, James O'Keefe,

  • decentcitizen

    Twelve states require all parties to consent to a recording. None of them I know of applies it to a $50,000 a plate fundraiser. Prosecutors don't like a level playing field, and this shit's too news worthy to attempt putting the genie lettorr-outers back in the bottle.

  • ElPinche

    I totally forgot about this video about Romney's daddy on welfare and such:

    Oh the irony!!! I can't take it.

  • BloviateMe

    Jesus fuck. I turned on Fox out of morbid curiosity.

    Trump talking to Van Susteren about Obama and the "redistribution" thing.

    I cannot stop blinking way too rapidly and grinding my teeth. I think it somehow gave me an unsolicited STD. I hurt.

    UPDATE: 5 minutes later, my hair's growing out while also getting wispy, and insisting on being a combover. I'm frightened and confused.

    I also want to build a treefort and call it Bloviate Tower.

  • BloviateMe

    Shouldn't we round it down to $47? Cuz, topical?

  • O’Keefe is a rather transparent loser.

  • Troubledog

    Pretty sure O'Keefe is a 47%er. Whatever he does for a living doesn't pay much.

    He begs for money constantly. Since he looks like he cuts his own hair and borrows suits from friends, he's apparently not spending any of it on himself. I guess, in a way, that's sort of respectable.

  • Willardbot9000_V2.5

    Ah, poor Jimmy…his 'pimp' tape got exposed as bullshit and he tried to con a CNN lady onto a dildo-filled boat for a little roofie-rape. He also made the epically stupid decision to give Beerfartz the rights to his autobiography back when he was a wingnut psuedo-journalist Sean Hannity happily fellated. Now he's a nothing…a guy who tries to trick more intelligent people into falling for his bullshit 'exposes' and fails spectacularly. So Jimmy, are you really this burthurt that Mother Jones is better at exposing asshole right wingers than you are liberals? Or have you just now realized what everyone else already knew: you're a talentless hack who isn't worth a warm cup of piss? Nahh…that would imply self awareness, though it is funny you're attacking someone else's ethics…haha, now back to scrubbing the floors in Glenn Beck's basement with you…

  • Living in Joy

    Is that a gigantic bong in the background of his avatar?

    • BaldarTFlagass

      My guess would be "dildo."

  • Aquarianne17

    Poor little Jimmie-Jam his 15minutes have been over for a while now. No second chances.

  • Jerri

    OT but why the dick must I wake up and hear Erik Erickson flapping his gums on Morning Edition? Morning sucks enough as it is.

    • Yes.. But reading your quaint appraisal of it just made *my* morning… Thanks.

      • Jerri

        Heh. I am glad some good has come of it.

  • DahBoner

    Broken a law?

    These people don't even believe in the Laws of Physics, if an iPod fell and hit them in their heads…

  • BaldarTFlagass

    Semi-OT: This morning's HuffPo headline is "WON'T BACK DOWN" with a photo of Romney. I wonder if he's going to steal that Tom Petty song for his campaign too.

  • cc423

    Basically what he is saying is that unless you are wearing a pimp hat when you do it, you're doing it all wrong.

  • ibwilliamsi

    How dare they not have to edit the hell out of this video to make Bishop Romney look bad?

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