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Video: Mitt Romney Really, Really (Really) Does Not Care For You People

ENTITLEMENTSIt starts out fairly anodyne — Ol’ Miffed Romney talking to his base. (Not “the” base of uncouth teatards, his base of Lehmann Bros. execs or the like.) But very soon, he becomes … what is the word? Unhinged? Yes, unhinged. Because people think they are “entitled” to not starve in the streets of America. Really, listen to the snarl. It’s … it’s fucking gross, actually. Has a candidate for American president ever spoken about his subjects the voters with such repulsion? (He goes on to say he will NEVER be able to make the 47 percent of us who are too poor to pay income taxes into anything other than shit-slime, but it’s that first sneer that really digs into your brain like “Call Me Maybe” or something. Whether or not he ever bothered to pay his own, of course, is still anyone’s guess.) Seeeeriously offputting video, after the jump!

Who else loves the American people as much as Miffed Romney?

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  • Nikita Krushchev.
  • Dick Cheney.
  • Paris Hilton.
  • Gina Rinehart.
  • Eduardo Saverin.
  • Somali pirates.
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      1. Wadisay

        If Harry Ried is right, Mitt is part of the 47-48 percent that pays no taxes. Ergo, he ought to be voting for Obama, too.

      2. PsycWench

        We pay plenty of taxes, aren't on welfare and we're voting for Obama. And there are plenty more where we come from.

        1. sewollef

          I'm simmering on a low boil right now. This is seriously Romney's "whitey moment".

          I can't snark about it, just can't.

          1. BerkeleyBear

            Sure you can. It is just hard to when you want to reach through the intertubes and smack the smirk off his face.

          2. Chet Kincaid_

            It's weird that this is being compared to something that Michelle Obama was libeled with, but never ever said. The actual, non-lie comparison would be Barack Obama saying that certain people cling to their guns and religions because they don't see any solutions in anything else. The big difference is that Obama, even in that statement, did not exude the very specific and very well-explained contempt that Romney did.

      3. Callyson

        "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for Mitt Romney no matter what…there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to bailouts, to tax breaks, to deregulation."


        /OBAMA 2012!

      4. mayor_quimby

        As a single person without kids who claims "1" on their deductions, I am tired of supporting fucks like RMoney who don't pay their fair share. Get a job Mittens, your capital is getting tired of supporting you.

        1. Texan_Bulldog

          Except Barry was accurate–there are people who cling to guns & religion out of fear/ignorance/whatever. Romney is saying half the American population are moochers & free loaders. Colossal dick weed.

    1. Pragmatist2

      I have more problem with people who believe they are "entitled" to use Swiss bank accounts to evade US taxes.

      1. Veritas78

        Seriously, what a dick. He has no concept of who pays what in taxes, and probably doesn't know that his sainted Reagan scrapped income taxes on the lowest earners to save money (!). Clearly, he doesn't know what the lazy 47% do pay in taxes.

        Now I hate him with the heat of a thousand Joseph Smith lynchings.

        Mormons: America's trailer trash before we had trailers.

          1. CthuNHu

            Willard cares deeply about the middle class as he defines it, not the middle class as we might want or wish him to define it.

        1. NellCote71

          Thanks for this posting; it more concisely summarizes the situation than most articles on this topic.

          But the bottom line is that he pays considerable less taxes than middle class (I am thinking in the $50 to 150K range) salary and wage earners who PAY TWICE AS MUCH or more than RMoney because of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and freedomz.

          And I am not apologizing for the cappy thing.

      2. rickmaci

        So Twitt thinks I am a loser because I don't make enough money and don't pay enough in taxes? Calling the pot black (LMAO) is not a good strategy for the kettle. The issues of HIS tax returns and how much tax HE pays, which have been dormant, now are revived.

      3. actor212

        I really want, during the debates, for Obama to ask him how he can claim to love America but keep his money off shore to lower his tax liability.

        It would be even cooler if an audience member during a town hall called him unpatriotic for doing so.

    2. Jus_Wonderin

      Rebecca, you just want me to leave work early and throw myself into a tub of Vodka, don't you????? No worries, it has been that kind of day already.

        1. Texan_Bulldog

          Dunno…Cheney & his devil offspring (the non-gay one) are vile, loathsome creatures. Them & Romney are like a 3-headed hydra.

      1. memzilla

        I'm hoping this is Mittbot's "helmet in a tank hatch / spandex windsurfing outfit / supermarket scanner puzzlement" moment.

            1. finallyhappy

              A few years ago -there was a squirrel eating warning- saying the brains could give you something like mad cow. It seems that squirrel is good eating- or so I was told at the Atlanta drinky thing.

            2. BerkeleyBear

              Hey, when your choices are squirrel or sewer rat, fat squirrel wins every time.

              But any brain/spinal column eating is risky, it turns out – who knew?

            3. Isyaignert

              Mike Huckabee said that he once cooked a squirrel in a popcorn popper when he was in college. It's a true story!

            4. unclejeems

              Yeah, I had a cat once who dragged flattened squirrels from the street in front of the house, up onto the porch, and then looked around like, hey, look what I killed. Reminds me of Bush's Mission Accomplished moment every time I think about it.

          1. rickmaci

            No problema. I think somebody else goose stepped their way to a final solution of that whole burial issue.

        1. Dudleydidwrong

          "And die in my back yards (one of several) so that I can use their bodies for fresh food, if not for me then at least for my servants. No sense in wasting the poorz.."

          Unbelieveably stupid fuck.

        1. Charlie_Foxtrot

          As AncienReggie said —

          "Let them eat bootstraps"

          Too soon? It's a great line, I just haven't found a better spot to steal it yet. :)

      1. ThankYouJeebus

        I love how it cuts on 'whether they like the guy or not.'

        Gosh, Mitt, I think a lot of people are figuring out they don't like you.

    3. No_Wire_Hangers

      I don't have a problem with Mittens believing this, if he'd only OWN IT in his campaigning and advertising. But I guess that's my beef with all Republicans.

      1. Terry

        Ron Paul, crazy as his is, is one of the few Republicans who actually campaigns on most of his actual views. Well, except his views on minorities and being rady to run for the border.

      1. NellCote71

        True story. I gratefully enjoyed a windfall this year, and this year alone, and had to pay 36% on it, which is MORE THAN TWICE what this jerk pays. I normally fall in the most median of median incomes, and more than five times below Rmoney's "$250,000 middle-class income." Now who is the welfare cheat?

        1. Geminisunmars

          Well, it is your own fault for not taking proper precautions in case you should one day have a windfall and not have some kind of tax shelter already in place. You aren't just automatically entitled to not pay taxes, you know.

          ETA: congrats on your windfall. I wish you many many more.

      2. OKthennext

        3,000 fraction-of-one-percenters earned over $two mil in 2011 and paid zero federal taxes due to capital gains and tax-loss carry forward. Mitt thinks that shit is great.

      1. poorgradstudent

        Well…she did agree to play a role in "Repo!: The Genetic Opera," where she portrayed a shallow and sociopathic heiress who is a failed actress and has a sadoerotic fixation on plastic surgery. So honestly to her credit I'd say she probably has thousands of times more self-awareness than Mittens.

        1. Incitefully_Joe

          If the rumors are to be believed (probably) she is also absurdly racist.

          Then again, Mitt Romney is an actual influencial figure who panders to racists for political cachet, which is just as bad in practical terms.

            1. Incitefully_Joe

              Pretty sure you're thinking of Kim K.

              Not that I blame you. They* all look the same to me, too.

              *That is to say, heiresses who are mostly famous for being rich and also having sex on video.

    4. SorosBot

      "but it’s that first sneer that really digs into your brain like “Call Me Maybe” or something."

      Why did you have to do this to us? Ugh now it'll be stuck in my head for hours.

            1. redarmyzombie

              I dunno Soros. Have you ever had Surfin' Bird stuck in your head in a continuous loop for 72 hours straight?

    5. Tequila Mockingbird

      Does he really believe that the government provides food, housing and healthcare for half of the population? And that the only reason people vote for Obama is to keep all the freebies? And how does he explain that all the Obama-loving blue states are the wealthiest ones?

      Meanwhile, the single biggest accepter of government aid is Rmoney's BFF: corporations.

      1. SoBeach

        "Does he really believe that the government provides food, housing and healthcare for half of the population?"

        No, Romney doesn't believe that. But he'll pretend like he does because so many republican voters believe it.

      2. Poindexter718

        I think he does. Because Mittens' politics and policies are entirely predicated on maximizing his own self interest and preserving the prerogatives of wealth and privilege, he is incapable of imagining that others might see things differently and vote according to their conscience rather than their wallet.

        1. redarmyzombie

          Wait, you mean I can get those for FREE?! Those con-artists have been charging me a dollar each time!

      3. Terry

        The government does support a huge number of people, but they're actually defense contractors and not welfare recipients.

      1. Negropolis

        I've had some severe (lol) differences with you, but you, my friend, are no Mitt Romney, and thank Space Allah for that.

        1. actor212

          Oh I didn't mean you guys…well, maybe the reptilian I've seen here…but I've been called a rattlesnake by other, less polite bloggers.

          Oh who am I kidding? This place? Polite?

          1. Chet Kincaid_

            Out of boredom, I caught the last 20 minutes of Godzilla on TV the other night, with that song playing over the closing credits. What a lousy piece of graffiti over a great song. "Unh-hunh. Yay-uh." I can't believe P Diddy got Jimmy Page to participate in playing that on SNL, but Jimmy doesn't seem to have is brain engaged at all times.

    6. ChernobylSoup

      Somewhere in that room is a Chanel-clad trophy wife surprised to hear that 47% of Americans are black.

      1. kittensdontlie

        And the truth is white poor Repugnicants are a large part of the 47%, and adding in all the subsidy programs, that's a lot of Whitey (R-Welfare).

      1. ibwilliamsi

        The sick hungry corporations are people. The hungry sick people don't have any ID and will be turned away at the polls.

      2. mrpuma2u

        Mitt will thank them (poorz with no healthcare etc..) not to die in place where he might have to step over them. What an asshole.

      3. LibertyLover

        Give me your corporations, your rich,
        Your huddled masses of housing derivatives yearning to breathe free,
        The wretched refuse of your 47% non-tax-paying scum.
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed back out to sea,
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door but only for the 1%ers!"

      4. CthuNHu

        Are there no poorhouses? No? Well, let the hungry and sick build their own damn poorhouses, then! They can borrow money from their parents if they have to.

    7. Poindexter718

      Well-groomed colostomy bag Mitt Romney was forced to call half of Americans shiftless layabouts by Bams' "class warfare."

      1. CivicHoliday

        "Well-groomed colostomy bag" is perhaps the best description of this vile organism I've yet heard. Cheers.

    8. ph7

      The people too lazy to:

      not get sick
      not get maimed in war
      not get old
      not lose their job
      not be born to a CEO of American Motors

      can vote for that Kenyan – Mitt doesn't want your vote!

    9. Serolf_Divad

      Mitt Romney's not going to waste his time worrying about the happiness and welfare of the 49% who pay no Federal Income Taxes because they're too poor. He's far more concerned about ensuring the happiness and welfare of the .01% who pay no Federal Income Taxes because they're too rich.

      1. ph7

        Mitt's Dad was rich, then served the people. Mitt is rich, too, thanks to Dad. Dad is dead; Mitt wants to honor Dad.

        Important difference: Mitt's Dad was a politician because he wanted to serve the people; Mitt is a politician because he wants to honor his Dad.

          1. SorosBot

            Romney, Bush II and Gore all had politician fathers they were trying to live up to, while Clinton and Obama both never knew their fathers, with one absent and the other dead; so sources say yes.

            1. Lascauxcaveman

              I guess this could explain why I never got into politics, even though, like my dad, I'm peripherally interested in it. My dad (like me, after him) was too busy making music, having fun and playing outside with his family.

            2. GunToting[Redacted]

              My dad left when I was 12, and we lost everything. I guess I better put together an exploratory committee.

            3. Geminisunmars

              My father stayed in my life, but was a rageaholic psychopath. I guess I should at least join the Republic party.

            4. SorosBot

              Same here; my dad is all happy just spending his day painting or tending his garden and I generally get along fine with him, so politics can't be for me.

          1. Incitefully_Joe

            Didn't he say once that anyone who pays as much in taxes as his dad did on all of his wealth didn't really deserve to be President, because of incompetence? That was sorta weird.

            1. SorosBot

              Very weird. And no, Mitt, someone who is rich yet pays as little in taxes as you do does not deserve to be President, because it means that you are an anti-patriot that hates America.

        1. SayItWithWookies

          I don't know that he wants to honor his dad — and if he does, this is a horrible way to go about it — more that he's ambitious for its own sake and president is the next rung up, so he figures that's where he has to get.

          Maybe it's not pathological, but it's certainly without any drive to make the country better or to right any wrongs or to accomplish anything beyond a personal goal. Which is a huge difference between himself and President Obama — he wanted to fix stuff. Mitt just wants to be president — the agenda will take care of itself once he's in office.

            1. Geminisunmars

              I'm suspecting it has more to do with a Mayan prophecy, if it has anything to do with any kind of prophecy.

            2. bobbert

              Considering how cluelessly entitled he acts, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if deep inside he thinks he is to be the embodiment of the White Horse Prophecy.

              A lot of Mormons are just take-care-of-our-in-group xtian-lite, but some of them are serious about the theology, and seriously crazy.

    10. Tom

      If Willard knows he can't win 47 percent of the nation, why doesn't he just use this as his stump speech? Sounds like a winner to me, said nobody.

    11. seppdecker

      This would be where Obama looks over at Romney and asks, "How am I losing not blowing this asshole out of the water?"

      Sucks to be an intelligent black communist Muslim in America.

      1. Estproph

        The real question is: how is it that someone can hear these statements by Romney DIRECTED AT THEM, and still vote for him? Because plenty will, and there's something wrong with them.

        1. Willardbot9000_V2.5

          It's a phenomena, no doubt about it. The basic fact is these people view the world entirely in abstracts. This and one other reason makes sense to me as to why they vote Republican. To them, Mitt Romney isn't talking to THEM, they are part of the "good guys". He's talking about lazy black people, lazy hispanics, lazy women, etc who "want things" from the government. Therefore they will argue that it doesn't matter if they have health insurance or not because if the government OFFERS it to them that's offensive. I have actually heard right wingers make this argument before. To them, letting the rich have every god damn thing they want is good because taxation is theft and rich people are victims. This sort of logic has many, many holes in it but it explains how idiot poor honkies vote GOP. The other is religious: authoritarianism. If their pastor says so, that's what they believe, end of story.

          1. tessiee

            "To them, Mitt Romney isn't talking to THEM, they are part of the "good guys". He's talking about lazy black people, lazy hispanics, lazy women, etc who "want things" from the government."

            "I wasn't talking about Joe. Joe's a good guy… his kids are nice… I didn't mean him. I meant the OTHER n*****s — the ones who are making all the trouble." — stupid people who have somehow mastered the ability to rationalize

          1. Estproph

            True, but they did hear it, and you can bet they still will vote for Romney. Some of them will even say that he was right even though they know it was directed at them!

    12. actor212

      Y'know, the Obama camp said they had a few tricks up their sleeve to roll out in the fall.

      Just think: this is the FIRST one. What's next? Video of Mitt bathing in babby blood from poor children?

        1. Willardbot9000_V2.5

          No, it's been long enough that it's funny again. By the way…I miss that goofy hardhat with lamp eyes robotic bastard…we need the terror bot to explain and understand the RBot…especially when he's speaking binary.

    13. Pithaughn

      Oh we get your tax policy mr. $omneys. Mine go up and yours go down. Even us below 47% can understand that!
      Really, are we soooooo stupid that we don't understand that there are a fucktillion of other taxes and fees besides Federal Income tax???

      1. SoBeach

        Yes, there are really people so stupid they believe that.

        And no matter how many times they're given the facts they're still going to believe that half the country (basically the non-white half) is living it up on everyone else's dime.

      2. HouseOfTheBlueLights

        This. This this this this this. The idea that the ONLY taxes are federal taxes. That noone ever seems to point out that when federal taxes go down, or are blockgranted, then LOCAL taxes go up, and yes this includes on renters who pay property taxes through their rent. And yes, I'm in Cook County IL where we pay fucking 11+% in sales tax because these fuckers keep starving the big black democratic cities.

      1. Serolf_Divad

        Yeah seriously: "Before the campaign even begins, I'm starting 47-49 points down on my rival, and the only way for me to actually pull this thing off is to secure the allegiance of 98% of voters who filled out a 1040."

        What a way to make people excited about your prospects of winning the presidency!

          1. rickmaci

            …or at least to figure out that if you are giving a speech to a large group of people there is likely to be one somewhere in the room.

            1. Negropolis

              This. There are no "secret" mics at these kind of events, anymore. This is not something he told his wife over the phone in confidence.

      2. actor212

        How does he not see the videocamera recording the entire fucking thing? There's like four or five parts in this report alone, with a promise of more to come. The cam's not shaky (like an O'Keefe joint) so the thing was on a tripod or something, and the focus on Romney is too clear for it to be an iPhone or something like that.

      3. Veritas78

        I'll bet that room was pretty quiet after that. Unless they edited out the thundering crescendo of By Joves and Quite Rights. Hup hup, huzzah! To the Tsar!

    14. SoBeach

      Romney can't win without convincing some Obama voters to vote for him instead.

      This video should do the trick.

      Oh and Mitt? I'd like to see your tax returns just to satisfy myself that you have indeed paid income tax. I know you haven't paid FICA or Medicare taxes — those are for the little people — but I'd like to know if you are one of the so-called 48% who don't pay income taxes. Thanks.

      1. Incitefully_Joe

        Romney can't win without convincing some Obama voters to vote for him instead.

        Or possibly keeping even more Obama voters from voting in the first place!! Let's call that, "Plan A".

    15. Toomush_Infer

      "And that's just what Obama starts off with! Christ, think about the thoughtful, the intellectuals, the well meaning, the givers, the ….well, just think of the uphill battle I have to drag this cross up for you one-per centers, it makes me sick!…."

    16. SorosBot

      And yes, people are fucking entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. And the government should give it to them. That's the government's most basic fucking job, you sniveling prick. To somehow suggest that the government should not provide its' most basic services, the main reason to have a government in the first place, shows that you should be allowed nowhere near any position of government power, shit-for-brains.

      1. Barbara_

        Do you get the sense that in school his sons wrote in: "anyone but my dad" in the nurses office for their emergency contact.

        1. Jus_Wonderin

          Barb, I am not a shrink, but I wonder if Mitt would be a bit more human if he had at least one daughter in that brood?

          1. HistoriCat

            I was wondering about family dynamics. From George Romney's Wikipedia entry :

            They would have four children: Margo Lynn (born 1935), Jane LaFount (born 1938), George Scott (born 1941), and Willard Mitt (born 1947)

            Interesting – he's the youngest child and the only one to fall into the baby boom demographic.

            1. pepperpat

              I'm the youngest too, but I'm not a total fucking dickweed conservative. That honor goes to my eldest brother, who was the 2nd of us 5 kids.

            2. HistoriCat

              Mitt?? Obviously George and Margo were the favored children.—– Reply message —–From: “IntenseDebate Notifications” <>To: “HistoriCat” <>Subject: tessiee replied to your comment on Video: Mitt Romney Really, Really (Really) Does Not Care For You People

            1. Chet Kincaid_

              I don't really remember W interacting or appearing with his daughters at all. Of course, that could be just because I held him in such contempt, I never watched either of his victory parties.

        2. JohnnyQuick

          Probably. I must display my non-dramatic insider knowledge: Somebody I know who was friends with Romney's sons said old Mittster was never around for any family events.

            1. glasspusher

              There is a documented case or two of women without uteri carrying a child(really bad endometriosis ). Just make sure your obstetrician does cesareans, boys.

      2. Willardbot9000_V2.5

        Recognize this sort of argument? I do, but it's a complete turn around from an old Marxist argument: the producer vs. the parasite. Now of course Marx when making this argument was referring to workers as producers because they uh…make things. Managers on the other hands were parasites because they extracted value from what others make while making nothing themselves. Thomas Frank I think brilliantly demonstrated how this argument has been co-opted in "What's the Matter with Kansas" as part and parcel how a fire-breathing socialist state became SO right wing. Essentially these assholes now say the manager is the producers because uh…something about risk or another and workers are parasites. This also goes into 'we built that!' and other shitbag 'individualist' credos….amazing isn't it?

        1. unclejeems

          Good point, that's exactly the backwards argument they make. My quibble with Frank is that Kansas is not a model of populist behavior. It went for the non-Republican candidate for President only twice between 1860 and 1900–in 1892 it went for Weaver of the People's Party and in 1896, of course, WJ Bryan, the Democrat. Since 1900, over more than 25 general elections, it gave its electoral votes to Democrats Wilson (twice), FDR (just twice) and Johnson (once). So while the point is a good one in terms of right-wing populist appeal, I just don't think Kansas is the best example.

        2. UnholyMoses

          Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science socialism?

          (Honestly, though: Fanfuckingtastic comment. I'd upfist you a dozen times if it'd let me.)

    17. savethispatient

      Yes, because there is a 100% employment rate (with good salaries) for white men living in rural areas. The 47% of people who don't earn enough to pay income tax all must be urban, female and black, right?
      You know, before this video, I thought Mitt was probably just a nice guy pandering to the loony base of the Republicans. Turns out he's just a full-on douche-canoe. Well done, Mitt, well done.

      1. Swampgas_Man

        Last guys don't finish nice. Anybody got the odds on when he's gonna start throwing around the N word?

        1. ChuckieJesus

          I don't know if Mormons drop N-bombs. Snowbillies, sure… but Mormons? That would fuck with my view of Mormons worse than Orgazmo did.

        2. tessiee

          "when he's gonna start throwing around the N word?"

          Or when he's gonna get caught on tape throwing around the N word.

      2. ChuckieJesus

        Urban, female, and black here. (And also employed and tax-paying…. oooo) Mittens has less of a chance of getting my vote than fuckin' McCain, and I'm practically a socialist. I didn't think there was a continuum of "men I would unvote for so fucking hard" but, tonight, I realized there is.

        I raise my half-drained glass to you, and will be stealing "douche-canoe". /bullhornblackdynamite

        1. Fukui-sanYesOta

          Reason 304 why I like the wonkete. I couldn't ever have guessed you were female or black or anything else. S'beautiful.

    18. zumpie

      Pssst…Mittens, most red states have more people receiving welfare and not paying taxes than blue ones do. Also, too, your good buddy L'il Ricky Santorum says that highly educated elites are NEVER Republicans, because apparently WE'RE evil, too! So am I to gather that I'm an ivy leaguer with a post graduate degree, but I don't pay taxes or work? Cause that doesn't really make much sense….

      Or it would if I were a Republican who retroactively retired from an "investment" firm funded by blood money….

      1. HouseOfTheBlueLights

        Oh, silly. There you go with facts again. This is the Republican Party, where facts don't matter and 99% of us lose.

    19. RadioX

      Not only is he snarling, but he mixes in whining — "the President starts out with 49%." Again, proving my theory that these psychopaths swing seamlessly from bully to victim to bully…

    20. ChernobylSoup

      I'll admit it: The government makes the payments on my Maserati and 7,000 sq foot beach house. All I had to do was go to the Department of Human Services, tell them I voted for Obama, and sign an affidavit promising not to work for 4 years.

      1. sewollef

        I'll admit it: The government makes the payments on my Maserati and 7,000 sq foot beach house.

        So that's your car? Well, I'll be damned…. we must be neighbors.

    21. Rotundo_

      The first honest statement to come from the man. If only he would just own it and say it more often. America should hear what the Republican take on the world is, straight, pure and to the point. Maybe a few more folks might realize they're being played for suckers by the bastards.

      1. JohnnyQuick

        I keep reading that Conservatives' advice is for Mittens to be specific about these daring 'Republican ideas.' Well, wish granted.

    22. ph7

      Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

      …and kick 'em in their freeloadin' balls!

      -Mitt Romney

    23. Grief_Lessons

      The reality is, if we were intoduced to them individually, we would all hate about 49% of Americans. Still, if you want to be president you have to at least pretend.

      1. bobbert

        You have a point. I've never been introduced to Mitt Romney, and I already hate him and everyone he's ever claimed as a friend.

      2. tessiee

        "The reality is, if we were intoduced to them individually, we would all hate about 49% of Americans"

        True, but I would probably hate them for reasons unrelated to their not paying taxes.

    24. Self-Uploader

      Also have to say I had to check the 46% figure. Despite many of years of working with/for the poors, I had no idea the number of households too poor to pay income tax was that high. We should really do something about income inequality in this country.

      1. imissopus

        I think that number has gone up to the high forties the last few years because of a) the recession and b) we have so many credits and deductions in the tax code now. But someone around here probably knows a lot more about these matters than I do.

        1. zippy_w_pinhead

          the percentage is normally about 35-37%, 47% was an anomaly thanks to the great recession. It also includes retirees, students and people on disability who have to file for various reasons. When you get right down to it, most people pay income tax and they all pay FICA if they work. And we can thank that serious soshalust Ronald Reagan for the earned income tax credit

        2. actor212

          A large percentage of that 47%– not sure precisely how big– is from people who work and have taxes withheld that are reimbursed through the Child Care Credit, effectively cancelling their withholdings.

          You know, single moms who have to support a babby…This is who Mitt hates with a passion.

      2. anniegetyerfun

        I found that shocking, as well. Since graduating from college, I've only ever had two years where I didn't have to pay federal income tax. One year, I was unemployed, and the other year, I was living abroad. Even my incredibly shitty salary right after college was taxed at at least 15%.

    25. HobbesEvilTwin

      Thank you, Mittens, for lowering my already incredibly fucking low regard for humanity. You are proof that god doesn't exist.

    26. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      Ugh, this guy makes me sick to my stomach. But what makes me even more ill are the number of the so-called 47% who are going to vote for this bastard anyway, just because he's white.

      1. Serolf_Divad

        And because they don't realize that they're a member of the 47% that Romney is talking about. In fact, considering how much they pay in SS taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and other fees, most members of this 47% probably have no idea they're members of this 47%.

      2. sewollef

        But what makes me even more ill are the number of the so-called 47% who are going to vote for this bastard anyway, just because he's white.

        Comment made to me by a French friend recently: "Why isn't President Obama winning by a landslide already? It has to be because he's black, surely?".

        Why yes it is, Valérie.

    27. Jerri

      Dear Mittens:

      Although for many years I was indeed too poor to owe income tax, please be assured that during that time I still paid plenty in sales taxes (which as a business man who is an alleged knower of math should know, they are a bigger hit to poors than non-poors such as yourself, assuming you don't just live off gifts and graft that is), not to mention the sin taxes on my precious smokes (you're welcome, schoolchildren).

      In conclusion, blow me.


    28. coolhandnuke

      You could gather any 47 poor people, combine their tax outlays, and in any year they paid more taxes in gas, cigarettes, alcohol, property, sales taxes, Social Security and employment than Mitt Romney paid out in any year.

      1. Isyaignert

        Rmoney made something like $15 million dollars for doing NOTHING. That''s just the dividends on his investments for doing NOTHING!

        When did doing fukkin' NOTHING become more valuable than actually working?

    29. actor212

      He goes on to say he will NEVER be able to make the 47 percent of us who are too poor to pay income taxes into anything other than shit-slime

      He, um, does realize that about 23% of these folks are the rural rednecks, aka his other base?

      1. Incitefully_Joe

        2/3rds of that 47% pay payroll taxes (and thus still probably pay more of their income in federal taxes than Rmoney). More than half of the remainder are elderly, and have no income.

      2. Typodong3

        Yeah umm… I think he forgot all those red states that suck up the highest % of returning federal tax dollars (ie welfare). Oops. Who is left to vote for him?

    30. Native_of_SL_UT

      Mitt thinks I support Obama because I don't pay taxes, but I do patriotically pay my fair share.

      You know who does support Mitt? My Mom. She's retired now. She's one of the 47% Mitt thinks will only vote for Obama. I better fill her in on these new rules.

      1. BelleSC

        My dad too. Loves Romney. Is totally against entitlements….except of course his Medicare, Social Security, and the fact that he can claim Homestead Exemption on his house and, and, and.

    31. kissawookiee

      Says the man who's never been hungry a day in his life. Well, except that one time the mailman was 10 minutes late delivering his stock sale check, and Mitt's stomach growled and he thought he was having a heart attack. Luckily, a little chateaubriand fixed that right up.

        1. Incitefully_Joe

          Chateaubriand is not a wine, but rather a type of double-thick tenderloin steak that's renowned for its flavorful quality. One traditional preparation calls for it to be cooked whilst wrapped in a lesser cut of steak, which is discarded when done.

          You would totally know this if you weren't a worthless peon/parasite who is beneath Mitt Romney's notice and probably going to vote for Obama anyway.

            1. Doktor Zoom

              Based on the "I was behind a woman with food stamps" stories of the right, the ONLY people buying prime cuts of meat are those using Food Stamps .

              Also, they can be used for alcohol. Because that features in the stories as well.

            2. Incitefully_Joe

              Not too long ago, the new target of ire was "hipsters on food stamps".

              So you can really get your poverty-shaming on from both directions at the same time. Not only should you feel bad if you buy non-nutritious crap like soda, or baked goods (??????), but if you buy things that are not crap, you are a strapping young [slur for an African-American male] and/or welfare queen. Or at very least, an hipster who doesn't really need to be on food stamps and are totally abusing the system by giving a shit about your food. Hell, if you use your oven or store the food in a refrigerator, that makes you a welfare queen, too.

              If from this double-bind you somehow conclude that the only way you could be poor and not offend peoples' sensibilities is not to eat food at all, well, Mitt Romney approves that message.

    32. Hammiepants

      So he's saying to independents who pay taxes to vote for him unemotionally even if they don't like him because they can BECOME like him through doing so? This also involves falling asleep next to a pod and waking up Republican, correct?

    33. zumpie

      Oh also, too, also—would this be his awesome new resetty plan-y thing? "Fuck you poors"??? Cause I think we already knew that.

    34. sbj1964

      OK dose any of this really surprise anyone at the Wonk? Mitt is a cold hearted bastard that will say or do anything to get elected.If you don't make a minimum of $250,000 a year he has no interest in being your president.How he expects to be elected by the 1% is bad math,and will resort to every dirty GOP trick in the book.

    35. Limeylizzie

      What a fucking cunt, he is, MrLL pays a shitload of taxes, he should be a Romney voter, white, old, rich but thank fucking Christ he used to be a hippie and would never vote for such a fucking dick.

      1. Fukui-sanYesOta

        From what you've posted on here before then you're five-percenters … like me. I'm white, too. Should be a Republican, I suppose, but they're so fucking detestable and the antithesis of what I believe that words can't express my disdain for them.

        I like your husband.

        1. Limeylizzie

          I like him too, he made his own money , his family were lower middle-class, but he is very talented and made his way in Hollywood starting painting scenery and doing props on indies, so he's a real union guy as well and ended up as a very well-known Production Designer on some pretty influential action and comedy films. He loathes the GOP, he would sooner pay a lot more in taxes if it meant single-payer healthcare etc, he's like a European style Social Democrat.

    36. hagajim

      And after seeing that, I believe Mitt thinks he's "entitled" to be Preznit. What a complete tool. I hope that all Americans get to see that fine little clip….what a complete out-of-touch dickbag. I paid more in taxes (as a percentage) in the last 10 years than you have dickbag – so fuck off!

    37. ChickTract_Fil_A

      "Had he been born of Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot of winning this."
      Mitt, even your Mexican parent had a better chance of winning the presidency than you do. Where was Orly Taitz back then?

      1. anniegetyerfun

        I love the idea that life would be so much easier for him if only he had been born to an immigrant of color.

    38. JoeBeauBoom

      Wait a minute… if 47% of Americans are moochers and only 28% of Americans are colored folks then… Wait… does not compute… Heavens to Kolob!

        1. docterry6973

          I'm with you. Every ancestor I know the name of is going to vote for Obama three or four times. Voter suppression my ass.

    39. Tequila Mockingbird

      Entitlement IS an interesting concept. It implies that one receives privileges to the disadvantage of everyone else, and that others are unable to fight back.

      You know, like a vulture capitalist becoming a near-billionaire by putting people out of work. Or winning the Republican primaries by vastly outspending his opponents and going overwhelmingly negative against them. Or economic proposals that would help him at the cost of most everyone else. Or committing a hate crime against a gay classmate, or avoiding the Vietnam war while living in a mansion in Paris. Or forcing the family dog into a container on the roof of his car, making the dog so sick that he shat himself. Or mocking NASCAR fans for wearing cheap rain ponchos.

      “Entitlement” means one who isn’t used to having to abide by accepted standards of behavior.

      Truly, it is WE who are the entitled ones.

          1. tessiee

            So that was his agenda in wanting the car companies to go bankrupt — he wanted to get everybody to take the train.

    40. anniegetyerfun

      Huh, Mittens, I would have thought you'd know that a significant portion of your base are low-income white people who depend on the government but hate the idea that black people might do the same. Pander to those people, Mitt! Pander!

        1. anniegetyerfun

          Well, he used the “personal responsibility” dog whistle, which is obviously meant to elicit images of welfare queens in the inner city. Of course, where I grew up, most people who had no sense of personal responsibility were white, knocked up by age 15, on welfare, and PROUD supporters of the GOP.

          1. bearperney

            Same here in Missouri. …and believe me the white folks here who fit Mitt's description of the odious 47% will not realize that they are part of it.

          2. Geminisunmars

            I just think he is an equal opportunity hater. Anyone who isn't him, or at least as rich as he is, might as well eat shit and die (after voting for him, of course).

    41. GeorgiaMike

      Gee willekers, Willard. If you get rid of the 47 percent, what will you and your cohorts do when you need organ transplants?

    42. Lionel[redacted]Esq

      It is so unfair. How can those who don't pay income tax understand how hard a person like Mitt Romney has to work to avoid paying any form of tax. Those who make less than then the $200,000-$250,000 of the middle income simply cannot appreciate how hard it is to wake up each morning knowing you have billions of dollars to shelter from Uncle Sam.

    43. anniegetyerfun

      "The reason that I'm not worrying about people to poor to pay income tax," added Mitt, "is that we're doing our job to make sure that at least 10% of them are purged from the voter rolls before this November."

      1. zumpie

        Except the Rockefellers did some good things with their money, Nelson was a centrist and now they're Dems. Mittens is just complete turd.

    44. dadanarchistmk2

      A few weeks ago, a French bajillionaire announced that to dodge François Hollande's proposal to raise the top marginal tax rate on those making more than 1 million euros/year to 75% (makes me hot just thinking about it), he was going to pursue Belgian citizenship.

      He was pilloried by members of the Socialist Party in the press as "unpatriotic," "a loser," and "a parasite." Liberation, the French left-wing daily, headlined its story on him with the headline, Casse-toi, riche con!, or "Go fuck yourself, you rich asshole" (playing off an earlier Sarkozy quote).

      Why oh why oh why can't we have that here in the ole U.S. of A?

    45. Pat_Pending

      He doesn't even sound sincere when he's talking to his people! Sounds more like some handler told him, "Ok, sneer here. It'll make you sound tougher and the base will love you."

      1. tessiee

        As the former Mr. Tessie once said about his spoiled rich prince of a boss, "He has to hire somebody to take a shit for him".

    46. MonkeyMotion

      Wow. It's not what he said (typical GOP bullshit), but how he said it.

      Mittens has unofficially started his "Why I Lost The Election (Because All Those Poor People Didn't Vote For Me)" Tour.

      And so goes the Douche-bag Death Spiral…

    47. Mittens Howell, III

      Today we are all Sally Fields, accepting our Romney Awards: "He hates us! He REALLY hates us!"

    48. Chet Kincaid_

      Dog-whistling and blaming shit on minorities is time-honored, but I have never heard a candidate for any office make 47-49% of the population the "enemy," which is exactly what he just did. New low, and how can he expect to be accepted as a leader with a shocking attitude like that? Yeah, 47-49% of the electorate is bitterly disappointed at the end of every election, but we're supposed to at least pretend that our elected officials govern with the interests of those who didn't vote for them in mind. This is leadership??

      1. tessiee

        "how can he expect to be accepted as a leader with a shocking attitude like that?"

        Yes, how?
        *cough*voter suppression*cough*outspending Obama 20 to 1*cough*

    49. zippy_w_pinhead

      All snark aside- fuck you Mitt. That 47% you speak of was a one time anomaly caused by your party's greedy, rapacious policies that crashed the world economy and threw everyone out of work in 2009. The normal number actually sits at about 35%, not 47% when the economy isn't on the ropes and a good many of those 35% are retirees who have to file, students who have to file and and people on disability who have to file. Most of the rest do in fact work and pay FICA which is actually a much larger portion of federal revenue than the federal income tax (more of that stick it to the lower and middle class tax policy of the last few decades. So basically what Mittwit is doing is insulting grandma, badmouthing Billy the college student and slamming Sam the Iraqi war vet who lost his legs fighting for Mitt's Oil buddies. Like I said, Fuck You Romney and your little buddy R-Lyan the sociopath too

    50. zumpie

      It's on Huffpost and apparently Thurston and Eddie have yet to comment, can't wait for the spin…."we didn't say that, YOU said that!!! And we are NOT losing!!!!".

      This would be Mittens' Lehman moment, BTW.

      1. MistaEko

        Good christ, the man has already had several Lehman moments. We have to be up to WaMu and AIG moments by this point…

    51. Mittens Howell, III

      Why does EVERY day have to be 'The Day That Mitt Romney Lost The Election.'

      Chill the fuck out, Mitt.

    52. Thurman Munster IV

      Since this is Rosh Hashanah I'll ask Mitt's forgiveness for what I am about to say. Fuck you you motherfucking piece of pus on a stick. And fuck you too also asshole.

      1. finallyhappy

        Shanah Tovah to you and Casse-toi, riche con! to Mittens. And we have until Hoshana Rabbah to get in the good book(or not as I don't really believe in that- yet I will be attending Hoshana Rabbah services)

      1. Geminisunmars

        So is this what Herman Cain was referring to when he said "Lucky Ducky". (The more time goes by, the more I think he was punking the Republkian Party.) ( And the rest of us, too.)

    53. smitallica

      Yes, Mitt. It's the POOR in this country who think they're entitled to a whole bunch of things.

      There is seriously not enough fuck you in the universe for this loathsome excuse for a human being.

      1. Negropolis

        Nah, what you are experiencing it a basic human reaction to vulgar indecency. That just so happens to have a liberal bias.

    54. MistaEko

      Hey! Poors should go hungry! Man they're lazy!
      So just ignore them! And vote me, maybe!

      And pollsters and columnists – they debase me!
      So pack it in folks! 2016, maybe!

    55. LibertyLover

      Shocking! People think that they are entitled to a liveable wage. It's shocking, I tell you, that the people in this country would love to be in the wage range where they might be able to have the problem of paying taxes in America.

    56. LibertyLover

      Wait a minute…I thought it that Romney thought that it is a good thing not to have to pay any taxes in the United States. Isn't that the purpose of his off-shore accounts?

    57. JoJoSoPhat

      The third video mentions that his consultants have worked with Netanyahu. This is a significant admission since Netanyahu has been tearing up the US airwaves lately trying to skewer Obama's foreign policy, etc.

    58. Chet Kincaid_

      "I mean let's face it, a dog thinks it's entitled to be fed when it wants, walked when it wants, get free vet visits and flea medication, have its recreation and emotional needs provided for. If it thinks its going to ride with us inside the car too, on a cross country trip?! Come on. The dog will go on the roof, and like it."

    59. HistoriCat

      Maybe we have this all wrong … maybe the Romney campaign released this video. It could be a desperate attempt to shore up support by the "let them die" contingent!

    60. Self-Uploader

      All snark aside, I want to say thank you and many wet kisses to whomever it was recording this and giving it to David Corn.

      This really could be the final nail in the coffin. Yippee!

      Or as Joe the Veep might say, "This is a big fucking deal."

      1. zumpie

        And at least Nixon was self made and did some positive things (like China) for this country. Mittens, not so much

      2. bibliotequetress

        Well, I was going to say "Idi Amin" but that does seem melodramatic. However, Amin was notorious for saying his citizenry was irresponsible.

      3. Dudleydidwrong

        If that's the height to which Mitt aspires he's already a great man. His motto: "I'm not much worse than Nixon." That'll win voters and produce statues.

            1. serf

              He is prez of all Americans. Thus as prez his mocked was uncalled for.. and in fact his mocked created what you libs hate the most tea party movement.
              why do you hate your fellow Americans?

            2. glamourdammerung

              Prez O did as he MOCKED hard working tax paying Americans in fact democrats launch an attack on those same taxpayers

              he mocked the 2009 tax day rally..

              You are contradicting yourself.

        1. tessiee

          If you expect to be taken at all seriously here, you might want to put some effort into writing sentences that have a passing familiarity with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

          Also, that have content which is not completely batshit insane.

            1. Doktor Zoom

              Ah, the classic "no UR crazy!" reply. Very impressive, but so far you're only at about .04 TimeCubes.

              Try harder.

            2. tessiee

              I see. You care so little about my opinion that it took you all of 10 minutes to reply to my post and tell me that I'm not your problem — is that the story you're sticking to?

              It's OK if you don't care what I think of you; everybody else here thinks you're an imbecile, too.

            3. tessiee

              Oh, please, prove to everyone here how little our opinions matter to you by replying to every comment in this thread as soon as they're posted.

              Now fuck off back to little green footballs or wherever it is you were excreted from; you're way out of your league here.

              Yes, yes, I know, we all know — "you don't care".

        2. tessiee

          "Prez O" — his correct name and title is "President Obama"
          "did" — needs a comma after "did"
          "hard working" — should be hyphenated, "hard-working"
          "tax paying" — should be hyphenated, "tax-paying"
          "Americans" — needs a period afer "Americans"
          "in" — the i should be capitalized, as it is, or should be, the beginning of a sentence
          "fact" — should have a comma after "fact"
          "democrats" — proper noun should be capitalized, "Americans"
          "launch" — past tense, should be "launched"
          "taxpayers" — should have a period after "taxpayers"

          Wow, 10 spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors in a post totaling only 19 words — and no content to speak of.

          You're not trying very hard, are you?

            1. glamourdammerung

              Then stop replying.

              The passive aggressive whining about how you have to make a big show about how much you supposedly do not care is very telling.

    61. docterry6973

      A solution does suggest itself, and the cue is a place. Let's see… Times Square, no; Tahrir Square, not quite…ah yes. Place de la Revolution.

    62. OneYieldRegular

      After his craven profiteering off of the attack in Libya, I didn't think it possible for him to sink any more despicably lower. He has proven me wrong once again.

    63. SayItWithWookies

      And after Mitt loses the election, the post-mortem from the right will include the analysis that his campaign just held too much back and wasn't giving the American people the tough no-nonsense talk that they were really yearning for. Which will, of course, be the fault of the spoiled, entitled masses and their puppetmasters the elite media who twist every little gaffe into a huge outrage.

      1. zumpie

        And that he wasn't far right enough. Because everyone knows that pretty much everyone is a wingnut—just there a few of us libruls buzzing around like trouble making gnats.

      2. gullywompr

        Yessir. It will be all Romney's fault (hey dipshits, it was YOUR primaries that selected him!). They will double-down on the same hate speech that is responsible for them to lose, and the party will collapse after they lose again in 2016 and again in 2020. Poof, goodbye.

    64. iburl

      Consceding 47-49% of the vote and calling them all, basically, assholes, is not a winning strategy, maybe he thinks he can win by just having the votes re-tallied on a Republican computer like Ohio did in 2004.

      1. Lavenderp

        Sadly, suppressing & rigging votes is the GOP's best chance of winning, & I'm sure plans are afoot in swing states to accomplish what Mitt's charisma & integrity never will.

    65. LibertyLover

      You see? When Romney says what he really thinks, then that's when he gets in trouble… he has to lie ( and the Republican party has to cheat and steal votes away from people) and be vague or else he won't be able to trick that middle 10% into voting for him.

    66. MonkeyHamlet

      In all fairness to Mittens, the fine print on my food stamps application DOES say that in agreeing to become a U.S. government freeloader: 1) I will not seek employment; 2) I can only earn money through scratch-offs; 3) I must drink more go go juice and; 4) I'm required to change my last name to Boo Boo Child.

    67. BlueStateLibel

      On the bright side for his campaign, at least he locks up the sociopath vote with this little bit. Seriously, the guy deserves to have a nervous breakdown after Hopey drinks his milkshake in November.

    68. docterry6973

      So 47% to 49% of us think we are entitled, whereas Mitt and his pals KNOW they are entitled. I see.

      So I went to 12 years of public school, 4 years at a land-grant college and another five at a land-grant college in graduate school; where I had two years on a federal grant, one year on a VA internship, and two years as a teaching assistant. Then I worked 13 years for a state government before going into private practice. Gosh, I feel bad now. I need to learn to take personal responsibility. Good advice, Mitt, and fuck you very much. I wonder how many votes I could jam into his ear canal.

      1. thebeatgoeson

        When I was little my dad earned $1 a week too much to qualify for medicaid so we had no health insurance until I was 10. I went to 13 years of public school, got scholarship, workstudy and loans to go to an almost Ivy League College, got loans to go to medical school (one of the most expensive in the country at the time), some of which had an over 15% interest rate, then did a 3 year residency in pediatrics. Ended up working at an inner city health center (starting salary in 1985 for an MD was $35,000) and struggled to pay back $50,000 in loans over 10 years. I've been there for 27 years taking care of poor immigrant (some legal, some not) and minority kids, many of whose parents work alternate shifts (to avoid babysitter/day care costs) at shitty minimum wage jobs so they can pay for food and clothing and gasoline and housing, which eats up a hell of a lot more of their paycheck than it would Rmoney's. Poor greedy bastards – wanting things like health insurance to make sure their kids can get seen if they are sick or get preventive care to keep them well, and WIC supplements to make sure their babies and toddlers don't suffer from malnutrition. And how dare they ask for access to affordable birth control so they can keep from having too many babies.
        I second the sentiment – fuck you very much, Willard. And just think how many votes we can jam into his ear canal if we work together…

        1. ChuckieJesus

          Public servants reprazent! I'm about $35k in the hole to life, and I'm 40, I don't own a car anymore (thanks 2000s) and I've never owned a house and I probably never will. I live in a marginal part of the hood in the Midwest, but I came up in Anacostia when I was real small, back when ketchup was a vegetable and all the kids I knew played in the parking lot and ate government cheese. I've been working as a public servant for about half a decade now… I was a hipster zine/coffeehouse/bookstore/temp/maid type for two decades before that.

          I used to clean toilets for people like Mittens. He can kiss my black ass.

    69. TootsStansbury

      I was just able to watch the video. Damn. What an entitled, mean, nasty excuse he is. This race is close? HOW? I don't want an answer to that, I haz a sad.

      Mean people suck.

      1. Guppy

        This race is close?

        Because poor rural whites have hubris and misplaced pride rather than Christian humility.

      1. SorosBot

        This has been on just about every blog I've got bookmarked for the past hour or two; at least online it's everywhere. Hope this means he really is fucked.

        1. emmelemm

          Yeah, but it's important to remember sometimes that us 'leetist lieberals are in our own echo chamber.

          ETA: It's possible no one who doesn't already hate Romney will hear this.

          1. bibliotequetress

            Hiya, emmelemm– just checked Google News– for MS or right wing media, it's on ABC, the NY Daily News (!), the Daily Caller (seems to spin it as Romney bravely being candid, at a cocktail party), Politico, the Financial Times, & UPI. That's just the first page.

        1. Jerri

          I'm 99% sure it was on NBC news tonight. (I was at the gym and not wearing glasses so the assholery was less vivid.)

          1. SorosBot

            Awesome. Now I just hope it's really true that the boys of the NYPD choir's still singing Galway Bay and the bells were ringing out for Christmas day.

    70. spareme

      How many times does the Republican Party need to implode before their adherents realize what a bunch of awful dumbfucks they are? I can't even say I am enjoying watching this…I am far more shocked at their utter hatred, their obvious distaste, for a large portion of the very people they are wanting to represent. It begs this question: why do they want to rule? I think I know the answer: shut up spareme and polish my shoes, my car, and my silver.

    71. TootsStansbury

      ugh. besides Rmoney's meanness, you can hear, in the background, the capitalist pigs at their troughs. Disgusting. I hope this gets out.

      1. Living in Joy

        Even better, you can hear the "Help" gathering up utensils and moving around the tables. I used to a Banquet Manager for a major hotel chain. Right now I can say I would have lost my job over an "accidental" food spill on a wealthy patron's lap. My staff and I worked our asses off to make sure these stupid ass events went off as promised and for him and his ilk to have the temerity to diss the people actually serving his meals? Be careful what you eat! Things have been know to have accidentally fallen on the floor, dumped in the garbage and foraged out. Shit happens.

        1. zumpie

          And spat on, don't forget that one! :-)

          Even when I moved into sales it was sometimes really hard to deal with wingnuttery. I once had to have lunch with a client who was so racist I had to excuse myself to the ladies' room to avoid hurting her.

    72. NYNYNYjr

      There's another part where Mitt say he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth and didn't inherit anything.
      Your dad was CEO of American Motors, he was governor of Michigan, he was a millionaire, in the 1960s, he was Secretary of Housing, he ran for President, you went to prep school, then France, then Harvard.

      Silver spoon.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        Actually, he says that he WAS born with a silver spoon in his mouth – and that silver spoon is the ULTIMATE silver spoon: being born in the good ol' USA.

        1. Veritas78

          Apparently a silver spoon up his asshole, too. For scooping out the treasured lumps. By his negress nanny, no doubt—the lazy bitch.

      2. Chichikovovich

        That is one of those Romney statements that is carefully chosen to deceive while being literally true. Of course Mitt didn't inherit anything. His father died in 1995, when Mitt was almost 50, and already a multimillionaire.

        So the question is what Mitt got from his father when he was young, not when inheritance became an issue. And as we know from Ann's 1994 interview with the Boston Globe, he at least got lots and lots of American Motors stock. Enough to live on while at BYU with lots left over.

        You've got to watch that weasel every second!

        [Edit: Mitt uses this "I didn't inherit anything" line constantly. And it really pisses me off. So I reserve the right to post this particular aperçu a couple more times on other threads.]

        1. La_Cieca

          A little internet research shows that what Romney did inherit was something about $2 million, which he donated to Brigham Young University to name a department after his father. His net worth by then was something between $50 million and $100 million, so a deductible donation of $2 million, perhaps even counted against his tithe to the LDS church, was not going to hurt him at all.

          He also seems to regard the fact that his father was the Governor of Michigan, president of General Motors and one of the most respected public figures in the nation as just something sort of incidental to his life, as if that kind of family connection has nothing to do with opportunities for education and networking.

          And finally, he really has no sense whatsoever of what financial ruin might be like: that is, from his youth well into middle age he always felt free to take big risks knowing that if he failed the worst he would suffer would be the embarrassment of going to his dad to bail him out. Very few men with a wife and five children enjoy that sense of safety in their financial dealings, which of course makes it all the more infuriatingly ironic that he is so ready to pull the meager safety net out from under half the population.

          1. SorosBot

            But, see, he didn't inherit anything – technically, if you use the most literal meaning of the word "inherit" – so he made all his money all on his own merit! And yes, he got into Harvard and named CEO of Bain all because he was just so awesome and not because of who his daddy was.

          2. NellCote71

            You're exactly right. God's honest truth. In 1993-94, I had a little extra cash, about $5K, and I seriously considered investing in Apple. But having been brought up by Depression era parents, I said, nah, too risky.

        2. Jukesgrrl

          Don't most of the super-rich make their GRANDchildren, not their children, their direct heirs? It has something to do with avoiding TAXES. I wouldn't know for sure, though, since I'll never have to worry about such a thing.

    73. Incitefully_Joe

      Well, you do have to hand one thing to Mitt Romney here. He looks and sounds way less ill-at-ease, awkward, and stilted, than when he's forced to associate with the peons at campaign events.

        1. docterry6973

          Today's essay question: Romney tape and Breitbart's Acorn Tape. Compare and contrast, with special attention to issues of distorting edits.

      1. Guppy

        But over what, exactly ?

        Over a conservative talking like a conservative(.)

        Gotta say, I agree with the Ouija blog on this one.

    74. deanbooth

      Mrs. Deanbooth just shouted from the other room that on the TV news Chuck Todd is defending Romney. How, I can't even imagine. That the 47% number is "true"?

        1. schvitzatura

          Chuck equivocating is more blahbitty blah to keep the horserace alive.

          And I have never seen a smaller knot on a tie than around Todd's lardy neck. Half Windsor on a wide collar cut-away, minimum, or GTFO!

    75. cousinitt

      On one of the video clips, he boasts of his international team of Rovian consultants who've done races in Armenia and Africa–oh, if there is a god, let it be Somalia or Zimbabwe. Willard even outsources his own campaign. Now, that's dedication to your, your, um, what would you call it?

      1. TribecaMike

        The fourth stanza of the national anthem of Armenia:

        Death is the same everywhere,
        A man dies but once,
        Blessed is the one that dies
        For the freedom of his nation.

        Go for it, Karl. We're behind you all the way.

    76. rickmaci

      Kate Middleton and Mitt Romney need to learn to be more careful about exposing parts of themselves that they would prefer not become public or at least about not doing things even in private that can become very embarrassing if there is a camera present.

    77. Typodong3

      So this is what Mitt meant when he said these things should be spoken of in quiet rooms… wow he was right.

    78. TootsStansbury

      Mr. Stansbury and I did everything a young pair of teenaged sweethearts could do, wrong. But we soldiered on, struggled and built a nice life for ourselves. We're nowhere near "rich" but were able to get our daughter through college and have some of the little nice things that money can buy (although our priorities always seem messed up by normal standards, you know a fool and his money…). I have never felt anything but gratitude for our good fortune and try to share as much as I can, I certainly have never begrudged paying my taxes, it is my duty as a citizen (remember that word Republicans?). If I believed in God, "There but for the grace of God go I", would cover it.

      Oh and go go go Mother Jones.

      ETA I would like younger stupid eejits like me and Mr. Stansbury to have the same fucking opportunity we did.

      1. Fukui-sanYesOta

        Everyone fucks up. Lots of times. The measure of a person is whether they fuck up and start to blame black people or liberals or etc and so on, or whether they stand up and admit they fucked up.

        Although people with huge familial family-based hyperfortunes will never have to make that decision because they're backstopped by said fortunes. GWB. Willard. These people tend to be complete cunts.

    79. WhatTheHeck

      Looks like all those rich folk were eating off Ironing boards as they drew up plans to create a new virus to kill of the untouchables.

    80. Pennywhistler

      And this comes from a man who pays half the taxes he should BECAUSE HE IS GETTING A GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT / SUBSIDY via the tax breaks engineered into the tax code.

      And so my job is not to worry about him.

    81. JohnnyBrooklyn

      I really want to say somethign clever, but all that's going through my head is fuckyouyoufuckingarrogantselfentitledfuckpaysometaxesandgetthefuckouttamylife.

    82. azeyote

      i have to admitt that when he dribbles his drivel – i realize that i'm not so bad after all, i just hope he doesn't babtise me when i'm dead, and i have to wake up in his solar system. now that would make me a believer in hell.

    83. BlueStateLibel

      As someone else said, kudos to the brave, intrepid soul who got this video. This is going to do major, major damage to him.

    84. LibertyLover

      Yeah. This guy is the guy that's gonna solve the problems in the Middle East. Uh-huh… Next thing you know, he and Lizard Cheney will be starting a war with Czechoslovakia.

    85. carolinaswamp

      I don't think much of Mittens' abilities, but I really don't believe that he can be so pig ignorant that he isn't aware that the poor pay proportions of their income similar to more affluent people (other than those like him wealthy enough to avoid taxes) when sales and payroll taxes are considered. So, I have to conclude that he is so obsessed by the desire for power that he will say anything that he thinks will help to get it. And speaking of entitlement — he thinks he is entitled to the presidency, despite the ever-increasing evidence that he simply isn't up to the job of national leadership and decision-making. So, he lays into some poor kid who thinks they might be entitled to not go to bed hungry. Nice.

    86. Gleem McShineys

      Mitt was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
      Apparently he was born with a golden stick up his ass.

    87. Lavenderp

      "I can– I can never predict what the markets will do. Sometimes it does the exact opposite of what I would have expected. But my own view is that if we get a "Taxageddon," as they call it, January 1st, with this president, and with a Congress that can't work together, it's— it really is frightening."

      Why should this multimillionaire be worried about a 'taxaggedon'? Will he be reduced to begging in the streets if he is no longer able to wriggle out of paying his privileged, lower rate? Will any of the multimillionaire's he's addressing? What is so fucking scary about paying your fair share?

      And if he can never predict what the markets will do, why is he trying to tell people that the markets will respond more favorably to a Romney presidency than to 4 more years of Obama? Unless he has some sinister plan to undermine the markets & blame Obama…

    88. Tequila Mockingbird

      Look, I don't know about the rest of you suckers, but I live on the beach in a house paid by welfare. I haven't worked in years and I use food stamps to buy boxed wine. Life is great! Obama 2012!

      1. Living in Joy

        I don't live on a beach in a house, but I am able to enjoy a very nice Cabernet Sauvignon in my tent placed on the beach just below Mitt Romney's LaJolla getaway. I take a little vacation while he's in town because he's such a fussy asshole, but otherwise, party at my tent! BYOB for God's sake. My "entitlement" only stretches so far.

    89. sailingthestyx

      what's cool is that a bunch of us who pay our 35% are going to vote for Obama too…partly because the dicks like romney who only pay their 15%…

    90. Serfville

      Oh, Lordee, "the brazen, unabashed "those people" (47percenters) moment", that will live on in infamy, like the Willie Horton campaign ad, like Annie dancing horsey Leona Helmsley Mrs. Mittens "you(those) people moment. AND THESE 2 ARE MARRIED! Ha Ha Ha what a coincidence! He has been saying this in your face "I will not apologize for being successful" mantra all along. This underground super secret vid is just grittier and more ugly, but really, meh, more of the same from Mittens & the Mrs."Pour me anotha hot toddy, Jeeves, you are such a dear!"

    91. randcoolcatdaddy

      Why do I get the funny feeling that the campaign professionals working on Team Romney are letting the leaks fly, knowing they're on a sinking ship, and hoping to shift the blame to Romney as they polish their resumes for the next campaign job?

      1. Living in Joy

        It kind of reminds you of the last few weeks of McCain's campaign, doesn't it? Except that this is occurring almost two months from the election. Should get even more interesting as everyone starts to run for cover.

    92. TribecaMike

      And then he added, "Indentured servitude was the best thing that ever happened to Irish-Americans. They knew their place back then, and that place was the pigsty."

      1. Negropolis

        "And, The Blacks? Well, they never had it so good as when they were in the fields. I mean, they got free meals and room & board for Pete's sake!"

    93. deangarr

      It is going to be more than that 47% of Americans who vote against you, Mr. Romney.
      We don't want to see you anywhere NEAR the White House.
      You are not only cynical and vacant, you are frightening.

    94. comrad_darkness

      I have a real problem with people who are entitled to buy off our elected reps to set the rules their way so they can run up corporate debt, put it in their own pocket and close factories, all while claiming they are doing good things for the country.

    95. DemonicRage

      Why did that Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate who had had electro-shock therapy have to withdraw from the National ticket and not this (Happy New Year!) putz?

    96. amarikah

      Interesting day to revisit this video: "I've been poor. I've worked from the time I was 12. My parents were driven out of Old Mexico when I was only 5. My people were revolutionary refugees. They had to be fed by the United States government and housed by the United States government. I know what poverty is I've been up through it." – George Romney

      1. BlueStateLibel

        If only the United States government had sent the whole family back…

        I don't really know much about the late George Romney, but what little I know indicates that he would be appalled by his son.

      2. Chet Kincaid_

        I'm seeing a re-make of "The Godfather Part II": The tale of George Romney, a self-made auto company president and governor, a person who paid his taxes and revealed his income, who gave a shit about black people, who realized the military was bullshitting about the Viet Nam War, and who headed an entitlement bureaucracy in the federal government, interspersed with the story of how his privileged son's Presidential campaign devolves into complete chaos.

      1. Lavenderp

        If I were clever, I could think up a tongue twister about fuflans not being a flu fan, but I'll spare you the extra suffering & hope you are well on the road to recovery. All this Romney fail should at least be good for morale…

    97. zumpie

      Ooooh, oooh—Hardball had both the Obama Campaign's response ("Rmoney is an evil snotty turd who hate America and her people") and Thurston's.

      Howell didn't even try to deny it, he just blathered about concern for all those poors and stuff. Or rather, "Mittens does so too like teh poors and this is Obama's fault, anyway!"

      1. Chichikovovich

        The poor, Mitt? You mean the people you're talking about here:

        …[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

        I must say that's not the way I expect someone who cares about the poor to talk. It is, rather, the voice of someone who holds the poor in complete contempt and is indifferent to their fate.

    98. docterry6973

      Why yes, Mitt. In the richest country on earth I DO think that people are entitled to food, housing, and healthcare. I grew up poor and worked from 16 on, full or part time every year but two. I have more money than I ever knew existed, even if I do have only one house, no car elevator and no dancing horse. I pay income taxes, every year, and I suspect that is more than you can say. So fuck you very much Mitt. I am one of the 53% you figure are yours by right, but you ain't getting my vote.

    99. LibertyLover

      Considering we know more about a Zombie Apocalypse than we do about the taxes that Mitt Romney has paid, I would like to know if Mittens is part of the 47% that doesn't pay any Federal income tax… oh wait, he is, because since he doesn't have a JOB then he only pays capital gains taxes.

      His money works harder than Romney does.

      1. Iam_Who_Iam

        I have been greatly disappointed that no one has made an issue of the fact that Romney hasn't held a job for most of the past decade. Where does he get off spouting about hard work and the work ethic? What the hell has he been doing? Isn't he supposed to be job creating or something with his Bush tax cuts?

        1. Chichikovovich

          He's created lots of jobs in the "Explaining away and spinning the latest insulting, moronic, incompetent Romney statement" industry.

    100. skmind

      Top 10 states that have most of these moochers:

      New Mexico
      South Carolina


      That is 9 out of 10 states that are RED. Bastion of conservative ideology – responsibility, family values, fiscal conservatism. Mainly Confederate states, if you check the geography.

    101. TribecaMike

      The D.C. public tv channel WETA-UK has been showing the classic 1976 BBC series I, Claudius. It's a lot like watching a capsule history of the GOP from Reagan to Bush (Augustus to Caligula), only without a comparatively sane Claudius figure.

      1. Serfville

        That is my favorite PBS series of all time. To this day John Hurt is my fav actor after that. The fall of the Roman Empire yes indeedee. I will check & see if it is playing here. I should just buy the damn thing with my food stamps and entitlements after all these years! Gubbermint, would you please buy me "I Claudius"? Please?

        1. TribecaMike

          It's my fave also, and has aged like a fine Andalusian brandy. I hope it starts a trend, after which I'd love to see PBS affiliates air the old Doctor Who's (might as well wish for the return of Bob Marley, but one can dream).

        2. SorosBot

          It's awesome; and the twelve-year-old, poor cable-less me loved it because, like some other shows on PBS and nothing on the networks or UHF, it had fleeting breasts.

          And it had Patrick Stuart, back when he still had hair. Amazing.

          1. TribecaMike

            Mnemosyne is a funny goddess. I recalled seeing boobies too, but the mammories must have been playing tricks because I haven't sighted nary a single udder in the repeats. Or maybe they've been edited out for today's more sophisticated viewers?

            I used to look forward to Monty Python just to catch the occasional glimpse of Carol Cleveland's curvy thighs. Make it so!

            1. SorosBot

              I rewatched it recently on YouTube – and the whole series is up there, or at least was about a year ago, after I finally read the books – and there are definitely boobies in the first episode; there may not have been any after that one however.

            2. TribecaMike

              I've always had a crush on Patricia Quinn, who played the slutty and tragic Livilla. I didn't realize til the other day that she was Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

            3. TribecaMike

              Owners of "the property" have been shopping around a remake for several years, but it's probably too literary for the studio's tastes. No need to remake it, since the original production is fine as it is. The novels are a hoot, as was the author Robert Hughes from what I've read (Anthony Burgess has some good snarky observations about his cultish followers in one of his memoirs).

              Sam Waterston was a pretty good actor before he turned into a granite statue somewhere along the line. He was very good in the almost forgotten Rancho Deluxe with Jeff Bridges back in the '70s.

            4. Chet Kincaid_

              The only thing that was quite obviously off about the "Oppenheimer" series was that Oppy had a rather stilted, European accent that is very apparent in clips of the real man. Waterston didn't even attempt to reproduce that.

            1. tessiee

              I haven't seen it, but it seems to me that a character named Posthumous is bound to have a pretty short lifeline anyway.

          2. Incitefully_Joe

            Speaking of PBS, fleeting boobies, and adolescence, I am reminded of my favorite documentary of all time, The Human Animal. It was also just a really well done human behavior documentary, probably a little responsible for my undergrad interest in psychology.

        1. Serfville

          Did you all see Rome on HBO? The young Livia, the future poisoning lady of I Claudius was married to Octavian the sadist in Rome. She liked the sadist stuff more than he did! To connect her young character to the future murderess Livia was chilling

      2. Charlie_Foxtrot

        "…only without a comparatively sane Claudius figure."

        Move Claudius before Caligula and it works: Claudius=Clinton.

    102. mbobier

      Breathtakingly awful, even by the standards of Lord Romney, Grand Duke of Snottingham. It's this kind of attitude that sparked the French Revolution.

      1. NellCote71

        Speaking of, even Lady Pegs Nooninghamshire has stopped being shocked by seeing brown people and has turned her defiantly non-laser like focus on this clusterflock.

    103. Serfville

      This is the end of the election & the Mittens campaign, as it was the end of Poopie Bush Sr. campaign & the election when Poopie Sr. couldn't answer the girls question at the debate, about knowing and understanding poor & unemployed people who can't get a job. Poopie Bush Sr. looked at the questioner like she was an alien from another planet & could not even comprehend her question (a lot like bumbling empty chair crackpot Clint Eastwood), then Clinton stepped forward & did his " I feel your pain & I get you" spiel. I said in that moment, "that's the end of the election, Clinton will win." And I am saying it now: Back to the private sector with you in November Mittens Bain boy.

    104. TribecaMike

      Dang, I live in fucking Tribeca NYC and can't get shit from the gummint, besides paying less in federal tax since Obama was elected (taxes schmaxes — I want free chocolate!!!). Obviously, I need to put out for Jerry Nadler more often.

    105. Monsieur_Grumpe

      I always wondered what went behind the closed doors of the rich and powerful. I kind of figured they were all butt fucking each other in giant vats of butter flavored Crisco. Turns out there just planning on how they can fuck us over.

    106. Incitefully_Joe

      I think people are making way too big a deal out of the fact that he said this in a room full of campaign donors with the belief that anybody too poor to have federal income tax liability was safely out of earshot.

      You guys, he totally would have said these things in front of the poors, it's just that this is the first time he was in a sufficiently quiet room to discuss any of it.

    107. johnnyzhivago

      Watching Ed show and he doesn't get it…. 47% isn't just the poor, it's retired people, lot of small business people, etc……

      As for Mitt, who would have known he was such a jerk? ?? ???

      1. TribecaMike

        I used to respect Mitt, but that was before he informed his so-called friends that we couldn't watch the "satanic" Davey and Goliath show on his dad's Magnavox TV-stereo console. What an asshole.

      2. tessiee

        "As for Mitt, who would have known he was such a jerk? ?? ???"

        Everyone who has ever met him, I would imagine.

    108. Serfville

      Here it is folks! Back to the future! Poopie Bush Sr./Clint Eastwood bumbling empty chair/ cannot connect to human beings on any level moment, & the day Clinton won the election! It was the end of the election in 1992 & those sucky 47 percent moochers underground Mittens vid end of Bain boy's campaign now! History DOES repeat itself! Enjoy!

    109. Monsieur_Grumpe

      I was watching MSM news, ABC, CBS or NBC (I can't tell the difference) and they gave this story a good amount of time. They even mentioned Mother Jones. I hope this doesn't die for long time.

      1. Monsieur_Grumpe

        I just checked out what news agencies were carrying this… this is big. Everyone except

    110. Doktor Zoom

      A Children's Treasury of Free Republic Comments on the Mother Jones videos

      When did Mother Jones start writing campaign Ads for Romney?

      Can’t disagree with anything Romney said there, except I think its more like 50 percent instead of 47 percent. Instead of saying this to private donors he needs to say this to EVERYONE because its true and this is what Obama wants, the more people reliant on Govt the more votes he will get

      He could have said that they bitterly cling to their EBT cards and their Section 8 housing vouchers.

      it is completely accurate except it leaves out the part about hating America, which is also integral to supporting that idiot Zero.

      Spot on. Romney told the truth – dog vs the fleas

      Romney left out one important fact. ALL obama SUPPORTERS ARE evil!

      I hate to admit it, but the more I see of Romney, the more I like him.

      White liberals are a bigger threat to this nation than any other group.

      I think most obama supporters are communist scum of the earth.

      This could give Romney victory. I wonder if his team leaked this.

      The dems are too ignorant to know this is exactly what Romney wants people to hear.

      Good, hook in mouth. Fish about to be caught. Brilliant way to get an issue front and center. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

      Romney better not appologize for what he said either.

      And then there's someone who just HAS to be a librul troll:

      How about draft dodgers? I've always thought guys who ducked out of service during the Nam were exceptionally evil ~ unless they had a very good excuse ~ like a bent ….., or pinoidal cyst, or one eye, or a steel patch in their skull, or….. you know, a real excuse.

      1. BloviateMe

        "White liberals are a bigger threat to this nation than any other group."

        It's flattering that I'm even more dangerous than the Muslims to the wing nuts.

        1. TribecaMike

          They might have a point. Just this morning I was thinking of overthrowing the square establishment by throwing my first editions of Charles Bukowski at it. How's about them apples, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith?!!

            1. BloviateMe

              The Sham-Wow guy?

              Sure, he may smack you around some, but you'd never have to sleep in a wet spot. The soppability index on those Sham-Wows is off the charts.

        2. SorosBot

          Don't tell them that I'm also an atheist; that would make me a true threat to the nation, like Ben Franklin.

          1. Monsieur_Grumpe

            You don't believe in magic underwear, Zombie Jesus, talking gold plates in a hat or virgin births?

            Someday we'll have an atheist president… and some wingnut will probably shoot him… for God.

            1. SorosBot

              Hey now, we've already had an atheist President; his name was Thomas Jefferson, but for some reason that part of his biography often gets ignored.

            2. BerkeleyBear

              Eh, he was a lot of things but true atheism seems like a stretch – although I don't doubt today he'd be firmly in the Darwin/Big Bang/Flying Spaghetti Monster crowd. Ronald Reagan was either an atheist or a Satanist, I'm just not sure which. And I'm pretty sure that the only God Warren Harding worshiped was JP Morgan.

            3. BloviateMe

              …but the idea of Jefferson banging the slaves is a wingnut wet dream. Easy to overlook the other trifling issues, like atheism etc.

            4. Incitefully_Joe

              They also like to invoke him to justify secession and nullification, ignoring the fact that the law he was protesting when he said those things was essentially the love-child of SB1070 and The Patriot Act.

          2. TribecaMike

            Anyone who wrote "Let every fart count as a peal of thunder for liberty. Let every fart remind the nation of how much it has let pass out of its control. So fart, and if you must, fart often. But always fart without apology. Fart for freedom, fart for liberty… and fart proudly!”" is alright with me.

      2. Incitefully_Joe

        He could have said that they bitterly cling to their EBT cards and their Section 8 housing vouchers.

        I hate to admit it, but this one came dangerously close to nearly being funny. Almost.

          1. tessiee

            I also call bullshit on the suggestion that anyone on that site can spell "integral", much less use it correctly in a sentence.

      3. Willardbot9000_V2.5

        Wow…you caught a comment thread from the freeper wingnut mastubatorium! I do find it gratifying that freepers think we're evil, especially given their places as racist, bigoted, fascistic, inbred, fat, scooter-riding, pasty, fat assholes. I actually know ways to drive freepers nuts, demonstrate how similar they are to Communist regimes. Mao Zedong for instance thought that there was a conflict between man and nature and that man had to subdue nature by building factories and polluting (examples include the infamous Dalian Bay disaster where a large body of water was BLACK) the environment. Environmentalists are also cracked down with imprisonment, beatings, etc. Of course the USSR forcibly absorbed trade unions and imprisoned trade unionists who didn't go along with them. Then of course neither country had workers rights, both outlawed pornography, etc. It's fun to demonstrate how similar these groups are…wingnuts and Commies.

    111. Negropolis

      Oh, really, it's not problem, Mittens. 'Cause we don't care for your ass much either. Now, why don't you just go crawl back up in the box in which you were shipped, m'kay?

      This was the last shark, right? The fat lady has sung, and boy is she soaring.

      Sire, the peasants, they're revolting. And, here, here today, comes Honey Boo Boo to roll you're greedy ass over…again.

    112. Willardbot9000_V2.5

      You know it gets so old listening to these fuck faces use the "producer versus parasite" bullshit. Not only is it false to say managers and boardrooms are the 'actual' producers and workers are the parasites (because they demand wages and benefits for selling their labor) but it's stealing from Karl Marx. So let me get this straight, this class of absolute anti-communists have pretty much built their entire 'individualism' based upon the deluson that the guy who sits in the CEO office is the real producer. I really wish they'd learn how to construct their own ideas, not just make everything the diametric opposite of lefties…

      1. tessiee

        "I really wish they'd learn how to construct their own ideas, not just make everything the diametric opposite of lefties… "

        I take it you don't spend much time on assbook?
        Mitt's fans don't just post the diametric opposite of lefties, they post the diametric opposite of reality.
        somebody actually posted there that Mitt was "humble" and a "self made man".

      2. Chet Kincaid_

        The idea that managers are simply parasites that can offer workers nothing of value is just as much a cartoon as the crap that the most useless of them believe about workers. I hope one day we will live in a social democracy.

        1. Willardbot9000_V2.5

          Totally agree…it's that kind of myopia that makes Marxism silly and unrealistic. The basic point is beyond just being reactionary, conservatism like Marxism is an industrial philosophy so much of its tenets are little more than "you're smelly" insults to Marxism. It gets even funnier when you consider Ayn Rand pretty much did little more than hold Marxism up to a mirror and make childish pronouncements to seem like she was doing something different. This is also the problem with conservatism and why its become so wingnutty over the years: since Marxism is more or less dead there isn't the check of left-right juxtaposition so they have to blow very weak changes up to the Nth degree. Because there is no longer a prominent Marxist ideology they also have to become somehow MORE reactionary and well…just be bigger assholes to compensate for the fact that on balance conservatism is completely empty on ideas; it's more or less a zombie or a vampire philosophy that needs a good staking (and not the kind of staking Marcus Bachmann is used to, either….). That's my highly simplified analysis.

      1. tessiee

        These lime green refrigerators that you speak of — would any of them contain any *actual* limes?
        And perhaps just a teensy weensy bottle of Tanqueray?
        $: – 9

    113. Serfville

      Rethugs had 4 plus years after the McCain/Palin crap campaign of all time, to come up with some Anitchrist from Rethug/USA! USA! Central Casting, & all they could come up with was Thurston Howell III, but sans the magnitism? Haaaaaaaaaaaa, Rethug evil genius's: wad up?

    114. Incitefully_Joe

      If anyone was reading about this, and thinking to yourself, "You know what this story is missing? Some footnote involving caligulean sex parties that hammers home just how self-indulgent and out of touch these guys really are"? Well, you're in luck.

      (I wanted to post this in the wonkville content mines, but apparently the error message I get in chrome has now metastasized to all of my browsers.)

    115. Negropolis

      "Give me your tired, your poorz,
      Your huddled masses yearning to to work for free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me…

    116. Pap Finn

      The story now occupies a prominent place on the NYT website (sorry for withholding the link; I'm almost out of free clicks, and I'm too much of a moocher/looter/tapeworm to pay for that shit).

      1. Jukesgrrl

        Also big, big on LA front page. Washington Post gave it the stingiest coverage. Too busy with links to naked British royals. Katie Graham would have another reason to get her tit in a wringer.

    117. RufusTFirefly

      Totally serious here. Rmoney's tax rate is less than the percentage of GDP the govt takes in as tax revenue. That makes him a freeloader in my book.

      So release your tax returns and STFU until you pay your fair share.

    118. ChuckieJesus

      Wait a minute, so this guy is trying to woo the, and I quote, "…five to ten percent that are independents, that are thoughtful, that look at voting one way or the other depending upon in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not."

      This unlikable meatbot is trying to appeal to independents' emotions? There's a reason why Spock didn't do the fandance, dingus. They put it to Uhura because, not only because she still had great legs for a senior citizen, but because she was a fucking human who understood emotion. Unlike you, Mittbot.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        I have two relatives currently visiting from out of town. Both are registered independents, both make more than $200,000 combined with their husbands' incomes. Both had mentioned earlier in the week that they disliked Romney (they both also made a point to mention that they can't stand his wife), so they wouldn't vote for him even though they often vote Republican. I intended to make a quick headline check on the internet this evening and found this incredible story. When I ran out into the family room with the news, they both joined my long-time Democratic mother screaming with laughter. So, yes, even the people he intends to appeal to hate him.

    119. AbandonHope_

      I see from Google News that The Daily Callgirl wrote something about this, but I refuse to let my router connect to that cesspool. Anybody want to take one for the team and see how hilariously fast they're trying to spin this story?

      1. TribecaMike

        The headline of their six year-old political savant Alex Pappa's piece is "Romney: Diehard Obama fans think they are ‘entitled to health care, to food, to housing,’" which transforms 47% of American voters to "diehard Obama fans." It's the miracle of the loaves and fishes all over again!

        I earned this beer.

    120. TribecaMike

      Reminds me of Sartre's quip,"Hell is other people." Ergo, Mitt is an overblown fish-eyed flatulent commie French existentialist.

      1. Chichikovovich

        You learn so much on Wonkette. I knew that Sartre was an overblown fish-eyed commie French existentialist. But I didn't know that he was flatulent.

        Though I knew that he was a gasbag, perhaps that counts.

        1. Misty Malarky

          Was it my imagination, or did he just turn away from the press conference in mid grin 'n answer and saunter off – still grinning.

          1. BerkeleyBear

            Well, that was definitely how he left the last one on Libya. He probably thinks it "projects confidence" rather than "oozes douchiness".

        1. Serfville

          Ann Romney just beat the tar out of him with her 10 pound gold necklace she wore the other day. He did look ruffed up.

    121. glasspusher

      I finally had a chance to watch this, at home, and, holy shit! Scumbag, liar,panderer, all of the above? Kiss those 5 to 10% independents goodbye

    122. natl_indecency_cmdr

      Not to harsh anyone's buzz but I hope Team Obama has some super duper spies to sus out any pathetic James O'Keefe type punks because they are putting on their pimp hats as we speak in order to record President Obama.

      1. Chichikovovich

        I'm sure that Obama assumes that every moment he speaks in public is being recorded. Especially after the GOP ground the "cling to guns and religion" remark into the ground. And that was just from a transcript, if I recall correctly.

        1. BerkeleyBear

          Once you become President I think there's an expectation that every fart is recorded, much less every word.

          As to that incident, there was some tape, but I don't think the tape ever went viral for whatever reason (probably sound quality). There was no video.

          And, of course, Obama wasn't blasting half the country as losers but trying to tell a questioner why some people are hard to persuade with logic. Slightly different scope, but expect to hear it linked to Romney on every false equivalency segment for the next month.

          1. Chichikovovich

            Yes – and also, as Jon Chait points out, Obama was urging his listeners to reach out to such people, to recognize their struggles and sympathize. Recognizing that a President has to be President of all Americans.Romney is peddling debunked factoids to justify writing off half the country as not worth caring about.—