Yay cocaine!
So we were in New York, and we stopped by the Vice offices so that we could remember that we too are supposed to be a 170-man empire by now (after all, we have been at Your Wonket six months!), and they showed us this video to see if we wanted to share it with you (apparently Vice is tired of owning the 15 to 34-year-olds and would like some Wonker temps-with-doctorates and State Dept. retirees to see their shit), and then they were like, “So describe this video to us in your words” or something, like a salesman thing? Like, they did not have to sell us on showing this video to you, because like it says in the headline it is about the Mexican cartels, and Mitt Romney’s Mexican Mormon family, and kidnappings and MURDER?

Warning: There are a couple of images that are seriously HOLY SHIT Mexican cartel beheading NONSENSE.

There will be a segment a day, all week, kid. First one’s free.


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