that's a clown joke bro

Rodeo Clown Figgers Rodeo-Goers Will Just Love Racist Joke About Michelle Obama

At least he didn't call her a monkey?We don’t know if you have heard, but Michelle Obama IS BLACK, YOU GUYS, GROSS. That was the punchline of the hilarious joke that tickled the earholes of all the attendees at the Creston Classic Rodeo, in the golden hills outside Paso Robles, in California’s inner Kentucky.

[T]he joke as told by the announcer, went something like this: Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.

Then the crowd laughed and laughed, except for how they didn’t.

In fact, despite being not actually on the coast where the sensible Californians live, Paso Robles and Creston seem to be filled with people who are in fact not disgusting racist assholes, and who complained to the rodeo board about the “clown.”

“I was really appalled and the people around me were really appalled,” said spectator Dona Wilson of Santa Margarita. “He was acting like we were buying into his bigotry and we weren’t.”

Wilson said she heard a lady beside her say: “ ‘Whoa! Racist or what?’ ”

Exactly one person on the nine-person rodeo board has commented, saying the board was not responsible for the hilarious joke, but that they guessed they would be asking the clown to write a letter; the other profiles in courage on the board are not returning the San Luis Obispo Tribune’s calls.

[, via Wonkette superoperative “chascates”]

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    1. johnmburt

      In fact, I was quite disgusted.
      But even if anyone did laugh involuntarily at a racist joke, that doesn't make it acceptable, any more than if someone gave a snort when they saw a cartoon of, say, Paul Ryan defecating on an American flag.

      1. ph7

        Paul Ryan defecating on an American flag.

        He probably thought it was funny when he was stoned. I've made similar mistakes.

    2. chicken_thief

      I was LMAO at the thought that Playboy would offer Ann Romney $250K for posing.

      I mean, $250K ?!!! Ann doesn't need more tip money for her gaggle of beautifiers. But for that amount of money to other people, they could get someone good looking.

    3. Lascauxcaveman

      If by laughed, you mean "gaped silently with dropped jaw and a stunned expression on my face," then yes.

      That one was a true holy-shit public whopper. Don't these assholes know by now it's best to keep these little witticisms to their private emails?

    4. Judith_Priest

      Nope. Not even a little.

      And I don't have real high standards when it comes to humor.
      And Ann Romney looks like shit.

    5. sewollef

      Fuck this noise. I'm setting up a business making and selling American flags… for the defecating and the burning thereof.

      I'm gonna be rich, I really am.

    6. AznMom420

      I'm offended that clown would have the gumption to compare the Flotus' bangin boobs to some saggy victim of gravity natgeo titties.

    1. Serolf_Divad

      Don't worry. You'll stop not-laughing as soon as Mitt Romney or one of his advisers opens his mouth again to make some pronouncement or other.

  1. Pookums

    The clown is covering for the fact that he secretly wants Obama to make us all get gaymarried so that the door will finally be opened to bullmarriage so he can finally consummate his bovine love.


    1. BerkeleyBear

      They actually have them in a lot of places you wouldn't guess at first glance (San Francisco's Cow Palace is named that because it used to host stock shows and rodeos, and they still have them scattered around Northern California).

    1. Negropolis

      Barstow is practically the Barstow of California. I wish there was a way to get between Vegas and LA without having to stop anywhere for gas between Primm Valley and Victorville.

      Meth Valley, indeed.

    1. johnmburt

      Now THAT I laughed at. For one thing, it's actually based on his personal characteristics, instead of simply on a juvenile and racist notion that only Caucasian women can be beautiful.

    2. Jus_Wonderin

      I usually enter NPR's Three Minute Fiction. This round the prompt is about meeting a President. Since my slant is usually scifi I wanted to write about the first Android American President.

      But, for some reason I can't start it as it turns my stomach a bit due to the reality that we just might have a robot President.

  2. BaldarTFlagass

    Maybe this guy is an escaped inmate from Atascadero State Hospital; it's just down the road from Paso Robles.

  3. Lucidamente1

    "Ya see, National Geographic has them there pictures of naked African tribal ladies, and me and Clem, when we were young 'uns, used to whack off to 'em, cuz our daddy didn't have none of them Playboy magazines, yuck, yuck, yuck."

    1. iamrrm

      Have you been taunting the crazies at WingNutDaily or such as? That shit will fuck with your p-ness so bad you might never get it up again.

  4. Serolf_Divad

    Why do Democrats continually insist on playing the race card!?

    This rodeo announcer's comments had nothing to do with race. They were about taking pride in Southern Heritage.

    1. MissTaken

      On the flight home I watched a CNN doc about Romney. They showed several pics of Ann in her younger days. Even then she had the entitled smirk just like Mitt. Naked? I don't even want to see her face anymore.

      1. SorosBot

        Ouch; I thought your flight was bad enough as it is, watching the Romneys must have made it even worse. And yeah, she has always been an entitled nasty snob; remember her father was also a super-rich auto executive.

  5. Goonemeritus

    When you get up really early it can be easy to mistake a regular whistle for a dog whistle. Most smart Republicans have the common sense to buy color coded ones these days.

  6. LibertyLover

    Exactly one person on the nine-person rodeo board has commented, saying the board was not responsible for the hilarious joke, but that they guessed they would be asking the clown to write a letter….

    A letter?

    Why not just make him write: "I will not make racist comments about the First Lady." 100 times on a chalkboard?

    Or tatoo "racist assh*le" on his forehead?

  7. GlowneyHouse

    The sentence that best describes public debate in America in 2012 –"they guessed they would be asking the clown to write a letter."

    1. notanncoulter


  8. MLHencken

    I can't believe someone associated with an event where people celebrate performing activities that were – at one time – how some people made a living (but are now performed by monolithic corporations using low paid labor) would employ someone who made tasteless commentary about the First Lady of these United States!

    Shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

    1. Lascauxcaveman

      I've been to the rodeo a few times and can assure you, it's not a place to expect a high level of intelligent discourse on politics or culture etc.

      It's really all about the bull riding.

    1. natoslug

      Uh, yeah. Last Thursday I was defining DP, bukakke and gangbang to a fairly sexually naive woman I sort of know (she was raised in a fairly repressive religion, just recently left it), and things sort of devolved into phone sex. Fortunately, when I described furries, plushies and pony play on Friday, things stayed informational and non arousing. I don't need to end up with any extra kinks.

  9. BloviateMe

    I've always felt bad rooting for the bulls to smack around the rodeo clowns…now I can hope for it without the gnawing guilt.

  10. hagajim

    Having been to way more rodeo's than most of the rest of the world (former job hazard)…I can say with some certainty that the joke would play pretty well with the assbackward country fucks who like to see the battle between man and animal. So good on the Cali. folks who found his joke offensive. Hell I was offended because it wasn't even remotely close to funny.

      1. hagajim

        Nah, but my brother sells potatoes. I was a sports writer in the heart of red state country working for a local daily and there were about 11ty7 rodeos I had to cover every year.

  11. One_Man_Band

    I saw James Brown perform at the rodeo in Austin. There were lots of black dudes in cowboy hats. And, white dudes in cowboy hats. Everybody got down. It was awesome!

    Not all cowboys are racist assholes.

    1. One_Man_Band

      The band played on a circular, rotating stage. He ended the show with Sex Machine, and ran in the sawdust around the entire length of the rodeo arena shouting "Get on up!" as the band played. Then, he got into a convertible caddy from some local dealership and they drove him all the way around the arena like a king, while the band still kept playing. Dude was near 70 at the time. Fucking amazing.

      1. Tundra Grifter

        $10,000 sez he did the splits at least once. I saw him perform back-to-back shows at The Stone on Broadway, North Beach, and they were identical. What a star!

        When the Rolling Stones first came to America, James Brown opened the show. Mick Jagger watched from backstage and asked Keith Richards "How are we going to go on after him?"

  12. OneYieldRegular

    On top of his racism, his failure to deliver a single Rafalca joke warrants his resigning from rodeo clowndom forever.

  13. randcoolcatdaddy

    I thought this was some leftover story from the Republican National Convention and then I read it again. "Oh … _rodeo_ clowns ….."

    1. Tundra Grifter

      I can hear the show now. "How come nobody's laughing? We killed 'em over in Pakistan."

      Next day's review: "Drone Clowns Bomb."

  14. qwerty42

    There is a very real inability to believe that other white folks are not into racial "humor". The folks who like this kind of stuff don't believe they are racist (wasn't that what those mobs in Little Rock were? well, we're not like that), and are amazed when other white folks don't see this as "harmless joshing": "Obviously, some kind of 'political correctness' run amok." Not really, most folks are repelled by that. The reactions from the audience are not surprising.

  15. Mahousu

    Hayhurst was not performing at the rodeo on Sunday and was unavailable for comment because he is in the hospital, Barrett said. Hayhurst was taken to a local hospital on Saturday evening for head injuries. Hospital officials decided to keep Hayhurst overnight for observation after initial head x-rays did not reveal the presence of a brain. "It's the weirdest thing," Barrett said. "Just a big empty space in there."

  16. HarryButtle

    "Hayhurst was not performing at the rodeo on Sunday and was unavailable for comment because he is in the hospital, Barrett said. Hayhurst was taken to a local hospital on Saturday evening for head injuries. Barrett did not know if the injuries were related to an accident at the rodeo Saturday, in which a bull tossed Hayhurst into the air."

    He seemed fine as he left the arena…I mean, he even spoke with a whole bunch of National Geographic-reading fans who were hanging around his car looking for autographs. It was after meeting with them that he was found unconscious and bleeding from his ears. We figure it must have been that bull…

    1. Tundra Grifter

      It takes nine people to put on a rodeo? Eight of them must be busy shoveling horse and bull puckey.

    1. Barrelhse

      A charter school administrator.- That figures.
      Chapman Univ., affiliated with the Disciples of Christ.- Yeah, he's a Christer, all right.

  17. BerkeleyBear

    Paso Robles is where Sideways was set/filmed, an oldtime agricultural community that has more recently gone from industrial wine making (Ernest & Julio Gallo) to finer wine making but still has a lot of old shit kickers running around. Over my lifetime the area has moderated slightly in part because of that influence, but it also has one of the most obnoxious borderline fascist displays I've ever seen – the Avenue of Flags, with 20 foot swaths of red white and blue in Buelton. So this guy was saying out loud a joke that probably circulated in a lot of quiet rooms in the area for years.

  18. Pithaughn

    " he's in the dirt now folks, give'm a big Paso Robles cheer"

    ( that is typical rodeo announcer banter, fyi )

  19. larrykat

    Hold on! They're asking him to "write a letter"? That is serious. They used to make me copy from the dictionary after school for like an hour for being a smartass.

  20. rickmaci

    California, socially and politically, is divided. There is the Bay Area and LA County, which is the bulk of the population. Very liberal, very blue. The rest of the state is pretty much Alabama.

  21. Cheburashka64

    Only people with an antI-colonialist world view would find that joke offensive. I wish that were everyone.

  22. barto

    National Geographic might offer the clown a pretty sweet photo-op as a knuckle-dragging missing link, however.

  23. AtwatersGhost

    You mess with the Bull you get the horns! You mess with the rodeo-clown and you get an all too deep and personal look into the psyche of an ugly, bitter man with no self-esteem who wears make-up.

  24. Negropolis

    in California’s inner Kentucky.

    Sometimes, you just have to properly recognize sharp snark. Well played, Rebecca.

  25. MistaEko

    Blood Red Wine Libel!

    Paso Robles is the under the radar wine hotspot where the under-40 snobs go to hangout. The whole San Luis Obispo County area is probably in danger of turning solid blue in a few years.

    /Try Sextant when you're there.

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