whatever dude

whatever dude

Hey so remember yesterday when Mitt Romney fucked the dog with his response to this mishigas in Libya? Well your Wonket had a thought: what if His Lord High Hairgel had in fact not fired that one dude, Richard Grenell, for being a lover of men? Perhaps Richard Grenell (who people say was super good at his job, maybe?) could have saved him from his ignominious everything, by explaining to him “shut up”? Well, we ran this idea by the Twitter machine, and Richard Grenell himself responded! (Above. It is right there.)

Now, we know the GOP has been having some issues with chronology lately, and how time works. But we are not really the ones who brought his gayness into it? That was Tony Perkins from the FRC, if we remember correctly, which we probably do! But yes, by all means, say we brought his gayness into it, by pointing out that perhaps firing someone for being gay had led to difficulties for the greatest statesman of this or any other era.

Fucking liberals, getting gay people fired, by mentioning it after they have been fired. Why must we suck?

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