This is the THING about lady voters you guys: they do not understand anything about politics or policy, it is too complex with them. If you want ladies to vote for your candidate, you must therefore explain things in terms they can understand, using metaphors about periods and boyfriends and shopping and whatnot. This is why the GOP has recently put out a fun new ad for lady voters wherein voting for Romney is compared to breaking up with a boyfriend because he cheats on them with Sarah Jessica Parker and plays too much golf.

In the ad, a woman (played by the GOP director of Messican outreach, so this is a twofer) complains to her boyfriend that he spends too much money and hangs out with celebrities and then sighs that he’s changed before the camera pans across the table to reveal a cardboard cut out of President Obama. First of all, everyone knows that Samantha was the slutty one in Sex and the City, so they should have referred to Kim Cattrall instead of SJP. And also, needs moar shopping.

[Washington Post]

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