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We Will Have This Party In DC, It Will Be So Great, We Will Call It ‘Late Night Shots’

Original Gangsters, Late Night Shots
Yes we are doing this thing. It is this Saturday, presuming we can find a ride from Charlotte to DC, and we are calling it for 7 p.m. Here is the place:

The Bottom Line
1716 I (Eye) Street NW
Washington DC 20006
Red Line to Farragut North
Blue and Orange Line to Farragut West
Saturday, September 8 – 7 p.m.

Now if you’ll scuse us, we have a keg to return and some acid to not be on.

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          1. actor212

            Not coke. I'm subject to random drug tests. Which is why Trix's acid thing is something I'm extremely jealous of.

            Of course, the fact that I'm schizophrenic…DAMMIT! NO YOU AREN'T! THE DOC TOLD US SO!…leads me to suspect that acid and me would not get along anyway.

          1. Lascauxcaveman

            I'm glad this party's not way out in some 'bourbon the way to Dulles or something. Being too far from a Metro stop would scotch the deal, for me.

  1. SaintRond

    How can you people dance and drink and fornicate like there's no tomorrow? For tomorrow is now!

    I draw your attention to Chuck Norris' terrible prophecy – "1000 years of darkies" is upon us.

    Peace… God bless…

  2. FakaktaSouth

    Damn I wish that I could go to THIS one. Of all the parties, this would be amazing. I don't even care about all the extraneous activities. I just want to figure something out and BE there.

  3. bureaucrap

    I would have chosen something a little more trendy, like Lost Society or Brixton, but whatever. It IS subway accessible, which is nothing to sneeze at.

  4. fartknocker

    I do hope that the Editorix understands that those of us the Central Time Zone want y'all to come on down to Austin (not during ACL or SXSW) and drink with us. I'll even set up an afternoon at the range shooting guns at inanimate objects.

    1st and last rounds are on the Fartknocker. And have fun in DC tonight.

  5. EatsBabyDingos

    This is after the Nats game. I may be drunk. Or still not sober from last night. My favorite Bond movie? "Liver Let Die."

  6. rickmaci

    What's with all the blue blazer'd boys? Looks like you are drinking at a fucking yacht club. And bring home the red head. Muy Hotz.

  7. IonaTrailer

    OT: ""Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" has had huge ratings thus far and even scored more viewers among adults 18-49 than the Republican National Convention. The Aug. 29 episode drew nearly 3 million viewers." (HuffPo)

    Priorities people!

          1. James Michael Curley

            Did they allow comments in 2006? I go back to the early 2004 but don't remember when commenting started.

  8. RRoccoco

    Is that Mitt Romney's son Tugboat looking so spiffy? Or Ben Affleck laying the groundwork for his 2028 run? Or just some preppy street meat brought in for the babes?

    The Bottom Line sounds like a bar for wide-standing Republicans. What gives?

  9. Buzz Feedback

    Shit. I had my first date with my wife at the Bottom Line 17 years ago. Then she turned 14. The End.

  10. iTuna

    It's a bummer how few people recognize/remember Late Night Shots. Like Newell's return to Fridays With Peggy, this is a test to see who's been here a while.

  11. Estproph

    Do I really have to find another song about Boston? Very well…

    Here she comes now over the skyline
    I'm Home again, i'm feeling fine
    There's the River Charles and Kenmore Square
    I don't want to go anywhere
    There's another show, get in the van
    To another town to do it all over again
    I can't wait to get back Home
    To the city streets where I come from
    To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA
    It's 3 AM and I'm still not done
    I could walk these streets till i hit the dawn
    You don't know what you've got till it's gone
    I know this is where I belong
    It looks like it's still early, get some beer
    Let's catch the Green Line down to Kenmore Square
    Can you tell me where they put the Rat?
    To those memories i still look back
    To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA
    It was a summer night by the Mass Ave Bridge
    When i gave that girl a little kiss
    She said "I don't think i can see you no more"
    I said "If that's the case then I'll carry on
    Because the city streets are all there is for me"
    Friends come and go but these will always be
    I'll take the C-town, Cambridge, all the rest
    But i wont take no second best
    To the Dirty Water of Boston, USA

  12. ColHeightsChic

    I need to know what the likelihood of making out with someone is. These dang DC parties tend to be 4 chicas for one muchacho. I want some prime Wonkette maleness.

      1. ColHeightsChic

        I'll take my chances with this crew over George. If there is no male Wonkette hotness, I'll just go home and replay Clinton's speech in my mind.

  13. smashaduck

    Goddamnit. You're making me choose between my gay's birthday party and you? Not cool, motherfucker. Not. Cool.

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