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Ohio Secretary of State John Husted Refuses to Comply With Court Order That Would ‘Confuse’ Voters

let's see if you have a birthday party this yearRemember when Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted tried to extend voting hours in Republican counties, and then when everyone bitched and moaned about it he was all FINE, I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND NO ONE GETS WEEKEND VOTING, and then it came out that this was all part of a heroic plan to save the election from being sullied by certain kinds of voters? Well, now Jon Husted has had it with all of these shenanigans and with the contortions of the electoral process. This has become too darned confusing, all these voting hours being extended and then not extended and then extended for everyone except for “urban” people and whatnot, so he’s refusing to comply with a court order to expand voting hours so that voters are not “confused.”

From Think Progress:

Jon Husted, Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, is refusing to change his restrictive early voting schedule even after a federal court restored in-person early voting to all Ohioans during the three day period before the general election. Husted claims expanding hours before an appeals court hears his case will “only serve to confuse voters.” Husted first restricted the voting hours in Democratic-leaning urban counties to weekdays only, then restricted all counties’ voting schedules after complaints of unfairness. In spite of several counties’ requests to stay open on weekends, when most employed people have time to vote, Husted has flatly refused to accommodate them.

What an American treasure, looking out for Ohioans and making sure that they can go through their day without being confused by, you know, Democracy.


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  1. no_gravity

    So if this guy goes to prison for refusing to comply what else will he refuse to comply with and what will the outcome be?

  2. ChernobylSoup

    Last time a state politician refused to follow a federal court order in my state, the 101st Airborne came in and explained what's what.

    Little Rock Central High School has been desegregated ever since.

    1. FakaktaSouth

      He hopes he commands just enough to make sure the election goes whatever evil cheating way he's plotting over and to create a ring around his house when the law comes to get his criminal ass. I wish there really was going to be a door busting. I know, I know.

    1. prommie

      Oh, sure, you mean the Holder who never met a fight he couldn't weasel away from? Fucking empty fucking suit do-nothing shitbag Holder?

      1. fartknocker

        I was being snarky Prommie. If I was the USAG I would have a pillory set up on every corner of Wall Street with bankers and economists strapped in. What a great motivator it would be for honesty in finance.

        1. prommie

          Man, Holder is the greatest most glaring sign of Obama's fucking worthlessness there is. Not A Fucking Thing has been done about any of the Bush crimes, not a fucking thing. Look over here, we decided not to fight for the validity of DOMA, thats the only fucking thing he has done thats at all something, anything, that the democrats who elected him wanted. Token issue, a distraction, from the continuing domination of the military industrial complex, the finance industry, and the oil companies (Obama covered up every fucking thing about how bad the BP spill was and still is in the Gulf, its criminal).

    2. RedneckMuslin

      Isn't he the one going after Bush, Cheney, and Rove for…. Wait, that still hasn't happened yet.

    3. prommie

      The holder who stopped the torture and extraordinary rendition and prosecuted those responsible? The Holder who went after the banksters who nearly destroyed western civilization with their unchecked greed and fraud? The Holder who took a stand on Gitmo and military tribunals?

      The only legal issue holder ever did any fucking thing on was gay marriage. The lesson is: the dems use token hot button social issues to distract us from the fact that they are the fully owned tools of Wall Street, just like the republicans do.

      1. pdiddycornchips

        Holder is only the AG. Policy decisions are made by someone else. All this is to say, Hopey sets the policy on shit like extraordinary rendition, GITMO and whether or not to pursue charges against the last administration. Holder has been pretty aggressive about going after Voting Rights Act violations.

        1. prommie

          Didn't he just announce last week there will be no charges and no action against Goldman Sachs? I know, I know, this is all on Obama, thats what I am saying. Lesser of two evils. Continued unchecked capitalism, greed, growing economic inequality, dismantling the public school system (the Obama education policy is gung ho for Booker style privatization), only with a little band aid and less gay-hating, thats the difference between a republican and a democratic admin, far as I can see.

          1. pdiddycornchips

            Hey, I agree wholeheartedly. I was a proud PUMA and still believe she would have been a far better choice. But this time, with Paul Ryan on the ticket, I have to put that shit aside and vote for Hopey. If they win, we will have four or eight years of Mittens and then another decade of Ryan. That fucker is the Anti-Christ.

  3. Baconzgood

    Voting like we did in the last election will only confuse people see. So we changed it all around for the soldiers and white people.

  4. KeepFnThatChicken

    Oh, I don't know what his problem is. The Diebold voting machines don't even record black votes anyway.

    1. WhatTheHeck

      The machines were put in place to make our lives easier, less complicated, to make decisions for us. When did they turn against us?

  5. ChillBill

    Husted claims expanding hours before an appeals court hears his case will “only serve to confuse voters.”

    What is he complaining about? Confused voters tend to vote Republican anyway.

    1. ibwilliamsi

      Isn't the first Tuesday in November STILL election day? Because if people are "confused" by early voting, I think that the "confused" can STILL vote on the first Tuesday of November until 8 PM. They can just stay home on the other days.

  6. Terry

    These guys seem to be genuinely shocked each and every time they get caught trying to restrict people's ability to vote. Apparently, the Koch brothers, or whomever is pulling the strings, forgot to mention that there might be opposition to the maneuvers.

    1. Ruhe

      Interesting that you mention the Koch brothers as I'm suspecting that this really comes down to a labor dispute, the Koch's forte. They can't allow weekend voting because if they did then Diebold would have to pay their engineers time and half to work on rigging the machines on those weekends. The Kochs won't support paying overtime so screw the engineers and close the polls, problem solved.

  7. Kid_Charlemagne

    I am sure this is a just a simple misunderstanding. I would think a 6'5" 230 pound federal marshall could probably straighten this out rather quickly.

    1. kittensdontlie

      "Now Eddie, go home and tell your mother that we need this Democracy."

      "Oh I will, Mrs Cleaver. Why I was just telling my mother the same thing this morning."

    1. tessiee

      I would have thought that by now, Diebold would have fixed up the machines to simply expel the illegitimate votes.

  8. LesBontemps

    A bit too "on the nose." Would it kill him to make just some effort at craftiness? Sheesh, the standards for villainy are really slipping.

  9. Baconzgood


  10. FakaktaSouth

    So these same masterminds of voting fraud and identity theft and stealing elections are confused by voting times? He's smart.

  11. MissTaken

    Husted claims expanding hours before an appeals court hears his case will “only serve to confuse voters.”

    I checked the mail on Monday, but there was no mail to check. Confused, I went home. Then I remembered! It was Labor Day! My confusion was no more. I checked the mail on Tuesday, and there was mail. And it was good.

  12. Hammiepants

    These guys are even TRYING to be stealthy anymore. They're just straight-up prevaricating weaseldicks, and they apparently don't care who knows that. I know a riot is an ugly thing, but the constituents in these districts with these fucking bigoted fucktards should be out in the street with torches and pitchforks running them out of town on a rail.

  13. comrad_darkness

    He's so patriotic you gotta wear shades to keep from being blinded by his Godly Holy Patriotism.

  14. kittensdontlie

    Living in Ohio can be very disorienting. Why, most days I wake up with the funny thought that we have a President who is black! Imagine that, a black President!

  15. Goonemeritus

    I find the Federal, State and Local ordinances dealing with pantsing right wing nut jobs confusing, can I ignore them?

  16. Mittens Howell, III

    Okay Husted, we're gonna count to five and then we're sending Michelle Obama over to fuck you up.

  17. T3rbo

    This guy is not very good at stealing elections: this announcement is two months too early. It does not take two months to force this child faced guy to do what he is told. Voter suppression fail.

  18. Me_K_Cong

    He isn't going to open polls, because it will confuse voters to have the polls open? What an obtuse little fucker he is.

  19. LastGasp

    Take heart, conservative wing-nuts, Husted has "simplified" the ballot so that only Mitt Romney's name is legible on the ballot. The other guy is listed as what looks to be Berdelback O'Bannesey.

  20. SorosBot

    Well it's always been the case that politicians can just stone cold ignore court orders they don't like.

    1. kyeshinka

      They all have that Sig-Ep cumlicking Natty-lite drinking, Singled-Out watching, Jeep Wrangler-driving dopey look on their faces.

    1. kittensdontlie

      Yes our Ohio R-governor and SoS won't kill anyone, they just want to silence half of the population by a fraud against our voters.

  21. KeepFnThatChicken

    My guess is that he feels he must hold out for three weeks. Then he'll be all like, "Registration is over, and fuck you on getting that shit changed."

  22. BaldarTFlagass

    I went back to Ohio
    But my polling place was closed.
    And bullshit filled the air from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls
    Ay Oh
    Way to go Ohio.

  23. MacRaith

    I would just like to point out that I predicted this very action in a comment five days ago.

    I'd like to pretend that this course of events was really difficult for anyone to see coming and that I made an insightful and gutsy call, so please humor me.

  24. shelwood46

    Things that are confusing:
    Showing up to your polling place when the court said it would be open and finding it locked up tight.
    Showing up to vote at the right time and having to wait in line so long the polls close before you can vote and/or they run out of ballots.
    Not confusing;
    Showing up to vote and getting to vote.

  25. BaldarTFlagass

    Looks like Howdy Doody went all Pinocchio and got turned into a real flesh and blood little boy!!!

  26. ph7

    Leaving polls opened on weekends is very, very confusing. Very confusing to those who are trying to figure out a way to prevent people from voting.

  27. tessiee

    "he’s refusing to comply with a court order"

    Republicans have been pulling this shit for at least the last — what, 50 years? — when the National Guard had to force them into integrate the schools.
    For a bunch of people who want to run the country, they sure do suck at obeying the law.

  28. prommie

    Where the hell is Rebecca? I am getting worried about her; is she MIA? Hope its something good, maybe she just got lucky last night and woke up and started at it again.

  29. pdiddycornchips

    Where did this frat boy get his law degree? Where does it say the state attorney general gets to decide which federal court rulings to comply with and which he can totally ignore? He reminds me of one of the football jocks in the movie Heathers.

    "Football season is over, Veronica. Kurt had nothing left to offer the school except for date rapes and AIDS jokes."

  30. Antispandex

    This isn't fair. There must be SOME legal way for the Republicans to cheat….I mean do what's best for real Americans.

  31. SayItWithWookies

    How clever of Mr. Husted to issue his own stay while he's appealing the initial ruling. I'm sure the judiciary will be very pleased to see he's doing their important work of interpreting the law for them.

  32. LibrarianX

    Doesn't Husted look like some frat guy? You know? The one who likes blow jobs from his buddy, but only when they're drunk…?

  33. fuflans

    according to wikipedia which is always correct, he was born in Detroit and abandoned by his biological parents.

    i can certainly understand why.

  34. Chichikovovich

    You've got to admit, the Republicans are problem solvers. Problem of confused voters? Solution: Don't let people become voters.

    Voilà! No confused voters.

  35. ingloriousbytch

    As a resident of the Buckeye State, I cordially invite the authorities to throw Jon Husted into the deepest darkest hole the Federal penal system has to offer.

  36. Eve8Apples

    If Ohio voters are too stupid to figure out when to vote, perhaps they should drop out of the Electoral College.

  37. ingloriousbytch

    Apparently the judge has ordered Husted to appear at an emergency hearing in Columbus on September 13.

    Oh the spanking. It will sting.

  38. fawkedifiknow

    If I was a judge on the Court of Appeals, and some dipshit – like this guy – said he wasn't going to obey a lower court order until the Court of Appeals I was sitting on had a chance to rule on the case, I would say to myself: "What if I make an order and this aforementioned and certified dipshit says he won't follow my order either, until the Supreme Court rules on the case? Will I like that? Will I countenance such impertinence? No, I won't. Therefore, I am not going to let him do it to a lower court either. Fuckface."

  39. Tricky_Dick

    Amazing he left the glory hole long enough to disobey a federal court order. He's usually very good about taking orders, but that's probably when he's just on his knees.

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