Editrix, obvs

Well fiddle dee dee, here is your gentle reminder that our Atlanta Drinky Thing is this very ol’ evenin’, right there at Manuel’s, and we shall commence at let’s say sixish!

Here is the address for Manuel’s Tavern, courtesy of the Google:

602 North Highland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 525-3447

But what about Charlotte, won’t we be havin’ a Drinky Thing in Charlotte? Why la di dah, we will indeed! And it will be this little ol’ Tuesday, also at sixish, and it will be at the secret Casita de Wonkadonk! All you have to do is send a little ol’ email to and you will get an automated reply with the supersecret address!

Do you think you can do that, sugar? We bet you can!

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