Some people need to learn how to be AmericansPoor Mitt Romney. The day of his big speech to the Republican National Convention, and he learns that he’s got supporters like this: at Romney’s speech to the American Legion national convention yesterday, NPR reporter Ari Shapiro spoke to a nice retired lady from Manassas, VA, who shared her observations on the First Family:

“I just don’t like him. Can’t stand to look at him. I don’t like his wife — she’s far from the First Lady. It’s about time we get a First Lady in there who acts like a First Lady and looks like a First Lady.”

The relevant quote is at about 1 minute in:

Yes, yes, these are not Mitt Romney’s views, and the person speaking them is merely an ignorant old racist lady who does not hold any official position in his campaign. She just really wants her country back, is all.

Now, let’s look to the comments for the real scandal: NPR is using only the worst possible comment from a Romney supporter because they are in the tank for Obama. And old racist people can’t help it if they grew up that way, cut them some slack, willya?

When will NPR stop being racist against horrible old white ladies?

Update: Ari Shapiro tweetosphered a brief follow-up on why he didn’t follow up on the woman’s comment:


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