Ed AngerHello, former Laura Bush press secretary and also former LA Times politics blogger Andrew Malcolm! What are you mad about today? Is it that the campaign bus of history’s greatest monster, Barack Obama, did not stop at a little girl’s lemonade stand? No, that was last week? OK, then what? “Barack Obama actually said this,” your Investors Business Daily column is titled, with patent disbelief. But WHAT? What did he actually say? Let us read to the end, past the fact that he was raised by his grandparents because his parents “chose to be absent” (ouch!), past the Trumpian bitching about Bamz’s sealed school records, past how terrible he is for going to fundraisers even as he’s being outraised by the Adelsons of the world two to one, past how he is “doing nothing.” What, Andrew Malcolm? WHAT? What did he actually say???

Oh. Well, maybe next week Barack Obama will punch a little girl in the face. Here’s hoping!


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