We are quite sure that we are supposed to be very ANGRY at this 83-year-old lady for Crimes Against Civility (spitting in the face of a Woman for Romney). “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?” the old lady asks. “Women are in need…” The rest of her plaintive statement is drowned out by broads trying to shut her up, until she cold hocks a loogie in the face of the lady next to her.

Well, the Romney Ladies (who are “peaceful,” so that is nice!) do not care for Mary Hoglund’s method of making her displeasure known, and break into a rousing round of “ROM-NEY ROM-NEY” that would really be better if it were “USA! USA!” with a little soft shoe.

And here we must remind our readers that the only time it is okay to spit in someone’s face is if you are a very old lady, because then you can do what the fuck you want. Or if you are spitting in someone’s face with votes.


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