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Paul Ryan Tricked By Fox News Into Admitting He Does Not Know When the Romney Plan Would Balance the Budget

We cannot stress enough that this is a VERY SERIOUS campaign, and it deals with VERY SERIOUS issues, and the addition of Paul Ryan (R-P90X) to the VP ticket really signaled a move by the Romney campaign towards VERY SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS because Ryan is a VERY SERIOUS person. So when Paul Ryan (R-P90X) accidentally revealed that he doesn’t KNOW when the Romney plan would balance the budget (because they “haven’t run the numbers on that specific plan”) it was probably because it was Fox News and he was tricked into feeling comfortable.

Yes, they haven’t run the budget on THAT specific plan because why would they, when they have so many plans to choose from: there’s the Romney budget that’s on the same page as the Ryan budget, there’s Romney’s “own budget”, and there’s the Romney budget that’s “very different” from Ryan’s budget. So many to choose from! We are curious to see how it comes out, when they figure out which one they like and run the numbers.

[Media Matters]

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  1. FakaktaSouth

    Damn these people never do ANYTHING. They STILL haven't "read the bill" or "seen the dead prostitute in the bathroom" OR "run the numbers" EVER. Just what in the hell HAVE they done besides talk about what worthless layabouts all you poors are?

      1. FakaktaSouth

        You know she ain't sticking to just stroking nothing's nose, not no way, not no how. (Yes, it's horse-fuck talk time again. Welcome. I actually saw a picture of a horse's dong the other day, in one of those hilariously captioned "look at this" fb things. I am now willing to just go with it. She's totally doing that horse.)

  2. a_pink_poodle

    There goes the LAMESTREAM MEDIA™ again posing it's Gotchya Questions© to make the GOP look bad AGAIN!

    1. craigslistfiend

      Yeah. Um… R stands for Republican. Kind of like "R-Wisconsin"? So… "R-P90X"? get it?

  3. WhatTheHolyHeck

    I've just changed my mind on entitlements. Let's abolish them, starting with these clowns' belief they deserve the highest posts in the land just because they want them.

  4. Mittens Howell, III

    If you have Ayn Rand's face screen-printed onto your jock strap I don't want you running any numbers that might affect me.

  5. JustPixelz

    No fair! It was a trick question. Romney is going to use his business acumen to assess our balance sheet. If his record with Bain Capital is any indication, he'll declare America bankrupt and sell off our assets. At the moment I'm an asset ('cause I have a job I should be doing right this second!) but soon I'll be a liability sucking at the dried up teat of the government. See you in the clearance isle my peeps.

    1. kittensdontlie

      I am going with Dumbass / Dumberass 2012. The teevee is full of obama is choking america to death ads, and now today, the latter imbecile is in town spewing his nonesense.

  6. PuckStopsHere

    It's like Robert Reich said on "The Ed Show" last night (even if I don't like "The Ed Show" because he sounds like Foghorn Leghorn to me, I'm a Maddow man) they haven't run the numbers, can't run the numbers, because there ARE NO NUMBERS TO RUN.

      1. Isyaignert

        Ed's better on the TV than the radio. I always like it when Mike Pappentonio subs for his radio show, like today. Frankly, I don't think Ed's that smart. He's always getting railroaded by the paid RNC trolls who call his show and lets them spew their spew without challenging them with the facts. I could do a much better job refuting their BS. Ed does okay if he has a script.

  7. Mittens Howell, III

    Fox interviewer: "I think you're marvelous, would it be okay if gave you a blow-job?

    Ryan: "I don't know! Stop it with the Gotcha questions already!!"

  8. sbj1964

    They will balance the budget on the backs of the middle class,the elderly,unwed mothers,children,education,the poor,and Magic golden tablets of the tax code that Mitt has the seer stones for.

  9. EatsBabyDingos

    Well, if he had said "when the River Styx freezes and Beelzebub returns to the throne! BWAAA HA HA HA!" people might not take him seriously.

  10. MrFizzy

    S/O on some level the Wonk shouldn't criticize the only honest answer a repubelickin has provided in years.

  11. Estproph

    Wait, you don't get it. It's not that they know that the budget plan will reduce the deficit, it's that they KNOW it will reduce the deficit.

  12. IncenseDebate

    I really thought it was unfair when Brit Hume asked Ryan to read a list of performers at the Iowa State Fair out loud:

    Alpha Kenny Body
    Sofa King
    Hard with Mike Hawk

  13. BarackMyWorld

    I had a macro already made for the Paul Ryan budget that'd be perfect to post for this, but my smartphone doesn't like photobucket. I'll summarize it…
    Paul Ryan: Balance the budget derpa derp derp derp.

  14. SorosBot

    But I thought their tax cuts for the rich would immediately make revenues increase, because of magic.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      Well, revenues to the rich, obviously it would. Oh, you meant the Treasury. We'll have to get back to ya on that, you betcha.

  15. pinkocommi

    The 1%'s net worth goes up. The 99%'s net worth goes down….. Actually, you can explain this one.

  16. Mittens Howell, III

    Interviewer: That thing you keep talking about, could you explain it to us, just a little, please?


    1. Mittens Howell, III

      And to be fair to the people who vetted him, rummaging through a bucket of shit looking for the best and brightest turd is quite a difficult task.

      1. ChessieNefercat

        Polish that one! Shit (ha). That one crumbled and squished to nothing too. Oh, how does one polish a turd?

  17. freakishlywrong

    And nearly 50% of the country will vote for them. The "I'm not voting for either of them group, but I favor Obama" won't vote, and the fascists will suppress everyone else. Somebody hold me.

    1. An_Outhouse

      I was so optimistic just a couple days ago but now feel the same as you. I feel like I have bipolar whiplash or something.

    2. Pithaughn

      Hold you? to comfort you? Or hold you as in " keep from storming the windmill in a futile gesture of attacking our oligarch over lords"

        1. Isyaignert

          The whores in Congress and their corporate overlords HATE that no one owns the wind or the sun.

  18. fawkedifiknow

    You know how serious and brilliant and indispensable and just fucking wonderful Ryan is because he uses serious, brilliant, arcane and just fucking wonderfully insidery budgetary language that just impresses the living shit outta me: "Run the numbers."!!

    It makes me crap my pants, it's so great.

  19. MacRaith

    Oddly enough, I do know when the Romney plan would balance the budget. The answer is "Never".

    And I think Ryan knows that too.

    1. mavenmaven

      yeah but its much more fun to f@#$ over the middle class, makes being rich much more enjoyable.

  20. widestanceromance

    So, it's Fox that gets one more word–balance–made illegal to say within 20 miles of the R&R campaign?

    Rich, very, very rich.

  21. SayItWithWookies

    I watched this whole goddamn segment last night, and I was like, "Wow — that's the one thing Paul Ryan is supposed to be an expert on, and not even he can give Brit fucking Hume a straight answer." He admits the CBO says the Ryan plan will have a balanced budget by 2030, and then goes on to say that he really feels it'll stimulate the economy sooo much that it'll actually happen a lot sooner than that.

    Not to mention that President Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare, but Ryan's plan, which has exactly the same number in fact saves medicare even though it results in fewer benefits than Obama's. It's fucking giving me flashbacks to being questioned by my parents when I was four and did something bad but was just learning how to lie.

  22. An_Outhouse

    Ryan has a lot to learn from Romney. Just make something up! No one's going to check or even think about whether what you said made any kind of sense at all.

    Question: when will the Romney plan balance the budget ?
    Answer: It already has.

    1. Isyaignert

      Because it depends upon stupid fumducks to vote for the 'cons against their own best interests. A recent study proved that people who watch Fux News are less informed than those who watch NO news at all. Fux News should be sued by the Attorney General for media malpractice and the demoition of democracy. Fukkers!

  23. belmontreport

    "I don't want to get wonky on you…" = I need to maintain my image as a SERIOUS Republican, but I seriously don't have a clue about any of this.

  24. Harrison Wintergreen

    The debates are going to be fun!
    Biden: "Mr. Ryan, your budget plan cannot work."
    Ryan: "Yes it can."
    Biden: "Prove it."
    Ryan: "Uh, well, we haven't run the numbers yet…"

  25. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    fucking p90x gave me a stress fracture in my foot. fuck that, i'll just keep these 30 extra pounds.

    1. Isyaignert

      It's a brutal workout – my son stuck with it for about six weeks and gave up – of course after he spent oodles of bucks on all of the accessories and supplements required to do the program.

  26. mavenmaven

    When people need to keep telling you that they are "serious", it is like your old uncle telling you that he is "important" or some loser insisting that he/she is "really attractive".

  27. GeorgiaBurning

    Don't ask about numbers, he's on a mission from God. Or is it Plan 9 from Outer Space without the angora sweaters?

  28. Sister_Ray

    The budget gets balanced after the übermensch flee to Galt's Gulch and all the looters die off. Dddduuuhhhh

  29. DocChaos

    Liberals have an emotional response to facts and figures, they need elitist data to support their feelings about how things should work. Conservatives understand that "Reagan proved" can successfully be substituted for actual numbers when projecting outcome.

  30. smitallica

    Shorter Ryan:
    Once all the poor and aged die off, we will have fewer entitlements to pay out, and lower unemployment because everyone without a job will be dead.

    This shit solves itself!

  31. BeefHardcake

    I'm surprised the two of them just haven't started answering all these questions with a shrug and, "hey, I got mine, what the hell do I care?"

  32. DalePues

    Honestly, I don't give a shit if they don't ever balance the budget. I can't believe that the election has boiled down to balancing the budget.

  33. Callyson

    "I would put a contrast. President Obama…"

    Oh shit, time to deflect attention away from the obvious failings of our plan. Quick, talk smack about Obama!

  34. nowave

    I can only confirm that the budget *numbers* are confidential, but the *wording* includes "shackles" and "chains" and "everyone, except for Sheldon Adelson."

  35. T3rbo

    That's why I am so excited about the Romney/Ryan ticket: they promise to balance the budget, no matter what, even if they don't actually know how they are going to do it. Good enough for me. Also, they are not blahs, forgot that part.

  36. Millennial Malaise

    "I don't want to get too wonky on you here…we haven't run the numbers" Translation: "Trust me, I'm smart and know all the answers, I just haven't bothered to check" Riiiiiight. Oh please, spare our poor little brains from all those wonky "numbers" that don't exist.

    What is Paul Ryan's expertise, exaclty? Isn't that what "wonk" really means, being an expert at something? Ezra Klien is a wonk. Paul Krugman is a wonk! Paul is a budget dilettante. He done shit in congress except rubber stamp excessive spending bills and save his hedge fund donors money so he can hitch a ride on their bandwagon after he gets voted out.

  37. Troglodeity

    Well of course, it's way, WAY too much trouble to actually "run the numbers" on the budget you're running for office on.

  38. Troglodeity

    I'm surprised Romney's been able to resist taking some scissors to Ryan's incredibly distracting widow's peak.

  39. Native_of_SL_UT

    She also stated that Mitt gives 10% of his income to "charity'" Charity? Come on, Ann, why are you afraid to say "gives 10% in tithing to the LDS Church."
    The LDS Church may give a certain amount of money to charitable causes and has its own welfare program, but I don't know of any other "Charities" that buy a chunk of Main Street in a large city to put in fountains next to their temples. I don't know of any other "Charities" that buy 2 whole blocks in the middle of a major city to build a freaking mall complete with a Tiffineys and a Rolex store.

  40. lulzmonger

    Read somewhere that to work, the "Ryan Simplex" fiscal virus needs to have the unemployment rate at or below 2.8%


  41. YouBetcha

    This is one of those moments where he should phone-a-friend and have some words with our Beloved Snowbilly Grifter about how to handle the media.

  42. Ducksworthy

    I demand to be taken seriously too when I say that this is not a human being, it is a Vampire!

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