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Barack Obama Is One Of Those Annoying People Who Can’t Stop Talking About His Home Brew

Nice work broYou know the type. Maybe you are this type? Let’s keep it quiet, if so. The type we’re describing: The person who’s always trying to get you to sample the craft beer he (it is usually a “he”) brewed in his home. “You have got to try this beer I made.” “Ehh, just let me drink my Coors Light in peace…” “No — you have got to try my beer. It’s so good.” “Yup I bet it is.” “No, but it’s like, beer, with a taste of honey. It’s so good, I’m really proud of myself.” This person is Barack Obama, who can’t stop babbling about his White House honey brew on the trail now. He’s been drinking this for years!

From the WaPo:

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — President Obama likes beer — so much so that the White House has installed a new feature since he took office: a brewery.

Obama talked about the beer at a quick campaign stop at a coffee shop in Knoxville, Iowa. He explained that the White House produces two different styles of beer — a light and a dark brew. And when a patron requested a bottle, the president sent a member of his staff out to the campaign bus to get one.

So he takes the beer on the road, too.

“It is superb,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said. “It is quite good.”

Carney didn’t know much more about the brewery, such as who the brewmaster is or exactly when the brewery was set up. Other White House officials revealed that one of the brews is called the White House Honey Ale, and that the honey hails from Michelle Obama’s famed kitchen garden.

As you can imagine, those who are predisposed to disliking the President have some lovely comments to offer about this beer venture.

Anyway, this precious home brew has been around for some time, by our recollection. The Obamas served it at their 2011 Super Bowl party. It was a hit, maybe.

[Washington Post via LGF]

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    1. CthuNHu

      FYI, Mittens: For those unaccustomed to it, beer is bitter, unpleasant and discouraging of further assays, much like defeat.

      As an old hand at that, you should tolerate beer just fine.

    1. FakaktaSouth

      Well I certainly do hope so, nothing will work in Bud-Country better'n telling a redneck he can't have beer.

    1. Ruhe

      I'm not sure I can listen to that shit even in jest. Some matters are too sacred even for "meta-trolling".

        1. AbandonHope_

          IPAs always seem way too bitter to me — and this is from somebody who likes a Guinness every now and then. I tend to like more varied flavors than "omg drown everything in maximum hops power".

          1. FakaktaSouth

            Guiness tastes like someone already put their cigarette butt in my bottle. So, you know, it cuts out the middle man. I'm all about efficiency.

          2. BerkeleyBear

            Flavor is okay, but the alcohol content is pretty low compared with most other stouts, Belgian trappist ales or even black lagers like Spaten Optimator.

          3. WhatTheHeck

            It might interest you to know, American Craft Brewers are using too much hops and too much alcohol in their IPA's. This overrides taste in favor of being too bold.

            The White House beer uses more hope than hops, resulting in a more appealing taste.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        Since relocating to Portland, I've been shocked at just how overhopped the IPAs are up here. I actually trained in beer and wine tasting, and I love a lot of micro-brews, but I swear these guys are like the chili-heads who think more heat is always better.
        It just isn't always a good thing.

        1. Billmatic

          Agreed. The idea that lots of hops & high alcohol content are the primary indicators of a beer's quality sounds suspiciously like machismo.

    2. CrunchyKnee

      Indeed. I live in Colorado, the land of pretentious short pants in the winter time wearing SUV driving living in the suburbs white boys who constantly proclaim their love for hops. Blah.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        I have been told in no uncertain terms that Short Pants are for children, right up until your ballsack gets stuck to your leg. Luckily I am ball free so I can wear hot pants through December.

        1. SorosBot

          Um, I'm an adult and wearing shorts right now, because it's fucking hot outside. Is there supposed to something wrong with that? Where the hell did anyone get the idea shorts are for kids?

          1. FakaktaSouth

            I am on your side a hundred degrees percent.
            It's just not as hot some places fancy people live, I suppose.

      2. Designer_Rants

        Still, I love "Hazed & Infused", out of some Boulder brewery, which is probably exactly the kind of beer you're talking about. I also think Tosh.0 is funny. Am I banned now?

    3. mrpuma2u

      They ARE garbage, all those extra hops were added as an anti-spoilage agent before the existence of refrigeration.

      1. Ruhe

        This is one of those conundrums like Kelsey Gramer being a smart/funny actor and a moronic righty at the same time. How can you embrace liberal politics and yet not love hoppy ales? I mean, what do you drink with your arugula?

      2. prommie

        And all cured meats are garbage too now, huh? And all cheeses, and pickles? Because after all they were all just means to preserve foods before refrigeration? You are practicing niche contrarian snobbery, is all you're doing.

        1. AbandonHope_

          Being anti-hipster is the new hipster. I hated people liking things before they were cool before it was cool. Or something.

          1. FakaktaSouth

            Hey I totally was there AND heard of them first, I met all the guys in Cake once. I mean, I hung out with and now therefore know intimately all those guys. John McCrea had on a fisherman hat and he was not fishing. Fucking 1995 hipsters man.

          2. prommie

            For Realz! Damn, you are cool! I am not sarcastic sometimes, it happens once ever 11.67 years and only under perfect atmospheric conditions. This is one of them.

    4. smokefilledroommate

      I don't know–I like Dogfish's 90-minute IPA which I drink every now and then. It tastes more like a Dogfish Head beer than a typical IPA, though (which is probably why I like it).

      1. gullywompr

        Excellent IPA, and nice percentage of alcohol too. Also too, search out Green Flash brewery, love it.

        1. prommie

          Leinenkugel, Leinenkugel, and remember, must be consumed out of an old Quaker State oil can, so as to counteract the fruitiness and remain macho and all, otherwise its ghey.

          1. FakaktaSouth

            All hail the chainsaw. Also, leinenkugel? that sounds like doing hooha strengthening exercises in the prone position. I'm in!

          2. prommie

            Yes, the Great Flyingchainsaw. There were Giants in the earth in those days, children, when Wonkette was young. Or, they Might have been Giants, anyways.

          3. BerkeleyBear

            In the midwest they are called Leinie's (as in Heiny/butt – ha ha). It is a wisconsin product with mass distribution but much tastier than macro brews like bud. One of the few survivors from the early era of brewing, when every town of any size had multiple breweries.

            They make a seasonal calling Summer Shandy that has a little lemonade flavor. Absolutely awesome on a hot summer afternoon – actually made me able to stand the boredom of watching low level semi-pro baseball.

      1. gullywompr

        Still hoping to get a bottle of their Aztec chocolate brew. Not an IPA, but you gotta love 'em for their research.

  1. Self-Uploader

    I won't believe this story until I get an email from Michelle, the Prez or their pal Joe, offering me an opportunity to taste the beer if I give them more money.

  2. Rcrumbudgeon

    Considering his commie-ness, I'm surprised the White House doesn't brew a Russian Imperial.
    Oh, and supporting Coors Light (or CL Smoothies as the brahs call them) = supporting Pete Coors and Joe Coors = supporting America = Hooray^n

    1. Harrison Wintergreen

      I'm sure everyone has heard the joke about Coors Light being like sex in a canoe…
      because it's fuckin' near water.

  3. bumfug

    Major premise: Hitler's Putsch was in a Beer Hall.
    Minor premise: Obama is turning the White House into a Beer Hall.
    Conclusion: Do I have to spell out everything for you beer-sodden liberals or will you just take off the blinders and think for your deluded selves!

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Right, and next you're going to say that he's not gay just because he's married to a woman?!

  4. qwerty42

    Geeze, I went to the site LGF linked to and think I need to take a bath. Lot of unformed hate out there …

    1. prommie

      Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?

  5. ChernobylSoup

    You know who else had brewery equipment in the White House? Probably the first 20 or so presidents.

  6. Eve8Apples

    "And when a patron requested a bottle, the president sent a member of his staff out to the campaign bus to get one.'

    And that, Mittens, is how you win an election.

    1. mayor_quimby

      Jesus christ, does this mean that Mittens would have a dry convention in Tampa? What will all the big spender donors think? What a fucking dry sausage-fest. How will any interns have drunken campaign sex? The humanity!

  7. YouBetcha

    When Mittens is the White House Occupant, he will replace the ale with caffeine-free Mountain Dew. Amen.

    1. kittensdontlie

      Beer does not make itself properly by itself. It takes an element of mystery and of things that no one can understand. — Fritz Maytag, American brewer

  8. Ruhe

    The beauty of home-brewing as a hobby is that it actually takes up so little of your time. This leaves you free for other important things, like agonizing over your drone-strike list.

  9. anniegetyerfun

    My brother-in-law. The beer always tastes EXACTLY like chewing hops directly off the vine.

  10. BlueStateLibel

    Angry retort from Mitt Rmoney in 1, 2 ,3 about how Obama is disgracing the presidency …

  11. edgydrifter

    For the record, if anyone wants to force their homebrew on me so that I will acknowledge their brewing prowess, I am totally cool with that. I will gladly compliment your skills for free beer.

      1. Baconzgood

        DAMN! So much hate for the Blue Ribbon. I like Pabst does that make me a hipster? Oh and FYI I was drinking PBR before it was cool!

        1. TavariousChinaSmith

          Hey, I wasn't really dissing Pabst, just pointing out more typical beer-related hipster behaviour than brewing their own. I will even go so far as to concede that it's possible that someone could drink PBR for reasons other than fashion.

          1. Baconzgood

            It's cheap as fuck. It doesn't matter though I only buy draft beer when I go out. So no one knows I'm drinking a buck a pint beer.

  12. SorosBot

    Oh and here's the one of the enlightened comments that LGF noted:

    "next will be open bar with fried chicken collard greens anwatermellon":

    But how dare you call the wingnuts racist!

      1. SorosBot

        Hey, I've never used twitter! But it's nice to have a nice round score again; 139 was kind of ugly looking.

    1. Jus_Wonderin

      Throw some cornbread in there and I'll bite. Especially if there is bacon drippings in the collards and the cornbread.

      I skipped lunch. Maybe I am hungry?

      1. foxpuppet

        It all sounds pretty tasty to me.

        You should get a little something to eat- think of your blood sugar…

  13. Come here a minute

    Stir a little store-brand honey in with your Budweiser and you basically have the same thing. It's great!

    1. prommie

      Leinenkugel does that, its the best beer ever to drink over ice in enormous huge giant quantities on hot days!

  14. SoBeach

    …the honey hails from Michelle Obama’s famed kitchen garden.

    Gotta call bullshit on this one. Last I checked honey comes from bees, and I doubt the First Lady keeps a beehive in the White House.

    Other than that all I can do is snicker. The President drinks beer. Romney doesn't. Answers the whole "who would you rather have a beer with" question without it even being asked.

        1. mookwrthwilson

          Even the first lady of Maryland has a bee hive in her yard…I see it everyday at lunch…I think it's required if you are a Democratic first lady

          1. widestanceromance

            If I were married to either BO or MO'M, I'd def keep honey around, if you know what I mean. Fineness!

    1. kittensdontlie

      Beer tossed on a mormon melts them as easily as water-soaking the Wicked Witch of the West.

  15. e_z

    Time to investigate. If that Kenyan goes one ounce over two hundred gallons a year that will make him the same as Al Capone and you know what that will mean…

  16. prommie

    Just proves he isn't a real black american and is merely a halfrican as Limbaugh says. Brewing your own beer is totally off the meter on the "shit white people like" machine.

      1. prommie

        And plus, too, not having half the beers that are ON THE FUCKING LIST. What kinda shit is that? Dogfish Head libel!

    1. TavariousChinaSmith

      I really, really hate the whole idea of "Stuff White People Like". Probably for the exact reason that anytime someone who isn't white does stuff like be a beer snob, they become "white".

      1. prommie

        Oh, shit, maybe I got it wrong, I thought "Stuff White People Like" was meant to assist, you know, to help people out who want to go along to get along, who want to fit in with the corporate cubicle crowd, who want to "pass" so to speak. Hey, want to be in my fantasy football league? We're going to Myrtle Beach to play golf and hold the draft! It'll be out of control, man!

  17. ManchuCandidate

    Obama Brau Presents Real Men of Genius
    (Real Men of Genius)

    Today, we salute you, Mr. Thin Skinned 1%er Guy
    (Mr. Thin Skinned 1%er Guy)
    You are the ruler of wealth the guru of tax returns,
    the loud mouth of the hypocrisy.
    (You put the boots to Newty Toot)
    When you screw up with your choices, you run from them.
    Without you, Jon Stewart would be out of a job.
    The countless hours we spend surfing the internet,
    to read about your latest blunders,
    would instead, be spent working.
    (Working for an outsourcing motherfucker like you)
    So, crack open an ice cold Obama Brau Mr. Thin Skinned 1%er Guy
    For it's you who keeps us laughing, and the failure going
    (You still can't drink a fucking beer, Mitt-hole)

    1. teebob2000

      WHY can't we stick more than 1 thumb up somebody???!!! WHY DOES WONKETTE HATE THE 1ST AMENDMENT???

  18. pinkocommi

    I've heard people say that for the Presidential election Americans vote for the guy they most want to have a beer with. So, what are the chances of electing the robotic Mormon guy who doesn't drink beer versus the cool blah guy who homebrews?

    This election must be in the bag.

  19. rickmaci

    Fortunately, Hitler was a teetotaler so there won't be any of those blog strings that start out, "You know who else…" Wait wait,,,,

    You know who else was a power mad pathological liar who kept his future plans for the government secret while running for office and refused to touch alcoholic beverages even thought his friends were beer swilling idiot bigots who met in beer halls to talk revolution?


  20. PubOption

    Urban Chestnut Brewery in St. Louis has a beer called 'Winged Nut', I have drunk some, it's pretty good. It would be funnier, though, if Schlafly Brewery used the name.

  21. Katydid

    …the White House produces two different styles of beer — a light and a dark brew

    i can't wait to read the "that makes sense because Obummer's half-white" comments. This has been a shitty day so far, my dear Wonkette overlords, I haven't seen the benefit to getting out of bed so far. Isn't there anything funny going on today?

  22. sullivanst

    Not that there was ever a contest for which candidate I'd rather have a beer with, but this certainly settles it.

  23. TavariousChinaSmith

    It's only called Honey Ale because Obama's Chief of Staff wouldn't let Michelle call it Honky Pale Ale.

  24. Tundra Grifter

    "Twenty-four hours in a day; 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."
    — H.L. Mencken.

  25. teebob2000

    To set the record straight, as a home-brewer…

    NO WAY I would waste the breath trying to convince a Coors Light-swilling ignoramus of my brew's superiority. Stuff's like liquid gold and disappears WAY too fast as it is. If they declined, I would voice a tiny little silent cheer that it's one more bottle for me.

  26. chicken_thief

    "….and that the honey hails from Michelle Obama’s famed kitchen garden."

    Prolly some Freudian slip or just plain ol' wishful thinking but on first read I ended that sentence after "Obama" and did a "say WHAT?!" kinda thing before I noticed the rest.

  27. CindynEncinitas

    Why would you drink any beer other than IPA? Because you enjoy peeing? Sorry, but I live in San Diego.

    There HAS TO be a brewery somewhere in Virginia making this beer. There's NO WAY they could be doing it on the White House premises and get it past Wonkette operatives.

    1. SorosBot

      Speak for yourself; I've never cared for IPAs of any kind. Give me a good hearty stout, or a tasty lager.

  28. BZ1

    Where's Elliot Ness when you need him? Time to go back to the halcyon days of the Prohibition? (guess what party pushed for that??)

  29. HistoriCat

    You think they offer up that beer at the "Win dinner with Obama" fundraiser? Because I would have tossed in some cash for a chance at that.

  30. barto

    This brewery is a nice complement to the grow-op he's got in the WH basement which produces a superb (according to Carney, anyway) WH Blue Mystic.

  31. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    As a brewing professional, I fucking hate talking to random home brewers. Bunch of dumbasses.

  32. C_R_Eature

    Well, I started on a post about this last night before storms blew the power out for 3 hours and it's gone out of my head. Now I'm stuck on the mental video loop of Newell grimly hunched on a chair at a party gripping a can of scan-code label BEER like a character straight out of Repo Man and yelling at earnest middle-aged men trying to offer him Free Homebrew. That's made me laugh, at least.
    I saw this on the web yesterday and I thought "The President's brewing beer in the White House! Man, that's pretty cool" and something I'd do if some catastrophic set of occurrences landed me in the White House. Brewing Beer in the White House beats Nancy Reagan's Zodiac Decision Laboratory, Bill Clinton's Cigar Room or George Bush "choking on pretzels" and impersonating a sober person. I don't even want to know what Dick Cheney was doing in the basement of the Naval Observatory.
    I went home and cracked open a 10 year old sparkling Cranberry Mead, to celebrate. Yeah, I made it myself. You got a problem with that?

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