Ahh, so now we know how Joe Walsh breaks the news to junior that’s he’s going to have to procure his own bread, perhaps from the trash can, because daddy’s vacation ran a little over-budget. And Joe Walsh, being Joe Walsh, would display his masterful paternalistic skill set in a way that involved referring to the President of the United States as “son.” Rep. Joe Walsh, who is several months younger than Barack Obama, wants to pat him on the head and call him son and tell him to get a job working for someone. The liberals (****SIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHH*****) will take issue with this, since they don’t appreciate the truth.

Now is this something or is this something? The choice of rhetoric and the demographic to whom he’s speaking tell us that this may be something:

At a campaign barbecue in his district Sunday, Walsh was explaining what he hopes will be the tea party’s role in the election:

“There’s something different on the ground, and I think it’s going to overtake us all again, think it’s going to overtake the political class. I think it’s going to respectfully pick this president up and pat him on the head and say, son, son, son, Mr. President, you were never ready to be president, now go home and work for somebody and find out how the real world works.”

[Talking Points Memo]

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