manic street preachers

Street Preachers Threatening To Rape Lesbians At Michigan Pride Event May Be Doing It Wrong

Good news, white people! We have found some actual black racists at a Michigan Gay Day event, so because of this, you are correct that whites are never bigots! LOGIC! Yay you! And in heartening news for the National Organization for Marriage, they are super gay-hatey too! And to echo the immortal plea of Abigail Adams, don’t forget to hate on the ladies!

“And if your ass get to going out there like you said, guess what?” a supercrazy black supremacist Bible man says to a Gay Day participant. “You get raped. And that’s what’s going to happen to you. … Keep your pussy clean, that’s all you need to do. Do you understand?” Yes? We understand? But oh, there is ever so much more!

After one man claims, “the Lord said that,” the woman challenges him to find the corresponding Bible verse.

He responds with Isaiah 13: “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”

“What does ‘ravished’ mean? It means, we going to rape your ass,” the protester explains. “And I’m going to have fun doing that shit. And you going to like that. I promise you.”

After briefly arguing that he is misinterpreting the Bible, the woman observes, “Anything I say, you say it doesn’t matter.”

“It’s going to matter right now,” the man shoots back. “It’s going to matter when your clothes off and I’m going inside of you repeatedly. That’s when it’s going to matter. Because you going to enjoy yourself.”

RawStory informs us the Bible men were from a bizarre black supremacy Christian cult called the Black Hebrew Israelites, and unlike the New Black Panther Party, the Southern Poverty Law Center explains that there are actually a number of people who belong to it!

But what about the lady they were so eager to rape straight?

The woman in the video told WWMT that the men also recited her boyfriend’s license plate number and promised to find and kill him. She said she called 911, but the Grand Rapids Police Department officer told her that there was nothing he could do.

You know why there was nothing the police could do? Because if it is not illegal to rape and kidnap people in US America, then it certainly isn’t illegal to make terrorist threats about it! Somebody should do something about that!


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    1. Crank_Tango

      So some crazy black christian dudes want to rape some lesbian ladies, and now it will be joked about on a site that knows no limits…

      What could possibly go wrong?

      1. sbj1964

        Rape is not funny in fact after the chloroform wears off ,and they fined they're way to a major road the relationship is over.They never call?

          1. Lascauxcaveman

            That's all OLD Testament stuff. Ever since the Prince of Peace made the scene, it's been all this gay, lovey-dovey, hippie shit, right?

    1. sewollef

      They attacked Midian just as the LORD had commanded Moses, but Moses was furious with all the military commanders who had returned from the battle. "Why have you let all the women live?" he demanded. "They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the LORD's people. Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves." Numbers 31:7-18 NLT

      OK then….

      1. Typodong3

        So the bible is saying that is God's will that we kidnap and keep for ourselves any virgin daughters of the Black Hebrew Israelites? Cool. I assume they wont mind…

        1. doloras

          The problem is that the virgin daughters of Black Hebrew Israelites are all eight-year-olds who can run faster than their brothers.

    1. emmelemm

      Yes, that was the most confusing part of the article. Is she a lesbian, or does she have a boyfriend?

      I guess it could be both. I GUESS?

    2. actor212

      I'm conflicted about this story. I've converted a few lesbians and driven a few straight women into the arms of women.


      Chicks. Go fig.

      1. Mumbly_Joe

        I definitely never "converted" anyone, but I have met a few ladies who made a specific "Mumbly_Joe exception".

        As I mentioned, I have a type. A somewhat inconvenient type, but go figure.

    1. PsycWench

      I can't figure out how keeping it clean will keep you from getting raped. Maybe if you left the Windex bottle in there…

      1. Designer_Rants

        Someone should just tell the Black Hebrew Israelites that Non-Black Hebrew Israelite women have teeth in their vaginas. That should make them re-think their whole tactic.

    2. Angry_Marmot

      "I learned the truth at seventeen,
      A girl should keep her privates clean…"

      (credit National Lampoon)

  1. ChernobylSoup

    God really needs to decide whether the hussies should be raped or turned to salt. Which is it? Geesh.

    1. Angry_Marmot

      Actually, the woman who didn't follow his directions got turned to salt, and Lot took the hussies with him.

      1. tessiee

        "Well, he wasn't referring to sheep, specifically; it's a metaphor for all barnyard animals." /Life of Brian

    2. viennawoods13

      AND God didn't mind when Lot suggested that the crowd could rape his daughters. Because then not gay.

    1. NorthStarSpanx

      Me too.

      Also there, saying that an nonconsensual lesbian is going to enjoy it, really cancels out the rape part doesn't it?

      I'm starting to see why conservatives are so offended by the reporting of sexual assaults.

  2. Madfall

    "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant asshole."

    The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, "What is the asshole standing on?"

    "You're very clever, young man, very clever," said the old lady. "But it's assholes all the way down!"

  3. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    "… Keep your pussy clean, that’s all you need to do. Do you understand?”

    Thanks for the personal hygeine tips!

  4. Fukui-sanYesOta

    "the quickly spreading movement preaches “a frightening, racist theology that says Jesus Christ is returning soon to kill or enslave white people, Jews, homosexuals, and others.”

    Their Jesus sounds even more of an asshole than Republican Jesus.

    1. emmelemm

      Meh, he sounds like just the Yin to the Republican Yang. Reverse the colors, and there you are.

    2. Negropolis

      I don't know, the only difference is that their Jesus wants to kill white people and Republican Jesus wants to kill browns. Both of them want to kill Jews and gays and "others."

  5. sbj1964

    I hate kids,and I once raped a clown.It was the clowns fault for wearing all that make-up.The clown was just asking for it.

    1. Generation[redacted]

      I bet that ruined the birthday party. Did the kids still want cake, or were they too busy crying?

  6. MissTaken

    I forget, did Jesus say 'keep your pussy clean, that's all you need to do' before or after raising Lazurus from the dead?

    1. SorosBot

      Maybe it's an extrapolation from Leviticus' rules again any interaction with menstruating women?

  7. SorosBot

    There's a group of Black Hebrews that preach their crazed nonsense every Friday in front of City Hall here in Philly; it is truly insane. Funny that they don't get the attention of the Nation of Islam – almost as if hateful cults are OK if they're Christian.

    1. MissTaken

      When I was living in Oakland a crazy man came up to me on the street corner and told me I was the anti-Christ and I would know it when he strung me up and gutted me. I have a sinking suspicion that man was one of this lovely group of gentlemen.

      1. Typodong3

        Wow that made me remember a time when I was living in Portland, ME. A black man in a suit ran up to me on the street and started screaming at me for no apparent reason, I don't remember what he said. I just walked quickly away. I wonder…

    1. mlle_derp

      With enough tin foil & rutabagas you can build your own time machine using back issues of Popular Mechanics as a guide.

    2. Pithaughn

      Unless the books are printed on something that is not combustible there won't be history books.

  8. Barb_

    "…..Keep your pussy clean…"
    Mine is like a self-cleaning oven. It cost extra and is totally worth it.

    1. Generation[redacted]

      I think roomba sells an attachment for that. Or maybe it's a DIY hack project.

    2. Mojopo

      Mine too, but I opted for the kit with bottle washers and a Little Tree air freshener just to be safe. I don't want to get raped.

      1. tessiee

        I don't like the little tree ones because too pointy. do they make one like a ben wa ball?

      1. Barb_

        Iona, after seeing Boehner touch up his spray tan with an orange Sharpie marker, I could fully see a use for this product, thanks!

    3. Angry_Marmot

      Does a little light come on when you…? Beg your pardon; none of my business, really.

      1. Barb_

        Angry_Marmot, the light isn't the bad part. It's that fact that you can't open it for 3 hours during the cleaning cycle that is annoying.

        1. Tommy1733

          Whatever do you do with yourself during that interminable wait? (Please provide graphic details)

  9. mlle_derp

    I wonder why they call themselves Hebrew Israelites if they also hate Jews? Or is it just white Jews they hate?

    1. mavenmaven

      As I recall from being yelled at by one of them on a subway once: "Because Jacob was a Black man!"

    2. Mumbly_Joe

      To be fair, there's also a "tradition" (within white supremacism) called "British Israelism", which holds that God's real chosen people were ancestors of Anglos, and migrated to northern Europe about halfway through the Bible, and that the Jews are actually devil-worshipping secret muslins who stole claim to "chosen-ness" when nobody was looking.

      I basically assume that "Black Hebrew Israelism" is the same basic idea, but with Africa instead of Northern Europe.

    3. MoeDeLawn

      Ooooh! Ooooh! I know this one!
      The local street preacher says that the people that live in Israel now are NOT jews – they're only "jew-ish" – they are "like" jews. But the real jews are the blacks, Latinos and North American Indianss, which are the real Jews, from the real God-chosen tribe of Israel.

  10. elviouslyqueer

    Dear Old Testament-spouting rapey fundamentalist protester:



    Compassionate New Testament Jesus

    1. Tommy1733

      They always overlook the part where Jesus said that the relevant part of all of the Old Testament law can be reduced to 1. "Respect God" and 2. "Love your neighbor".

  11. DaSandman

    Think these fuckers are nuts now? Wait until the average daytime temperature in November is 130 degrees. You know, like Florida.

  12. ChessieNefercat

    I am so tired.

    Mitt does something craptastically stupid and mean, and incompetent, and un-American every day, and yet swarms of angry killer hate bees suck up all the media attention so that when they do cover Mitt, there is no actual analysis (none that gets MSM traction anyway).

    And what the swarms of killer hate bees threaten to do to people they don't like gets covered at the same shallow level as a story about SQUIRREL!!!

    Country of slobbering mean dolts.

    1. freakishlywrong

      Don't forget that global warming is a hoax and our gun-control laws are barbaric. But, hey U.S.A.!!1 U.S.A.!!1

  13. MissTaken

    Lt. Mark Ostapowicz explained to that the report was closed because no one came forward with a specific complaint.

    It's true. 'It’s going to matter when your clothes off and I’m going inside of you repeatedly. That’s when it’s going to matter. Because you going to enjoy yourself.' just isn't quite specific enough. I mean, what kind of clothes was she wearing that are going to be 'off'? Specifically how many times is 'repeatedly'? Does she have to orgasm to 'enjoy (her)self'?

    We need specifics people!

  14. ingloriousbytch

    I'm sorry but when someone says he intends to rape you because the Lord told him to, you don't step closer to him and say, "Show me where it says that in the Bible." You empty a can of pepper spray into his face. WTF?

    1. OneYieldRegular

      I wonder if SkyMall would be interested in selling my "concealed-in-a-Bible" mace dispenser?

      1. bikerlaureate

        The "concealed-in-a-mace-dispenser" Bible quotation unit didn't sell, so you may be on to something there.

    2. CthuNHu

      No, no, no, you say, "Show me where it says that in the Bible," then get close enough that he can point out chapter and verse to you. THEN you empty a can of pepper spray into his face.

      Then drop some Chick tracts and Watchtowers on his writhing heathen ass to bewilder him when his eyes stop exploding.

  15. WhatTheHeck

    I always wondered what ‘Bible Thumpers’ meant. I knew it had to do with pounding something, but never knew what. I do now.

  16. Goonemeritus

    Judging by the Preachers lack of sartorial splendor I am guessing the Black Hebrew Israelites are not a Mega Church.

  17. Mojopo

    I've seen these people before. They insist that their "religion" does not promote violence. However, they do not recognize the New Testament and the last time I checked, the Old Testament is a giant anger ball of violence, rapin', enslavin' and hatin', with some old timey rules about mixed fiber clothing and how you will go to hell for eating a shrimp cocktail.

    1. mlle_derp

      If you do go to hell, will you get more shrimp cocktails? An afterlife with no shellfish is less-than-ideal…

      1. Mojopo

        If it's Hell, it's probably going to be part of a buffet, with family-style seating. I hate that.

  18. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    This guy seems awfully insistent that I am going to enjoy it when he rapes me. Sounds like he's overcompensating for being really bad in bed and having a micro-penis.

  19. PsycWench

    Every time I try to wash my pussy, she scratches me and bites and howls something fierce. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Oblios_Cap

      Maybe I need to watch and see what you're doing wrong.

      Actually, I've washed my pussy with much the same results. And I'm male.

    2. DahBoner

      Actually, you first have to set a big tub in the middle of the room with a couple of inches of warm water in it.

      Pussy cannot resist jumping in, re:curiosity.

      Add more and more water over time.

      Result: Wet Pussy!

  20. boobookitteh

    One of these guys once told those of us assembled on a downtown 1 train that lesbians would fry in hell- like fried chicken. But not like fancee Kentucky Fried Chicken, like regular, generic fried chicken.

    I personally prefer my religious zealots to be more absurdist than rapey.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          So, like, convenience store fried chicken. Mebbe I could be microwaved like a convenience store burrito instead.

    1. CommieLibunatic

      God DAMMIT people. That episode of South Park was supposed to be a parody, not a blueprint!

  21. JustPixelz

    These are going to have to try a lot harder if they want to out-do the Repubican Party's War on Women and LGBT.

  22. Crank_Tango

    [insert stand your ground comment here]
    [insert concealed carry comment here]

    This is good news for Mccain.

  23. upthruster

    I personally would become a lesbian if this is what a heterosexual man had in mind for the rest of my life. Yeah, pretty much movin' on down to the island of Lesbos.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      I'm amazed that their jaws still worked, given all the cock-sucking that they obviously do.

  24. JustPixelz

    In South Africa they call it "corrective rape" which supposedly cures the woman of her non-heterosexuality. Though somehow I feel like it would have the opposite effect.

    1. ChernobylSoup

      You're talking about a society that elected a convict as president. The dude had been sentenced to life in prison, for goodness sake.

  25. PuckStopsHere

    He only said "pussy" because it is illegal to say "vagina" here in Michigan, as you know.

  26. sbj1964

    What is the etiquette when a preacher rapes a lesbian? Is he obligated to the 15 minutes of spooning after?

  27. CommieLibunatic

    Holy fucking shit. It's too shocking and early in the morning (at least here in tha OC) to say anything more.

  28. Mumbly_Joe

    Well, I personally hope that at least they plan on following Biblical Morality, and marrying these ladies afterwards. After paying a 50-sheckel fine to the lady's owner father, for property loss, that is.

  29. orygoon

    I do try to keep my pussy clean, but it's not easy, what with how disgusting and awful them d-bags generally are.

  30. TribecaMike

    Don't expect Shecky Greene to perform at this year's convention behind the Sip 'N Dip.

  31. SorosBot

    The street preacher looked so baffled when I asked him why he dressed with twenty pounds of headlines stapled to his chest.

  32. anniegetyerfun

    Just proof that complete fucking lunacy is an option no matter where your genes originate from.

  33. Mumbletypeg

    Whoa. I thought after reading the synopsis here, that the story — if it included any photos, not that I was all that eager – would show the image of some strapping Hulk-like figure, body of NBA’s Shawn Kemp (*in his heyday*) and a facial expression just as menacing.
    Instead, this guy? Looks more like our traffic cop offending smartass of yore.. . who if you recall, seemed not so straight himself.

    (Note: I haven’t played the actual vid which is unpossible from work. Plus I’d fear for my sanity.)

  34. Redhead

    "“What does ‘ravished’ mean? It means, we going to rape your ass,” the protester explains. “And I’m going to have fun doing that shit. And you going to like that. I promise you.”"

    Are you SURE this is what the crazy Black Hebrew Isrealite people said to the lesbians, and not what the Focus on the Family board members said to their 15-year-old rentboys? Aren't homophobes typically against anal sex/rape?

  35. Monsieur_Grumpe

    As an atheist I hereby claim the moral high ground. Although I think even a slug could look down on these two-legged turds.

  36. Mojopo

    Have you ever noticed that cops have really clear opinions about who they can Tazer or pepperspray, but they're pretty sure they can't help an activist? I guess this must be the Litmus test for responding to crime. This situation did not require electrocution, therefore it isn't their job.

    1. Gleem McShineys

      I think she probably merely forgot to tell them "Oh, by the way, they're all black."

      This usually gets them in the mood.

    2. tessiee

      If only she'd called the cops and said "a BLAH guy is harrassing me", they would've been there before she could put her phone back in her pocket.

  37. CommieLibunatic

    “Back in the day there was no free power, there was no going to the mall,” one protester tells the woman. “There was, ‘sit your ass in this house until I bring my ass home.’”

    Well, it's a good fucking thing this isn't "back in the day." Remember, kids, there is no such thing as the "good ol' days." Anybody who says otherwise has a mind fogged by idealized memories and possibly a six-pack of PBR.

    1. elviouslyqueer

      If memory serves, in some sections of the country "back in the day" most persons of the non-Caucasian persuasion would also be strung up from a tree if they were caught out after dark, acted "disrespectfully" or, for that matter, so much as looked at a white person the "wrong way."

    1. anniegetyerfun

      I've always had baby wipes around the house, because… well, it just seemed nice, always having a clean fanny. But that whole thing ruined Howard for me, forever. Like, he made the first Iron Man about 60% less awesome.

  38. widestanceromance

    While hardly my area of expertise, I would think the first rule of Clean Pussy Club is keeping filth like these guys OUT of it.

  39. TribecaMike

    They do have tradition on their side…

    "Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die." (Eccles. 25:22)

    "Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman." (Eccles. 25:13)

    "If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go." (Eccles. 25: 26)

    "A silent and loving woman is a gift of the Lord: and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed. A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued." (Eccles. 26:14-15)

    "For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach." (Eccles. 42:13-14)

  40. pinkocommi

    “What does ‘ravished’ mean? It means, we going to rape your ass.”

    Makes me look at "What would Jesus do?" paraphanalia in a whole new light.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      So when I tell my date she looks "ravishing," her spider-sense better start tingling?

  41. pinkocommi

    Wonder what God thinks about the people who follow him most fervently being complete assholes….

  42. larrykat

    Would any of this had happened if these black guys hadn't watched Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction too many times? I think they just like to recite the bible like he did.

    1. SorosBot

      I saw Pulp Fiction on the airplane. It's cute. It's a 30-minute film about a group of friends who like cheeseburgers, dancing and the Bible.

      1. tessiee

        My favorite part of that movie is when Uma tells John Travolta that if he doesn't get up and dance with her in the twist contest, she'll have her husband kill him.
        He gets this puzzled look on his face — like you can practically see the gears grinding sluggishly in his brain — and you can tell he's seriously thinking it over.
        "Do the twist in front of a room full of people, or be killed horribly? What to do, what to do?"

  43. Extemporanus

    While y'all were busy commentating, I was quietly cleaning your pussies.

    (You're welcome!)

    1. mmeetoilenoir

      Ooooh. That's why I'm suddenly all fresh and minty! Thanks! I hope you used the organic products this time.

  44. TribecaMike

    Since most members of the Black Hebrew Israelites are former or current convicts, one doesn't need to be a psychoanalyst to get why they're obsessed with rape.

  45. ingloriousbytch

    I love the arrogance of the guy demanding she keep her pussy clean in anticipation of being raped. Wouldn't the most sensible thing be to make sure her pussy was so toxic it would dissolve his dick?

  46. mavenmaven

    So low class and crass. It is the White Man's Burden to teach them not to say "we'll rape you" but rather say, using an educated professional voice: "you will need to undergo transvaginal ultrasound".

  47. An_Outhouse

    the men also recited her boyfriend’s license plate number

    The lesbian has a boyfriend? Is there another definition of lesbian that I'm not aware of?

  48. pdiddycornchips

    So why didn't the cops arrest these guys? I mean, it's not like they're white religious zeolots, that I could understand.

  49. proudgrampa

    “What does ‘ravished’ mean? It means, we going to rape your ass,” the protester explains. “And I’m going to have fun doing that shit. And you going to like that. I promise you.”

    Wow. This is one of the most violent, nasty pieces of shit I've ever seen. Burn in hell, you fucking asshole.

  50. Chet Kincaid_

    It is a measure of the steely courage and commitment of both black and white hate groups that they do not simply get together with their weapons and end each others' misery. I would even help them send out the invitations.

  51. mrblifil

    Street Preacher's got some swagger, perhaps even a hint of panache. His verbal ripostes remind me of some classic Wonkettz encounters with They Who Breath Through Their Mouths. "That comment would sound better if you read it aloud with my dick in your mouth…"

    Unfortunately the target of his venom and bile are totally nice and innocent people who are just wandering around trying to get through their day. Street Preacher also probably doesn't acknowledge to himself that his rape fantasies are a psychological subterfuge designed to overcome the fact that his smoking and drug habits have likely left him profoundly unable to perform. So there's that.

    1. HistoriCat

      Let's face it – there's plenty of embarrassing shit for all human beings. Can I be abducted by aliens now? I could use a nice, peaceful rest in their intergalactic zoo.

  52. proudgrampa

    "Keep your pussy clean, that’s all you need to do."

    Is this a Massengill commercial???

    1. tessiee

      Fox programmers: "Take the gay people's side, or take the blah people's side? What to do, what to do?"
      Maybe this will make their tiny, sloping heads explode and we'll finally be rid of them.

  53. Guppy

    Good news, everyone!

    Isaiah 13 is talking about Babylon, and I think we got all the rapey stuff over with in Abu Ghraib.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  54. zippy_w_pinhead

    How nice. The GOP finally found some blah people that will fit under their big tent….

  55. TribecaMike

    Why isn't threatening someone treated as a crime by the Grand Rapids police department?

  56. Chet Kincaid_

    Hebrews 13, 1 and 2:

    "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

    I see nothing in this passage about keeping a clean pussy, or ignorant motherfuckers wearing Converses shouting ugly threats from behind a chain-link fence.

  57. mmeetoilenoir

    Honestly, crazy dudes? Just say that you want to fuck Caucasian women. IT'S OK.

    What sort of madness do they have planned for us Black women, I wonder?

  58. tessiee

    "Keep your pussy clean, that’s all you need to do."

    Just the advice I'd expect from a douche.

  59. Mumbly_Joe

    "… Keep your pussy clean, that’s all you need to do. Do you understand?”

    I believe the reason everyone's so unfamiliar with this particular Commandment is that it comes from the Book of Lysau, which has largely been considered apocryphal, since the 1950's.

  60. ttommyunger

    Figures, this nutjob requires a clean pussy, however his netherparts smell like the slums of Calcutta in August, I'm wagering.

  61. Negropolis

    I have no snark. This is scary and horrible and every evil thing. I guess I find some solace in that these folks are being tracked by the SPLC, but am horrified that these terrorists are allowed to get away with this.

    BTW, anyone else amused when asked to back up his shit he chooses some totally random quote from Isaiah? Usually, they at least try to make it applicable to the situation.

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