Doodly doodly doo, twitter twitter twitter. Oh, what’s this? Bryan Fischer, of the wonderful and loving and Christian in totally the best sense of the religion American Family Association, do you have some Thoughts on the Sikh temple massacre, which you think would be important to share with the world? FANTASTIC. But hmmm, we are not sure that we follow the logic, as shown in your twit above. A neo-Nazi hated a Republican — who was black — and so must be a liberal? Might there be another reason for a neo-Nazi to hate a black man? Maybe because that is kind of their whole thing?

Maybe the white power aficionado who shot up all those Sikh people should have remembered to have a Derbyshirian black friend so that it was clear regarding his Herman Cain-hating that he hated Cain because Cain is a Republican, not because he is a black man. But since the white power aficionado who shot up all those Sikh people did not have the foresight to have a black friend, so as to differentiate between those hatreds based on skin color and those hatreds based on Republicanness, we are going to have to stick with the simplest solution as provided by Occam’s Razor: that Bryan Fischer is a fucking idiot.

Scrolling back through Fischer’s timeline, in a fruitless search for any commentary on the temple massacre that didn’t involve telling them to get guns or explaining that hating Herman Cain makes the shooter ipso facto a liberal, we came upon this:

So, yeah. It might be time for Fischer to find a Derbyshirian black friend too.


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