Fight the power Wingnuts, are you guys okay? Free Republic? Free Beacon? Daily Caller? Anybody home? Should we alert the Med-Alert people that your lifelines have run out of batteries, and you have fallen and you can’t get up? Because World’s Awesomest Gymnast Gabby Douglas has a mom, and she did the Black Power salute, and you have yet to freak the fuck out about it.

The closest thing we could find, in fact, is this Debbie Schlussel column tut-tutting about black women being racist for not liking Douglas’s hair. (Everybody knows that only black people can be racist.) Where’s the outrage? Where’s the treatise on Reverse Racism and the New Black Panther Party and Eric Holder and flerba merba yglerba DEEEEERRRRRRPPPP?

Yeah, that's it

You guys are getting soft. Pfft. Here, have a little hit of Pure, Uncut, Mexico City-Style Rage. Doesn’t that feel so good, wingnuts? Don’t you want more? No, put away your wallets. The first one’s free.


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