This little piggy went in Dick Morris's mouthWhy does the Obama administration insist on holding Hillary Clinton “hostage” by making her a kickass Secretary of State who’s awesome at her job and more popular than she’s ever been in her life? Dick Morris would like to know! Or rather, Dick Morris would not like to know, he would just like to assert it, on the Sean Hannity Hour O’Spite, along with some other definitely true suppositions:

“I guarantee you, Sean, based on what I have heard from third parties or I have spoken to, that William Jefferson Clinton is going to cast his ballot for Mitt Romney,” Morris said. “However, he’s going to open his mouth for Barack Obama because his wife is hostage. They have her under lock and key as Secretary of State, and he is scared that Obama will lose and blame him if he undermines Obama. So he will do everything he asks him to do, and then he will jab him whenever he can.”

Is Dick Morris’s assertion more or less true than Harry Reid’s gleeful middle-school rumormongering? We will go with “more,” because Dick Morris is the greatest political operative that has ever lived, and not a disgraced, washed up Fox hack who hasn’t had a gig since the Dole Administration. He knows stuff, man!


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