Here is a Romney press secretary telling the shouty press corps assembled at the Polish Tomb of the Unknown to “shove it” and “kiss [his] ass” and “show some respect.” THEY ARE AT A HOLY SITE! (Actually, reporters, dude’s kind of got a point about that one.) They’re so cute, though! GOVERNOR ROMNEY! WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A DUMB IDIOT? GOVERNOR ROMNEY! WHY DO YOU SAY SUCH STUPID THINGS ALL THE TIME, WITH YOUR MOUTH? Even Greta Van Susteren has been a-bitchin’ and a-whinin’ about the lack of press access to Romney on his awesome world tour, kvetching that the press were being penned up like a “modified petting zoo.”

It has not been a great trip for Mitt Romney, we think? Since he started an international incident with our closest ally, and explained that Mississippi is poorer than New York because they are cultureless swine (that is what he said, right?), it has become one dumb fucking thing out of his mouth after another! Perhaps traveling press secretary Rick Gorka has had rather a rough few days of it! Eh, fuck ‘im.

But other than that, Romney camp, how was the play?


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