Anticolonial is anticolonialHere is a question. Why doesn’t Bablack Obamblack understand the U.S.-Britain “Special Relationship is special”? Is it because he is black?

In remarks that may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity, one [anonymous Romney advisor] suggested that Mr Romney was better placed to understand the depth of ties between the two countries than Mr Obama, whose father was from Africa.

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”.

May it prompt accusations of racial insensitivity, The Telegraph? May it really?

Well that is a load of BALLS. Everybody knows the reason Barack Obama doesn’t understand the “Special Relationship is special” is because he keeps giving such shitty gifts to the Queen.

(If we may pour out a little of our drink on the ground for the so-canned social secretary Desiree Rogers, we do wonder: since they hired that awesome gay dude instead, can we surmise that our gifts to foreign leaders have stopped being really, truly, embarrassingly sucky? Someone in Washington please ‘splain us in the comments: was present picking part of the social secretary’s job, as per our assumption? Surely it wasn’t Michelle herself picking out passive-aggressive piles of sad?)

Anyway, we will be sure to remind Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger and, uh, other Jews and Poles and Mexicans and Cossacks and Chinamen that only Anglo-Saxon people understand why we have to lick the Queen’s dick every time she rolls over. Also, somebody should tell all those black dudes in Britain that unnamed Romney advisors don’t think they’re British. Soon we shall be as beloved throughout the world as we ever were under Bush II — THE BUSHENING. Can’t wait!


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