Do you see that picture, above, of Barack Hussein NOoBaMA hugging a white woman who saved her friend’s life in the Aurora massacre? Yes, Stephanie Davies stayed with her friend Allie Young, who’d been shot in the neck, and kept applying pressure to the wound even after her friend told her to run. What do you suppose the wingnuts have to say about Barack Obama going to visit wounded people in the hospital? Do you suppose they have an opinion? We bet they are all saying, “oh, that’s nice, Barack Obama went to the hospital and made some people feel better,” we bet that is what they are probably saying. They could even have made a joke, like, guess he didn’t need 110 fundraisers in six months har har. Sure, they could have said that! Let us find out the answer to this important question, after the jump!

Oh right. We forgot. [WeaselZippers]

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