Your Wonkette is so good at capitalizing on its comparative advantages during major news events that, umm… it’s taken us four days to remember that we had a post about someone in May who sat next to Michele Bachmann on a plane, while she was reading a dumb book about Muslim infiltration of the government. Who knew she would act on that? (Everybody.) Let’s call it a re-scoop and give ourselves some Pulitzers and filet mignon.

Thanks to this fourth commenter from a Minnesota Public Radio article for reminding us of what was on our website! We were there, man, meaning we took some screen-grabs of a lady’s tweets and made jokes. But these forgotten tweets show that Bachmann’s letter demanding an investigation of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — she had a father who had an uncle with a father who knew a guy and the father and the uncle knew the person associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, decades ago — were in fact based on some nutter book she read on an airplane.

Research werks!

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